Sunday Post: From a Distance…Parenting Solutions

Jake at Time after Time has a Sunday Post Challenge and every week he provides a theme…this week’s theme is FROM A DISTANCE.

Are you wondering how I will connect this theme to an aspect of parenting?

Family dynamics are constantly in a state of change.

We shouldn’t expect everyone to get along all of the time.

Siblings do fight…and parents do disagree.


Hopefully, harmony prevails in your home most of the time.

If it doesn’t, perhaps you want to change that.

Do you feel like you are constantly yelling at your kids?

Are you dealing with a family issue that seems to be getting out of hand?

Sometimes it ‘s helpful to take a step back.

FROM A DISTANCE, we can view the situation from a different perspective.

When we are in the middle of the problem, it is hard to think clearly.

Here’s a thought:

  • Take a time out…tell your child or significant other that you need a few minutes.
  • Go for a walk…family walks are a wonderful bonding activity…but walking alone allows you to think without distractions.
  • Consult a professional…an objective observer can guide the conversation or help with alternate responses.

To strengthen family bonds, why not plan activities that the family can do together. 

We had an evening reading time when our children were small.  Books are enjoyed by children of all ages and the older ones still love being read to.  They also like to read to younger brothers and sisters.

Here’s a plan:

  • Set aside some time after dinner for family reading.
  • Children need to see their parents reading for pleasure.
  • Choose a picture book and read it with your young child.  If you have older kids, they can take turns being the reader.

If you need help picking great picture books: Show Me How!

Or visit Susanna Leonard Hill’s Perfect Picture Book page.


Schools are opening all over the country and we’d like to give a free copy of Show Me How! Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem Through Reading, Crafting and Cookingto your favorite school or classroom.  Nominate your child’s school or other childcare facility in the Show Me How School Initiative by leaving a comment and telling us why you’d like them to have this book.  If you don’t have young children, but know people who do, please tell them about the free book their child’s school can receive!

Have you checked out the new book by children’s author Marty Banks?  The Adventures of Tempest & Serenais a wonderful chapter book for readers ages 7 and up.  I reviewed it the other day and want to remind you about the free download…Sunday is the last day for that!

Want more information about Jake’s Sunday Post? 

23 thoughts on “Sunday Post: From a Distance…Parenting Solutions

  1. Great advice, Vivian. It’s easy to get caught up in things and before you know it have a self-perpetuating cycle of disagreement over something and taking a step back is very helpful! We always had reading time too… but now everyone is so big that at least someone, and often several someones, are doing they’re reading on FB! 🙂 (But don’t worry… they still read :))


    • I know, Susanna…and it’s hard to appreciiate those early years when we are so very busy and often not really knowing what we are doing…and then, all of a sudden, they are all grown up and we aren’t able to read them bedtime stories anymore..and wish we could. 🙂 Stepping away from an angry or explosive situation is so important…and it also teaches our children to do that…lashing out, physically or verbally, can get people into a lot of trouble…and it is just not the best solution. 🙂   


  2. Excellent post, Vivian. We once had neighbors with a young son, and when they divorced they couldn’t agree on anything. They kept things at such a distance that the little guy was totally confused. Then a family therapist advised one thing: books. Whenever the boy went to visit Dad, he took the book his mom was reading to him, and Dad continued reading to him. Mom did the same with books the boy and Dad began together. It was the one cordial, constant thread for the child, and also the starting point for the parents to work together…it closed the gap, the distance between them.


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  5. If you read my post from today, you know I just went through all this these past few months. Taking an outside perspective is hard to do but the only way to examine the situation and find a solution. Inertia is always worse than change.


  6. What a lovely post! It serves as a potent reminder on the value of stepping back to see things from a different perspective. Always a good idea. Thanks, Vivian, for reminding me to pause before reacting.


    • Barb…what a lovely comment!  Glad the piece was helpful to you.  Hope you finally got to see the 9News clip I did yesterday on bullying…can’t believe I sent the emails without the link. 🙂  


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