Sunday Post: Goals…and the Writer’s Desk Competition

Jake at Time after Time has a Sunday Post Challenge and every week he provides a theme…the past week’s theme was GOALS.

Did you set goals for 2013?

I did! If you click here, you’ll see that many of them involve writing.

When Nancy at Spirit Lights the Way issued a “Writer’s Desk” challenge, I knew I had to participate.

Nancy says:

“ Write a short essay or poem (between 33 and 100 words) about your writing desk, your writing rituals, why you write, how you write, how you stop writing, or . . . surprise us with a tantalizing tidbit about your writing life.”

For all of the rules, please click on this link.  There is still time to join the fun…deadline is January 25.

I used to have a room that doubled as both an office for me and a guest room…it looked something like this:

goals,writer's desk competition,vivian kirkfield

Then, my husband retired and discovered the world of watercolor painting. I gave him that room to use as his studio and now it looks like this:

goals,writing desk competition,vivian kirkfield

So I do most of my writing at the dining room table…and for me, fortunately, writing has very little to do with location, location, location and very much to do with motivation, inspiration and perspiration.

goals,writer's desk competition,vivian kirkfield

I WRITE, THEREFORE I AM by Vivian Kirkfield

A writing space by any name does serve me well.

By lamplight or with sunlight streaming

Ideas flourish while I’m dreaming.

From mind to pen words quickly teeming

Pages fill with stories beaming.

In quiet or with children screaming

Cluttered desk or table gleaming

I’ve found my heaven…not to write would be my hell.

Do you write? What inspires you? Check out the Writer’s Desk Competition and join in.

 time after time, positive parental participation

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49 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Goals…and the Writer’s Desk Competition

  1. My type of office! 😉
    I used to have an office just for me but I reshuffled the bedrooms recently to make room for rentals and my desk is now in my small bedroom. Our kitchen table is still my very favorite spot to work at too. There’s something comforting about it I like a lot.


  2. Brilliant, Vivian! What a great use of a week when Jake doesn’t seem to be about to play. (hope things are ok with him?) I don’t have a physical space- just the laptop, pen and paper but I might give this a whirl. Many thanks for the ping, and also for including me in your sidebar. (in such wonderful company, too!) How do you do that- I keep meaning to look it up on WP? I think there was a recent post about it.


    • Thanks so much for the lovely comments, Jo! I so appreciate your confidence in me regarding the WP blog sidebar…believe me, I still think of myself as a novice…and know there is so much more I could be doing better and faster. In fact, I am signed up for an online course being given by Lexie Lane of Wikimommy and is in March and will include many webinars on Blogging and using FB, Twitter and other social media to enhance one’s online presence (especially if you have a business or product or service you are trying to ‘get out there’) and use your blog more effectively and efficiently:    Here’s her Goodreads profile if you want to know more about her..she just wrote a book all about this stuff:    Regarding the sidebar on WP…yes, I’m sure there are WP tutorials that would walk you through whatever you wanted to do. If you go to your dashboard, you will see different headings..appearance (that is where the ‘widgets’ are that enable you to put an image with connecting URL or copy a ‘text’ from someone’s ‘button’ and then it will appear on your sidebar and link to their site)…media (that is where you can upload an image from your computer so it is available to use on the sidebar). But Jo, I am sure that there are so many other people who could explain this better…I kind of learned from trial and error.:) Hope you join in Nancy’s fun…it’s a quick little piece to write…and she has an unbelievable blog and a wonderful following.:)        


    • Regarding Jake…I think last post of 2012 (the one that many people didn’t think was a Sunday Post) alluded to the fact that he needed to attend to some business concerns…so perhaps he is finding the time crunch a difficult factor to master in 2013…it must take an unbelievable amount of time to visit and respond to all of his followers.:)   


    • Oh no…I did not hear about perhaps that is the answer. I will pray she is okay and found quickly. We do live in a sad sad world where the innocent suffer and bad things happen to good people.:(  


  3. What a great post, Vivian! I love how you wrote about your writing – beautiful and articulate and poetic! I have an office, but it’s on the north side of the house and only gets sun (if there is any) early in the morning. After that it’s… well, it’s not sunny! So I sit at the kitchen table to work 🙂


    • Thank you so much, Susanna…I treasure your lovely words of praise.:) Yes, anyone who doesn’t have a ‘kitchen table’ or similar spot is really missing out.:) What beautiful memories I have of sitting at mine as a child, constructing dioramas with my mom…and of my kids, sitting with me, studying or cooking or just talking together.   


    • I will definitely tell him, Erik! Glad you liked the poem…and his paintings. It’s interesting, because although he was always very creative (refinished bamboo fly rods as a hobby during his teaching career and then wrote a wonderful book about it…which is on my book website), other than painting the walls in our homes, he had never thought about painting pictures until a few years ago. Now it is something he does every day…and he LOVES it!   


  4. I like your mobile spot! I’ve been having laptop issues, so my mobile location for writing seems a bit stalled. The desktop is fine. I wrote my January draft. Now to figure out what to take to Thursday’s meeting. I hope your new year has been grand so far.


    • I know…laptops…and computers in general…can be troublesome.:) I’m going to bring ‘The Tomato Turner’ revised and hopefully ready for the Highlights contest.:) But I have not yet written my January draft for 12×12…although visiting with my kids for the first 2 weeks of January was AWESOME and a great way to start 2013, it did put a crimp on my writing/blogging and keeping up with the 12×12 and Sub Six FB groups. Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday, Stacy…Jeanine won’t be there…she is flying to Boston.:)   


  5. Wonderful poem ~ beautiful cascade of words. Great contrasts between the three work spaces, but as you say, it’s motivation, inspiration, and perspiration that marks the writer.

    Thanks for entering, Vivian.


  6. Enjoyed your poem as you captured many of the questions that were suggested — in a single poem. Love your mobile spot and the fact that you can work anywhere as long as your are motivated and inspired.


    • Glad you liked the poem! I’m grateful to you, Pat, for always stopping by to read and comment! I hope that now that I am ‘retired’, I will be able to do a better job of visiting and commenting on all of the blogs I love to read…like yours!   I’ve saved your post where you review a picture book that addresses divorce…it’s a book that my daughter may unfortuately be happy to have soon.:(   


  7. That poem is amazing! Well done, Vivian and I’m impressed with the lack of clutter on your desk. I’ve tidied mine and it still doesn’t look like yours 🙂


    • You are so sweet, Catherine.:) Of course, my ‘desk’ is a dining room table…LOTS of room at the other end for CLUTTER…I just took a clever photo that didn’t show the entire table.:):)   But I truly believe that clutter invites stress…if only because one cannot find what one wants and has to spend hours looking for a little piece of paper. Unfortunately, I have always been a pack-rat…as is my husband.:( One of my BIG projects for the next few months is to declutter the entire house…every drawer, cabinet, closet and room…of course, I haven’t told him that yet.:)   


    • Thank you so much! Yes, Sunshine…2012 was a year I immersed myself in writing picture books…to the extent I could and still keep up with my job, home, husband, etc. And, it was the happiest year of my life in so many ways…I was always smiling (well, I have always been a person who is almost always smiling)…I felt filled with bliss…quite a wonderful state of mind to be in.:)   I’m looking forward to 2013 as I intend to continue writing…just need to find a way to balance the social media (blogging/twitter/fb/etc), the writing (picture books and writing contests), household stuff (yes, laundry and dishes do have to be done occasionally) and personal time (last year I read only two books for ‘pleasure’ and my husband often had to ‘pry’ me away from the computer to sit and watch a movie with him). If you know anyone who has mastered that plan, PLEASE let me know.:)   


      • oh, i feel your words you laid out here, Vivian, and WOW, you are one busy person!!

        seriously, i don’t know how some serious daily post bloggers manage it all. for me, i started out insanely obsessed with thinking i should post something everyday regardless of quality. thankfully this “bug” has slowly tamed itself and this year, i hope to focus on equanimity…staying balanced with online and personal life.

        from inspiration from blogger Kozo over at EverydayGurus, i have started 10-minute meditations in the morning. i will have to let you know later how this will help do everything i think needs to get done. haha. 🙂
        well, abundant creative energies to you and blessings for this new year. ❤


        • Oh Sunshine…thank you for sharing this with me…I, too, started out thinking that a daily post was a necessity. But I couldn;t just post a photo or short piece…so every post took HOURS. After 3 months I realized that it was taking over my life and I had no time to write picture books.:) The meditation sounds awesome…I will check out the site you listed.:)


  8. I love your poem, and agree that writing/blogging is very much to do with motivation, inspiration and perspiration. My poor effort was my very first attempt at a writing competition, so for that alone I am happy.


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  10. Hi Congratulations on being a finalist in the competition. I love your entry.
    I also write at my dining room table although I have a desk in the spare room. I don’t feel inspired when all I can see is wall – from my seat here at the dining room I can see the hummingbirds visiting my patio.


    • I agree…I don’t think I would like to work in a closed-in office room…right next to my dining room table there is a glass slider to a small zen-garden patio…that is my view as I work…but writing, for me, is not work…I’m having a ball.:)


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