Sunday Post: Goals…and the Writer’s Desk Competition

Jake at Time after Time has a Sunday Post Challenge and every week he provides a theme…the past week’s theme was GOALS.

Did you set goals for 2013?

I did! If you click here, you’ll see that many of them involve writing.

When Nancy at Spirit Lights the Way issued a “Writer’s Desk” challenge, I knew I had to participate.

Nancy says:

“ Write a short essay or poem (between 33 and 100 words) about your writing desk, your writing rituals, why you write, how you write, how you stop writing, or . . . surprise us with a tantalizing tidbit about your writing life.”

For all of the rules, please click on this link.  There is still time to join the fun…deadline is January 25.

I used to have a room that doubled as both an office for me and a guest room…it looked something like this:

goals,writer's desk competition,vivian kirkfield

Then, my husband retired and discovered the world of watercolor painting. I gave him that room to use as his studio and now it looks like this:

goals,writing desk competition,vivian kirkfield

So I do most of my writing at the dining room table…and for me, fortunately, writing has very little to do with location, location, location and very much to do with motivation, inspiration and perspiration.

goals,writer's desk competition,vivian kirkfield

I WRITE, THEREFORE I AM by Vivian Kirkfield

A writing space by any name does serve me well.

By lamplight or with sunlight streaming

Ideas flourish while I’m dreaming.

From mind to pen words quickly teeming

Pages fill with stories beaming.

In quiet or with children screaming

Cluttered desk or table gleaming

I’ve found my heaven…not to write would be my hell.

Do you write? What inspires you? Check out the Writer’s Desk Competition and join in.

 time after time, positive parental participation

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Sunday Post: Toys…Top Ten Toys for Young Kids

My grandson at 6 months…the stuffed bear belonged to his momma…my daughter


Jake at Time after Time has a Sunday Post Challenge and every week he provides a theme…this week’s theme is TOYS.

As parents, our goal is to provide our children with everything they should have.  Nourishing food – A safe place to live – Clean clothes to wear – Love and compassion – Reassurance when they are afraid – Consistency – An atmosphere that encourages learning.

Sometimes, parents feel they have to give their children EVERYTHING…and stores and the media encourage that belief…offering toys of every size and shape.  Many parents spend more than they can afford to provide their kids with expensive electronic gadgets and ‘must-have’ items.

How much is too much?

To be honest, many young children would prefer the box that the toy comes in!

Here’s a list of my top 10 picks of what belongs on a young child’s toy shelf:

  • Stuffed animals/Dolls
  • Books
  • Blocks
  • Art supplies like crayons, paper, glue stick, safety scissors, markers, clay, paint
  • Pretend play clothes
  • Puzzles
  • Musical instruments like drums, bells, triangles
  • Matching games like dominos
  • Sports equipment like balls, hula hoops, bowling pins
  • Flannel board pieces and puppets for storytelling and role play

What have I forgotten?  What would you add?

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Sunday Post: What’s Your Nature?

The dictionary gives us three definitions of the word nature.


Nature can be the countryside…mountains….rivers…forests.


Nature can be the forces and processes that control the physical world…hurricanes, tornados, high tide and low tide.

Photo credit:

Nature can be the inherent character or basic constitution of a person…loving, generous, spiteful, envious, kind.

Jake at Time after Time has a Sunday Post Challenge and every week he provides a theme…this week’s theme is NATURE.

We are born with a particular disposition or temperament…environment and circumstances do play a role in shaping the person we become…and parents have a role in shaping the person their child becomes.

When natural disasters strike, it always amazes me how many step forward to assist…with their time, money and love.

But often, the problems are not so easily seen and may not be brought to our attention by the media.

Such is the case with our libraries today.  Most public libraries operate on small budgets that are funded by local revenues.  And these days, many libraries are suffering…cutting down on staff hours and putting a hold on ordering new books.

My nature is a sharing one.  I volunteer at local kindergartens, reading and crafting with the children and I donate a portion of the proceeds of the sale of Show Me How to three different children’s organizations.  

I began thinking about the situation the libraries are in and I had an idea! To help celebrate National Library Week (April 8-14) and to enable a bunch of libraries to add new materials to their collections, why not donate some of my books?


The Show-Me-How Library Project will enable twenty-five libraries across the country to receive a copy of my book.  If you would like to nominate your local library, please leave a comment on this post or on my Perfect Picture Book Friday post, telling me why you would like your library to receive one of the free books.  At the end of April, we will pick twenty-five libraries (through  If your library is chosen and you would like to do a review of Show Me How on your blog/website/magazine/newspaper, I would be happy to send along a second copy, just for you! 


  •         blog about this
  •         tweet it
  •         post it to your Face Book
  •         start a discussion on your LinkedIn groups
  •         Google+ it
  •         pin it on Pinterest

Whatever you can do to encourage everyone you know to hop on board and nominate their library would be appreciated.  Who knows, I just might have to give away books to more than twenty-five libraries and perhaps this will inspire other authors to make similar donations!

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Quick note on the 12 x 12 Challenge I am taking part in…I am happy to say I have completed my March picture book draft!

Sunday Post: Treasured Pleasure or Guilty Pleasure

Mommy, you said just one bite!


Which is my pleasure?  My daughter and grandson whom I love dearly?  Or the chocolate ice-cream they are eating?

Jake at Time after Time has a Sunday Post Challenge and every week he provides a theme…this week’s theme is PLEASURE.

Life is filled with pleasures…watching a sunset, dancing in the moonlight on a summer evening, completing a difficult project successfully, carving out a chunk of time so that you can read a great book, riding in a convertible with the top down (as long as the weather is pleasant)…the list can go on and on. 

For me, the greatest pleasure is spending time with my loved ones.

But food is also one of life’s pleasures…that’s probably why cooking shows are so popular on TV.  Each of us has our own particular favorites.  For me, ice-cream tops the list.  I must admit that EVERY night I have a small bowl of ice-cream…and my dear sweet husband makes sure that the freezer has at least four or five exotic varieties so that I will never be without…here’s a look at what’s in our freezer right now: Denali Extreme Moose Tracks, Black Raspberry Chocolate, Italian Café Tiramisu, Chocolate Ganache, French Silk and Rocky Road.  Do you notice that each has chocolate in it…that is not by accident, you can be sure!  It’s a good thing we have a good-size freezer…honestly, we do have “real” food in there also!

This love that I have for ice-cream is probably a carry-over from childhood, as are many of the things most of us like or dislike. If you haven’t seen the poem I wrote (it won second place!) that addresses the topic of overcoming childhood fears, you can go to:  Marylin Warner: Things I Want To Tell My Mother: February Poetry Contest Winners.

Ice-cream has always been a part of my life.  My dad loved ice-cream…Friday night was shopping night (I guess Thursday was payday) and my sister and I were allowed to stay up until he came home from the store…there was always a box of ice-cream sandwiches or pops, and we were allowed to have one as a treat.  And on summer evenings, when the ice-cream truck rolled down the street, playing that calliope melody, my dad would always ask us, “What do you girls want?”  Those are memories worth holding on to.

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