Sunday Post: Unforgettable

Jake at Time after Time has a Sunday Post Challenge…today’s theme is UNFORGETTABLE. The dictionary defines ‘unforgettable’ as: earning a place in your memory whether it be a person, place or event.


Skydiving with my son: UNFORGETTABLE.

Fishing Jeremy looking up at Grammy

Every moment spent with my grandchildren: UNFORGETTABLE.

Family Outdoor Activities Horseback Riding in Colorado

Sharing rainbows and awesome times with my husband: UNFORGETTABLE.

Every day we have an opportunity to meet unforgettable people, visit unforgettable places and participate in unforgettable experiences.

What does unforgettable mean to you?


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Join in the fun with Jake’s Sunday Post.


27 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Unforgettable

  1. I love the skydiving picture, Vivian. It reminds me of a wonderful woman who wrote a powerful, winning poem about overcoming fear and experiencing unforgettable adventures.
    I hope she hasn’t forgotten about her inspiring poem!


    Childhood often invades adult life.

    Fears laid down early create later strife.

    Afraid of adventure and trying new things,

    Mom constantly cautioned: Be careful! Life stings!

    To conquer that panic is my fervent wish.

    I’ve parasailed, skydived and swum with the fish.


    • How lovely, Marylin! I step out of my comfort zone with each new challenge I take (like going to Singapore or submitting a manuscript)…and the old cautions are heard inside my head…I thank you for reminding me of the poem. 🙂


      • My pleasure, Vivian. I still remember how all of us (the judges and myself) loved your poem. And now to know you better and see all that you do and how you inspire others…well, it has been a wonderful adventure. You encourage us all!


    • Thank you so much for stopping by…and for the lovely comment.:) It was an amazing experience…neither of us really know anything about riding horses…and we rode for 2 hours to get back to the campsite…through a huge rainstorm with thunder and lightening…but the reward was that moment under the rainbow.:)


    • It’s odd, because I wasn’t scared…they strap you together with the ‘pro’ who does all the work…you just go along for the ride.:) I have a video of it…hilarious…I am waving to the photographer who was skydiving alongside us…and blowing kisses. I don’t know that I would do it again…expensive and, although I loved the 8 minutes of gliding down, the initial free-fall takes your breath away…in more ways than one.:)   


      • I did the wind surfing thing behind the boat in HI, I forget what you call it. I was surprised that it wasn’t more frightening. I was up 800 feet off the ground, but it just felt like being in a ferris wheel. Almost boring. But if something had gone wrong I would have been 800 feet off the ground. 🙂 Yours sounds scary because you have to LEAVE the plane!! Yikes!! 🙂


        • Hahaha…yes, parasailing might be thought of as boring. We went to Hawaii many years ago and parasailed. I loved it up there…sooo quiet…and they made it exciting by slowing the boat, letting you drop slowly till your feet touched the water…and then speeding up and sending you flying again.:)   For me the skydiving wasn’t scary because it was out of my hands…strapped to the pro, when he duckwalked to the hatch, so did I…when he fell out of the plane…I had no choice but to fall with him.:)        


    • I did, Erik…two summers ago. I flew to Chicago to spend a week with my son and his wife…and my son had arranged for me to go skydiving with him. I guess I had commented several years before when he had gone that it sounded awesome and was something I had always thought of doing. Not that I ever thought I would ever really do it.:) So one really has to be careful what one says…because people will take you at your word.:)   But, I had lots of fun…I went tandem with a pro and it was a piece of cake.:) The gentle 8 minute glide down was the best…the free-fall was intense   


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