The 4th of July Secret Mystery Writing Contest

There’s been lots of traveling in the last few months…new grand-baby…Singapore…family visits.

4th of Jul Secret Mystery Writing Contest

I’ve missed my regular blogging and social media connections – but I’ve had so much fun!

To get back on track, I’m going to try a new blog schedule:

Monday will be geared towards picture book writing – sharing helpful articles and links for other writers as well as contests, submissions and highlights from my works in progress.

To kick this off, I’m thrilled to post my entry to children’s author Susanna Leonard Hill’s 4th of July Secret Mystery Writing Contest. Contests are a great way to exercise your writing craft and connect with other writers…and Susanna’s contests are super cool. Please click on the link to get the details and find out what GREAT prizes she is offering. There is still time to enter!!!!

The Fourth Of July Secret Mystery Writing Contest!

We were asked to write a children’s story with any July 4th setting, 400 words or less, in which there is a mystery is solved or a secret is revealed. Here is my 199-word story…I hope you like it!

THE MONSTER FAIR or Why Christmas Is Celebrated in July on Gollywhomper Square

It happened in the summer, down on Gollywhomper Square.

The residents decided they would build a Monster Fair.

The first ride they constructed was a giant Ferris wheel.

A jingling carousel was next, made of the strongest steel.

The third one they erected was a mammoth water slide.

They pumped the contents of a lake to fill that drenching ride.

But trouble was a-brewing because no one could agree

On Kamikaze – Tilt-a-Wheel – which should the next one be?

The shouting match grew louder – Screaming Swing – or Pirate Ship!

It must be Roller Coaster – Topple Tower – no – the Whip!

With stomping feet and blazing eyes, they all began to fight,

Like popping firecrackers, you could see the sparks ignite.

The fairgrounds started shaking – as the earth began to quake.

An avalanche descended and refilled the empty lake.

No Ferris wheel – no carousel – no drenching water slide!

A mountain range of pure white snow had covered every ride.

The monsters moaned, “No Fair! No Fair! The snow is everywhere!”

The  monster children cheered, “How great! Let’s ski and sled and skate!”

 So every summer, you will find, on Gollywhomper Square

A celebration on the 4th – The Monster Christmas Fair!

I hope you will visit Susanna’s contest page so you can read all of the other entries…and perhaps submit one of your own!

I also want to add a link to a summer picture book writing workshop that is being offered by Pam Calvert: Picture Book University…it began today and looks like it will be lots of fun…oh, and did I mention…it’s FREE!

In addition, Julie Hedlund’s 12×12 Challenge is keeping hundreds of picture book writers motivated and inspired to write picture books every month…I’m checking in for the end of June…I wrote several picture book drafts and revised some others.

And last, but certainly not least, gifted mentor and picture book writing teacher, Mira Reisberg, is gearing up for the next Picture Book Academy course to be offered at the end of August…if you are interested, please visit her website and sign up to receive the free newsletter to get all the info…places in her class go really quickly:

64 thoughts on “The 4th of July Secret Mystery Writing Contest

  1. Just had a look at the rides too – yikes! I’m too squeamish for the likes of those these days! But I wouldn’t mind visiting Gollywhomper Square! Would be COOL to illustrate! The rhyming adds such perfect rhythm for this!


    • Coming from you, Penny (aka the master of rollicking rhythm and rhyme contest entries), those are very kind words. Glad you liked it…Susanna always provides a great writing prompt with her holiday contests.:)


    • Joanne…thanks for stopping by and making my day with your lovely comment! And I love your description…sizzling rumble…I think i will use that in a story…has such a great sound and creates a fantastic image in my mind.:)


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