BEA 2013 – Part 2


Book Expo America - New York City

This morning, I had a lovely comment from blogger I didn’t know.

Blogging etiquette demanded that I go and visit her blog.

I am SO glad I did.

BermudaOnion is an awesome writer who blogs about books, movies and food. She just attended the BEA (Book Expo America) in New York City and her post about it made me feel I was right there with her, rubbing shoulders with well-known authors and enjoying the amazing food that is one of the highlights of any trip to the Big Apple.

I had to share this post and hope you will visit her blog to read this and also Part 1 of her BEA adventure.


BEA 2013 – Part 2.

Stellar photo courtesy of:


14 thoughts on “BEA 2013 – Part 2

    • Thanks so much, Colline…I was struck by the beauty of it…I grew up in NYC…this photo gives it a dreamlike quality…seeing the skyline from a vantage point that might be Central Park.


    • I had heard some negative things about BEA in past years…so I was happy to see such a positive response. And she really knows some great people and took advantage of being in the city by going lots of places, didn’t she?

      I haven’t been back to NYC for many years…just found out a niece (who lives in the city) just got engaged…maybe the wedding will be there and I’ll just HAVE to go. 🙂


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