Blow A Kiss: Book Review and Craft Activity for Kids

Author Susanna Leonard Hill is taking a break from Perfect Picture Book Friday, but you can access her amazing picture book list on her blog.

In the picture book review spotlight today is another treasure from one of the authors I met at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content. A couple of weeks ago I reviewed his book, Emma’s Elephant.

Blow A Kiss: Book Review and Craft Activity for Kids

Blow A Kiss

Written by David Seow

Illustrated by Enrico Sallustio

Publisher: Bonnie Books (2010)

Ages: 3 and up


Friendship, the power of love, cultural diversity, world unity

Opening Lines:

“Can you blow a kiss? Get ready, get set, blow! Now let’s see where your little kiss will go.”


This story takes the reader and listener on a journey, following the path of a blown kiss. Over the seven seas, past snow-capped mountains, into deserts and war-torn countries, we are shown that one kiss can multiply, creating unity among people.

Why  I like this book:

  • Great read-aloud
  • Wonderful message of hope and world unity
  • Bold, bright illustrations
  • Another gem from the multi-published author/illustrator team of David Seow and Enrico Sallustio.

Blow A Kiss: Book Activity and Craft Activity for Kids

David Seow on the left, Enrico Sallustio on the right and happy me behind them.

How a parent can use this book:

  • Lovely read-aloud – for bed-time or anytime
  • Talk about how people may look different, but most of them feel and want the same things
  • Look at a map of the world and find deserts, mountain ranges, oceans, etc.
  • Talk about how we can show people we love them and care about them

Related Activities

Blow A Kiss: Book Review and Craft Activity for Kids


What a fun project to do on a hot summer day!

You will need: Construction paper, crayons or markers, stapler and scissors.

  • I love simple crafts for kids.
  • Help your child fold a piece of construction paper in half and cut. (folding and cutting are skills young children need to learn for school)
  • Help your child fold one of the halves several times and cut the pieces.
  • Your child can decorate each small square or rectangle and write: Good for one kiss or Good for one hug.
  • Fold the other half and write on the cover: Hug and Kiss Coupon Book.
  • Stape the stack of coupons inside the book.
  • Just a few minutes of your time, participating with your child…that’s all it takes…the long-term rewards are amazing!

Here is a coupon book my older son made for me for Valentine’s Day almost 25 years ago.

Blow A Kiss: Book Review and Craft Activity for Kids

You can connect with the author and illustrator.

Bonnie Books Publisher

David Seow’s Website and Blog

David Seow’s Facebook

Enrico Sallustio’s Website

Enrico Sallustio on Goodreads

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Blow A Kiss: Book Review and Craft Activity for Kids

Recommended by teachers, parents and children!!!

“What a lovely book! Parents will find inspiration in this delightful guide to reading and planning activities.” Katherine Holabird, author of the Angelina Ballerina series

“Show Me How is a wonderful resource!” Norman Bridwell, creator of Clifford the Big Red Dog series

“A timeless book that is sure to be a family favorite!” Sheila Glazov, personality expert and author of What Color is Your Brain

22 thoughts on “Blow A Kiss: Book Review and Craft Activity for Kids

  1. Lovely craft and GREAT snapshot of you. I’m so glad that you’ll be able to enjoy crafts with your grandkids throughout the year once you make it to NH. 😀


  2. I recently read a book with a similar theme with my kids but I can’t remember what it is now, sorry. I love the coupon book idea. A friend of mine gives a coupon book to her son every Christmas and he gets to use them throughout the year. He’s 12 and he still enjoys them, especially when they include things like eat ice cream for dinner, and have a pillow fight!


    • The coupon Valentine card I spotlighted in the post was given to me by my oldest son when he was 14…the movie rentals were a great deal of Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 🙂 He was a very clever lad.:)


  3. Oh, I like this book as it shows how we are connected and what one action ( a kiss) can do if it travels around the world. Great multicultural feel to it. I’m still reviewing a few books too.


    • I loved the idea of the connectedness of the kiss as well, Pat! And even before I discovered Susanna’s PPBF, I was reviewing picture books and teaming them with an activity…I called it ‘What’s in your child’s bookcase Wednesday’. 🙂


  4. What a lovely looking book, Vivian! I just love the concept! I’m going to have to read this one! I love your activities too – the coupon book – what a great idea. Thanks so much for introducing me to this one!


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  6. That book sounds so wonderful and sweet. I also love your idea of the coupons – I think we might do that very craft next week! Thanks for linking in the Kid Lit Blog Hop. 🙂


  7. Oh, this just looks delightful. I liked the book already just from the picture of the cover before I knew what it was about! I absolutely adore the concept! “One kiss can multiply, creating unity among people.” What a beautiful thought! I wonder if this book is available here in Asia! I’m going to have to check!!! I’m so glad you shared about it at Booknificent Thursday! Hope to see you again soon.

    I’m also thrilled to see that the Kindle version of your book is on sale. I have the paper copy that you sent, but I love having books both electronically and on paper! Yay!
    Tina from


    • Tina…I think you could probably get a copy of ‘Blow a Kiss’…go to the website of the author, David Seow (he is from Singapore). It is a wonderful story with a great concept and lesson for kids…and everyone.:) Glad you saw that Show Me How is available on Kindle…it is only $2.99 for the summer…what a deal!!!! 🙂 Hope you are enjoying the activities.


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