The wait is finally over! It’s time for Susanna Hill’s fabulous Halloweensie Contest.


According to the guidelines, you need to write a story for children that is 100 words or less and uses the words GHOST, SPIDER, and  MOON.

I’ve always participated in this challenge…it’s a great writing prompt that helps you come right to the point while trying to entertain kids.

Here is my entry…I hope you enjoy it. Please visit the link up on Susanna’s website so you can read the other stories. Some may be posted in the comment section of her blog for those people who don’t have their own blog. Voting will take place on November 7 and winners will be announced a couple of days after that.



Tucked in a box, Trick-or-Treat Bag slept. He dreamed of friendly ghosts, scary spiders, and a tummy full of treats.

One day, Bag’s world shook. Earthquake!

Bag felt a tug. Whoosh! Bag dangled in the air.

“It’s wrinkled,” said Sally.

“Shake it out,” said Sam.

Bag twitched.

“Don’t you want a new bag?” said Sam. “Your costume is new.”

Bag trembled.

Sally held Bag close. “My old costume was too small,” she said. “But this bag will always be just right for me.”

Bouncing to the beat of  Sally’s heart, Bag twinkled as they trick-or-treated in the Halloween moonlight.


I hope you enjoyed the story…I’ve never written one from a bag’s POV…now I can’t wait to read all of the other contest entries!

Have a wonderful weekend, dear friends! And HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!






63 thoughts on “HALLOWEENSIE CONTEST: The Trick-or-Treat Bag

  1. I feel so happy for the bag that it is not going to be discarded just because it’s a bit wrinkly. (I would have been discarded long ago!) It is such a joyful story that would provide lots of things to discuss with a group of children. And what an original idea to write from a bag’s POV! Well done.

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      • I have just put in the linky link for my story. I hope that’s all I had to do. Thanks for introducing me to Susanna and for letting me know about this contest. I see you have already read and commented on most of the entries. I didn’t want to look before I did mine. I’d be too embarrassed to join in. 🙂


    • You are right, Leslie…a happy challenge…especially since I am trying to find excuses not to buckle down with one of my stories that is waiting for me to revise it. 😉 Glad you like this one. 😉


  2. Love the unique POV!

    It’s great meeting you via this contest! I can’t wait to read your upcoming release of Sweet Dreams Sarah. As a former history teacher (and lover of all things history!) I was always looking for ways to bring great literature into the classroom. Looking forward to keeping up with all you do!

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    • That makes me so very happy, Julie…one of the great things about Susanna’s contest…and all writing challenges…is that we get to connect with other kidliters…hope you’ll come by in March for my #50PreciousWords contest…this year was the first and we had an awesome turnout of 128 entries. ..and it’s only 50 words.

      And I, too, was a lover of history as a kid…and that hasn’t changed. Although as a kindergarten teacher back in the 60’s and 70’s…we didn’t do much with nonfiction.

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