A Writing Contest from Alexandria LaFaye

Yes, it’s me! Here I am again!

I couldn’t help it. Fellow Storm sister, Alexandria La Faye is having a writing challenge over at her blog. And it just look so appealing and delicious, I had to give it a try.


This is what she said:

Who is ready for some creativity calisthenics? Inspired by Kenvin Henkes genius book about the life of a marshmallow chick as a friend, can you share a narrative poem or short short about a food who becomes a child’s friend? (100 words or less folks)
And because a picture is worth a thousand jelly beans, you can also share your story as an illustration. 
Can you do it?! Yes, you can! I’d even be willing to send the winner a prize in the food they pick (no caviar, please). 
You can post the story to your blog or include the whole story in a comment on this post. The winner will be announced here and on my Facebook community, Sylvanocity
Did you hear that? Illustrators can participate also!
Here’s my silly little story…I guess when I’m given strict word limits, I get more playful…and I think that is a good thing!
A bit of back story: Peppermint Patties were my FAVORITE candy when I was a kid!

There once was a young girl named Hattie

Her friend was a Peppermint Patty

Who lived in her pocket

She wore Hattie’s locket

After ten years, she looked pretty ratty.



One day Hattie wrestled a gator

Soon it looked like the gator might ate ‘er

Jumping out of the pocket

Pattie ripped off the locket

Dragged the reptile to the equator.


In the tropics, Pattie has a new home.

It’s an ice bucket made out of chrome

Hattie fills it with ice

Pattie thinks it is nice

They remain friends wherever they roam.
Are you ready to play?

27 thoughts on “A Writing Contest from Alexandria LaFaye

  1. HI: It didn’t say on her blog or here, how many words? Hattie & Patty is really adorable and less than 100 words. Am I right to assume 100 words or less? Thanks.

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  3. What fun , Vivian. I used to love Mint Patties too. They have a wonderful texture, as well as taste. I’m so pleased it didn’t melt in her pocket. I wrote a poem once about chocolate melting in a pocket. Sadly I wrote it for work and don’t own the copyright. 😦

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  4. What a fun contest! Thank you so much Alexandria! It really made me think!

    Am I Dreaming?
    So sad. Sophie laid across her bed crying. Her BFF, Maggie, just moved far away and Sophie was feeling so very lonely. There were only 2 things Sophie loved — Maggie and pizza!
    As day turned into night, Sophie fell asleep until… The doorbell rang! Running to the door, Sophie thought maybe it’s Maggie! Sophie opened the door. To her surpise, it wasn’t Maggie. It ws a slice of pepperoni pizza — a slice of pepperoni pizza with arms, legs, and a great, big smile. The slice smiled really big and said, “Hi! Maggie sent me! I’m you new BFF!”

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    • Hello Kathy,
      I don’t know if you tried to post this on Alexandria’s blog..but I know some people had trouble doing that…so i copied and pasted it there for you!
      I’m a lover of pizza also…so I totally understand how Sophie felt. 😉


        • Actually, I am a little confused with this contest 🙂 I have not seen any of the other writings except for mine and Milky Way. I don’t really know when the contest is over. Can you help? I love reading all the stories 🙂 I think I get confused easily if it’s on the internet LOL

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          • Hello Kathy,
            The contest isn’t mine…and unfortunately, I don’t have any control over Alexandria’s website. I do know that a few people did have trouble posting…and there was a link to Sydney’s story…but the url didn’t work. Sydney is one of my critique buddies, so I went to her blog to read it. I’ll send Alexandria a note and let her know that people are having trouble.
            The contest ends on March 31…I believe Alexandria mentioned that in her post, and I did also. So hopefully, everyone who would like to enter, will still have a few days to do so.


            • Thanks so much for the information 🙂 I so appreciate your feed back. These contests are so much fun and it gives me a reason to write 🙂 I’m new to all of this. I have self-published two books, but I’m not sure how so much of the writing world works! It’s fun learning though!


  5. I am having trouble posting on Alexandria’s page also. I am posting it here and I don’t know why it didn’t take with Word Press. I tried Google too. But on your page there doesn’t seem to be a glitch.

    MILKY WAY & ME by Marcia Nass (63 words)

    Milky Way
    Take me to your home
    Light years away
    The two of us alone

    Milky Way
    Swirls of darkness rise
    Bands of malted milk
    Bright stars in every size

    Milky Way
    The galaxy’s your name
    Galileo saw you first
    Mars Candy gave you fame

    Milky Way
    I loved you at first sight
    But, look. That alien…
    Wants to take a bite.


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