12-Step Plan to Stockpile Stories: A Guest Post for Rate Your Story

Hello dear friends!

Just popped in to give you a link to a guest post I just did for Rate Your Story.

number 1

They asked me to talk about how I was able to stockpile so many stories that resulted in my four debut picture books that will be launching in 2019.

I hope you will come and take a look:


And I hope you all have a wonderful week!

10 thoughts on “12-Step Plan to Stockpile Stories: A Guest Post for Rate Your Story

  1. Such wonderful insight Vivian. As a late bloomer myself i appreciate so much your advice and honesty. Thank you. I have been stalled for awhile, thinking it was almost too late. You’ve given me renewed determination to start anew.


  2. Thanks for sharing steps. They help me with focus. They also allow options to follow during those times when a step may not be going well or as planned.
    So happy lady luck has smiled on you.


  3. Thanks for this amazing account Vivian! You’re an inspiration. Congratulations times 4!! I really appreciate the reinforcement of stick to it- ness.


  4. Vivian, each time I read something you have written, from article to email, from manuscript to critique, I learn how to make my own writing better. Your hard work is an inspiration that excites us all to keep at it and keep moving forward. Congratulations on your four amazing picture books launching in 2019!


  5. Thank you, Vivian. I love this article. Congratulations on all of your wonderful books. Your later in life start is an inspiration to the rest of us starting out late. Hard work makes it all possible.


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