I must apologize, dear readers. We’ve had many giveaways in the past two months…but my life got crazy busy with travel planning for next year (more about that later) and I neglected to award the prizes. Plus, for some reason, Facebook is not letting me use my share button to post on my own page. I can share someone else’s posts. And I can post on anyone else’s page. And I can comment everywhere. But on my home page, the share button is disabled. If any of you more tech savvy people out there have any idea of what is going on, your input would be much appreciated!

I believe the last giveaway we awarded was a copy of Anna Redding’s GOOGLE IT! to Rosie Pova. I know Rosie received it already because she posted about it on Facebook. Rosie, I know you will love the book.

book cover

So, the first giveaway today is from author/illustrator Emilie Boon…a copy of ELLA AND MONKEY AT SEA. And the winner is…CARMELA SIMMONS

book cover

After that we have a copy of H IS FOR HAIKU written by Sydell Rosenberg and brought to the world by her daughter, Amy Losak. And the winner is…TRACY HORA.


Next is a critique by the talented Christy Mihaly, author of HEY, HEY, HAY. And the winner is…TINA CHO.


Then we have a copy of MAXIMILLIAN VILLAINOUS  by Margaret Greanias. And the winner is…LISETTE CRUZ

book cover

And last, but certainly not least, is Robin Newman’s hilarious NO PEACOCKS! 

And the winner is…Carol Gordon Ekster.


CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF THE WINNERS! And a big thank you to all of the authors for writing these wonderful books and to the illustrators for bringing the stories to life with their pictures.

I’ll be connecting with all of you to make sure that you receive your books!

I truly appreciate you all coming to visit and read and comment. I’ll be skipping this week’s PPBF and WWFC, but I’ll be back with SIX STRAIGHT WEEKS OF AWESOME Debut Picture Books and Q&A’s with their authors. Heads up, everyone, because we’ve got:






ROCK AND ROLL WOODS by Sherry Hyberger Howard

You won’t want to miss any of these books!

Speaking of books…I’m blessed to have sold five manuscripts in the last couple of years. And those manuscripts are being made into books. And those books are soon to be published. I hope to have some cover reveal posts in next month or two. But I thought to myself, what could I do to celebrate this realization of a dream. And how could I best promote those books and spread the word far and wide.

Spread the word far and wide? Why not take a trip around the world? 


So, this is the plan:

  1. I leave for Sydney on Februry 19th. (24+ hours of actual flight time) I’ll be presenting at the Australia/NZ conference and meeting up with several kidlit friends…plus my agent, Essie White, is the keynote speaker. 
  2. I fly to Auckland and will stay with one of my dearest critique buddies. And while I’m there, I will do a program for the regional NZ SCBWI.
  3. On March 19, I’ll hop another LOOONG flight (again over 24 hours of actual flight time) to Geneva where another wonderful critique buddy will pick me up and I’ll stay with her for a couple of weeks until…
  4. We train to Italy for the Bologna Book Fair where I hope to meet up with some of the wonderful editors who are publishing my books and another incredible critique partner.
  5. And after the conference, we’ll take day trips by train to Florence, Milan, and..
  6. Back to Boston on April 8.

Phew! And just to let you know…the #50PreciousWords Writing Challenge will still take place…I’ll be reading all of your wonderful stories while I’m in New Zealand. I’m already on the look-out for prizes for next year so, if you’d like to donate a critique or a seat in an online writing class, please FB PM me or email me at viviankirkfield@gmail.com.

But for this weekend…if you are in a state where the leaf colors change like here in New Hampshire, I hope you get to see them. And if you drive, please be safe. We’ll be heading up to Lake Winnipesaukee to cheer for my son and son-in-law as they compete in the Tough Mudder. And then on Sunday, we’ll head to Connecticut to spread some of Stuart’s ashes on the river where he loved to fish. A bittersweet weekend, for sure.



About viviankirkfield

Writer for children - Reader forever Mom of 3, educator, author of FOUR OTTERS TOBOGGAN: AN ANIMAL COUNTING BOOK (Pomegranate Press, 2019), PIPPA'S PASSOVER PLATE (Holiday House, 2019), FROM HERE TO THERE: INVENTIONS THAT CHANGED THE WAY WE MOVE (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2019), SWEET DREAMS, SARAH (Creston Books, 2019), picture book junkie, lover of travel, hiking, fly-fishing, cooking, and playing Monopoly with my 9-year old grandson.

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  1. Have a wonderful time traveling around the world my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Carmela McCain Simmons

    Dear Vivian,
    Congratulations on all your well deserved recognitions. I am so happy for you. Thank you so much for all you do for the KidLit tribe!
    I could not be more thrilled to win Ella and Monkey at Sea. It sounds wonderful and was already on my to be read list.
    Sending you prayers a Texas sized hug as you strike out around the world on new adventures, especially this weekend. May your memories of Stuart bring a smile to your lips before tears to your eyes.
    Safe and wonderful travels!


  3. Wow, girlfriend, you are on a whirlwind of travel and publications!!! Congratulations to you and to all of the prize winners!!! xo


  4. Congratulations to the book winners and to you, Vivian, for all those books being born and your ’round the world trip. How exciting! I hope you have a magical time with your family and your worldwide adventure.


  5. Thanks for the prize, Vivian! What a trip you have planned! If you had a layover in Seoul, I could visit! Anyway, will be thinking of you on this special weekend.


  6. Safe travels Vivian. Your trip sounds fantastic! All the best-


  7. If you’ve never been, you will love Sydney and Auckland. They really are worth that day in a plane. And if you get the chance in Florence, try to squeeze in lunch at Francesco Vini, on a street off Santa Croce Square. Best. Lasagna. In. The. World. Have a grand trip!!


  8. Wow, Vivian! What a lot of great stuff ahead! Thanks for keeping us posted on the best pbs you see–and on your own! I’m rooting for you (and those guys in the Mudder!)


  9. Congratulations to all of the book winners! Such wonderful adventures you’ll have next spring, Vivian. And I’ll be thinking of you and your family as you are together this weekend.


  10. Oh! Your trip sounds amazing! So many good things coming up next year. Hope your weekend with family is fun (for the most part – it can’t be easy without your lifetime sweetheart). Sending wishes for all good things ahead!


  11. What fun you have in your future! Exhausting fun, but fun!! I’m looking forward to seeing all these debut books, and it’s wonderful that I recognize names too!! Great to see the success of writers I know!


  12. Congratulations everyone! Vivian, can I go???!!! You are going to have so much fun!


  13. Congratulations to the winners! And have fun traveling. I share your frustration with posting from WP to FB. It’s because WP publicizes through a third party. Followed the directions, but gave up. Finally I just started highlighting my URL and pasting it to my FB feed page and it works. I like to figure it out, but it is a FIX for you for now.


  14. Congratulations on the books, Vivian! How nice that you and your kids can spread your husband’s ashes on something with meaning for him. We spread some of my sister’s ashes on the 4th hole of her favorite golf course (per her request and probably violating local and state laws).


  15. I love that you have connections around the globe through the kid lit world. Sounds like you’ve planned an amazing adventure. Hugs to you this weekend.


  16. Congratulations to all the winners! And congratulations to you, Vivian, five books! Despite the very looong flights, your around the world trip sounds amazing 🙂 Best wishes to you for a wonderful weekend


  17. Thank you, Vivian, for your gracious heart. You share so much of you with the kidlit community. Congratulations on your successes. I’m wishing you happy, safe travels as you visit the world! Huge hugs!


  18. Safe travels—have fun! It sounds like a wonderful, beautiful trio!!!


  19. WOW! Such an exciting upcoming adventure. That sounds as good as knowing that your stories are becoming books! Kudos to you!


  20. Dear Vivian, you are embarking on a dream vacation! I wish you all the best in your travels. I hope you’ll share your adventures with us on your blog after you return home. Bon Voyage!


  21. mariagianferrari

    Pining for fall color and autumnal temperatures here, Vivian–and missing NH and New England so much as I always do this time of year. Sniff-sniff!!

    Congrats to all of the lucky winners!

    And Buon Viaggio!! You’re going to have the BEST time, and you deserve it.

    And hugs for you on Sunday! ❤ ❤ How meaningful and lovely and bittersweet to know Stuart will always be in one of his favorite places, and become one with it. ❤


  22. Vivian,
    I am currently living in New Zealand, although only till November. You will love Sydney and Auckland- your travels sound fantastic!


  23. Hi dear friend, thinking of you this weekend.. So looking forward to having you downunder in NZ with me. It will be a blast and yes I will ensure we post a couple of webinars on fb while you are here so everyone will hear of your adventures. 🙂
    Writer-on-the-run Just checked out your blog. Love the trip you are doing while in NZ. (make sure you keep left). If you are returning to Auckland check me out on facebook. Also check out Coatesville Market 1st Sunday of the month. You’ll love it.
    Love and Hugs.


  24. I’m SO VERY GLAD for you, Vivian. It’s fun to watch your flying out into the world in a variety of ways. Love you much.


  25. Well, I guess this will be Miss Vivian’s Biggesr Trip…so far! Bravo V! Xoxo


  26. Congratulations to all the winners!

    WOW, Vivian! What a fantabulous trip you have ahead!! Will keep you in prayer for safe travels. So very happy for you! 🙂


  27. Congrats. to all the winners. Vivian it sounds like you are taking the trip of a lifetime! I’m so happy for you.


  28. Thank you, Vivian! I just found out that I was a winner. I’m currently traveling in Europe right now. It is both exhausting and exhilerating. Enjoy your travel time and congratulations on all of your new books!


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