Perfect Picture Book Friday: THIS BOOK IS SPINELESS Plus Double Giveaway

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday, my friends!

In four more days, I’ll be hopping on a plane and winging my way to Sydney, Australia. But please don’t fret! Even though I may not be HERE…I will be hopping around the blogsphere, visiting with Kirsti Call on Writers’ Rumpus, sharing lists of female inventors with Mia Wenjen on Pragmatic Mom, answering questions for Maria Marshall on Picture Book Buzz, chatting with Darlene Beck-Jacobsen on Gold from Dust: Bringing Stories to Life, and more. Plus there will be several Perfect Picture Book posts right here as I continue to celebrate the fabulous 2019 debuts…like today’s wonderful book!

And as a special treat, I’ll be sharing the cover of author Lindsay Leslie’s SECOND debut picture book of 2019…PLUS, she’s offering a double giveaway.

spineless cover


Written by Lindsay Leslie

Illustrated by Alice Brereton

Published by Page Street Kids (February 19, 2019)

Ages: 4-8

Themes: Sensory Perception, Humor, Problem Solving

Synopsis: From Amazon:

“With suspense and humor, this wary and unadventurous book uses the five senses to try and figure out what kind of story might be on its pages.

Does it hear spooky wails from a ghost story?
Can it see a mysterious something peeking around a corner?
Is that the dizzy feeling of zero gravity it senses?
Might that be the stinky smell of animals in nature it detects?
Could it be tasting the saltiness of a story on the high seas?

The reader and book navigate the book’s contents together, becoming friends as the book becomes braver with every page turn. This multilayered book incorporates the five senses, multiple literary genres, and various book parts, with the relationship between book and reader bringing everything together.”

Why I love this book:

  • I love books that are interactive and encourage participation between reader/listener and the story.
  • This book has heart and humor…great combination for any picture book.
  • The illustrations are lots of fun and will engage children to keep turning the pages.


dream-catcher-craftPhoto courtesy:

Make a DREAMCATCHER to grab your dreams, both good and bad. For detailed instructions:

And check out author Leslie’s second debut picture book, NOVA THE STAR EATER that launches in May.


Here’s a little bit about the author of these brilliant books!

Bio: A diary keeper, a journal writer, a journalism major, a public relations executive—Lindsay Leslie has always operated in a world of written words. When she became a mom and began to tell her kids bedtime stories, Lindsay connected the dots to children’s literature. She likes to bring her unique outlook on life, quirky humor, and play with words to the page in picture books. Lindsay is the author of THIS BOOK IS SPINELESS, her debut picture book (Page Street Kids, Feb. 19, 2019). Her second picture book, NOVA THE STAR EATER (Page Street Kids), will launch on May 21, 2019. Her third picture book, DUSK RAIDERS WANTED (Page Street Kids), will launch in spring of 2020. Lindsay lives with her husband, two young boys, and two fur-beasts in Austin.


Twitter: @lleslie

Instagram: @lindsaylesliewrites

Dear friends, one of the things I’m always encouraging people to do is to write reviews for the books that you love. Lindsay kindly supplied the links for Goodreads, so if you get to read either or both of her books, I hope you will hop over and post your review. This is the best gift you can give an author…other than buying their book, of course.




Lindsay and I are actually members of one of the debut picture book author groups and I’ve gotten to know her a bit. She is mega-smart about writing and lots of other things, so, I asked her to share an author tip with us.

Lindsay says:

When I was in the throes of querying, I took advantage of every opportunity available to me. Not only did I have a targeted list of agents I was interested in working with, but also I participated in all of the Twitter #hashtag events, such as #PitMad and #PBPitch, as well as the online contests, including #PBParty, among others. I even submitted to a Writer’s Digest competition (and I placed fourth for children’s literature). What I felt was important was feedback. I wanted to see if my concepts caught eyeballs. Did my pitches make people pause? Am I getting a reaction? For the pitches that got no love, I knew I had work to do and needed go back to either rework the manuscript or figure out why my pitch wasn’t connecting. For the pitches that received a “heart,” I knew I was on the right track. This was all part of my market research. Of course, this process came after running my manuscripts by several critique partners. So, if you are feeling fearful or timid about putting yourself out there with these types of contest and opportunities, know that you aren’t the only one feeling that way and that there are so many upsides to participating! For me, it was a book deal with Page Street Kids.

How cool is that! And, if you’re in the market to win a copy of THIS BOOK IS SPINELESS and an F&G (unbound copy) of NOVA THE STAR EATER, please don’t forget to leave a comment. I’d love if you would share what, if anything, made you feel spineless as a child.

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend.

27 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday: THIS BOOK IS SPINELESS Plus Double Giveaway

  1. I can’t remember specific things I was afraid of when I was younger. I’m sure there were many since I startle easy. I know for sure I do not like scary movies. Even as an adult I won’t watch one. It has probably been over 15 years since I’ve seen one.

    NOVA THE STAR EATER looks fun. My oldest has started this obsession with the solar system so it looks like a book he will enjoy reading.

    Congrats to Lindsay and you Vivian for your debut years. I will continue to follow both of your book blog stops and more.


  2. Thank you for the great post. These two books look so fun and I can’t wait to read them. As a kid–speaking out loud to anyone outside of my family made me spineless! (Thankfully that has changed!) Oh and the high diving board. Congratulations on your success Lindsay and safe travels Vivian!


  3. Vivian, thanks for introducing us to these 2 new books, and safe & happy travels to you! Lindsay, congratulations on the publication of these unique entries in kidlit! I look forward to reading them. As a kid, we had a lot of garter snakes in our backyard. Completely harmless, but I was afraid of them, nonetheless.


  4. Both of these sound fantastic!! When I was REALLY little, my mom tells me I was afraid of the Dancing Bear from the Captain Kangaroo show. Apparently, I thought he was in my closet! What I remember is being afraid of his creepy circle mouth.


  5. Congratulations! I love them both! I always felt spineless when other kids were mean to me. Now we call it bullying. I did learn to stand up to them. But as an adult…sigh. That fine line between being polite, spineless, wise, or aggressive. Maybe it’s not a fine line. Anyway-congratulations again!


  6. When I fisr hear the title of this book, I imagined it being about invertebrates. Hahaha.

    I love that is uses all the senses. I think we forget to take advantage of our senses at times to help us understand the world around us.

    The thing I was the most afraid of was missing out. So much so, that if I had to go to the bathroom, I would not admit it.


  7. Thanks for sharing this debut. The title alone caught my attention. Congrats, Lindsay. I’d love to win this book. I have been following Page Street’s books and editors for some time now. Safe and fun travels, Vivian.


  8. I’m thrilled for you Lindsay! Hmmm, I believe I was spineless about going into the basement to get things from the pantry, especially at night. My solution was to run pell mell as fast as I could down and back up the steep stairway. Which was definitely dangerous than anything in the actual basement!


  9. As a kid, what made me spineless was when I had to face other kids who would tease me about my overbite. I was called really awful names and teased by strangers and classmates alike. Then, I got braces and all of that stopped (at least about my smile anyway).


  10. As a kid and to this day, I hate the noises in the dark. Once when I was sleeping with my sisters, we heard a scream. None of us could say that it was us, so who screamed, yikes!


  11. I may be spineless about snakes. When I was young we went up on the hill and picked berries all the time. I remember one time my cousin and I ran like crazy down the old coal bank road away from a snake. Congratulations on your books! I love dream catchers. We made some out of small embroidery hoops and they were beautiful. I have one of them hanging in my bedroom.


  12. I am so delighted that you are making this trip to Sydney and New Zealand. What an exciting adventure — and friends you already know. Have a wonderful time!
    I just saw this book recently and I love it — it would pair well with “Scaredy Book!”

    Fear as a child: SNAKES! Too many spine chilling stories due to a prankster brother. Still don’t like them, but am forcing myself to overcome my fear. I touched my first snake two years ago at a great grandson’s birthday party at the zoo. I was surprised myself.


  13. I was certain that something lived in my closet so I’d keep that closet light on when I went to bed. Then a freind told me my hair would grow if I slept in the dark so I forgot all about the thing in the closet.

    Both books sound completely adorable, but I can not wait to get my hands on Nova for my niece. She wants to be an astronaut when she gers gets older qnd is obsessed with all things about space.


  14. Thanks for your comments on the value of feedback from contests. That was a great insight! As for fears… I’m still afraid of the dark!


  15. Congratulations on your upcoming books Lindsay! They sound great. I am looking forward to reading them.
    When I was a child I was fearful of any bugs, including bees!
    Truthfully, the fear of getting stung by a bee has stayed with me.
    Thank you for the post!


  16. Great post Ashley and Vivian! Unfortunately it was a family member that made me feel spineless growing up. I’d love to read your book and I will! I also know for sure that I do not like scary movies! But I like thriller books!!!


  17. I loved reading your backstory Lindsay! Congratulations on your success. I can honestly say I was afraid of what might be lurking under my bed. I remember doing a running leap into bed to avoid having my ankles grabbed by that invisible creature. Now I’m just afraid of what is lurking under my kids’ beds…


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