Happy Book Birthday: RANDALL AND RANDALL Plus Giveaway

I love birthdays! Especially book birthdays! Especially book birthdays of author friends! Especially book birthdays of author friends for books that I saw in the early draft stages!

HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY TO YOU, RANDALL AND RANDALL. And Happy Book Birthday to friend and author Nadine Poper, illustrator Polina Gortman, and critique buddy, author and editor of Blue Whale Press, Alayne Kay Christian!!

randall and randall

Here’s what Kirkus had to say in their STARRED review:

Young readers get a slice of science in this undersea tale about symbiosis. . . . The ingenious aquatic tale also encourages readers to realize they can find friendship even if they don’t see eye to eye with their cohorts.” —Kirkus Reviews 

And here’s a short summary from Amazon:

Randall, the pistol shrimp, is a master at excavation. Randall, the goby fish, is his skittish, yet happy-go-lucky watchman. The problem is that both have quirks that drive each other bananas until one day their relationship is driven to the breaking point. This very funny informational-fiction story about one of the sea’s naturally-existent odd couples illustrates how certain species depend upon their symbiotic relationship for survival. It also shows children how two very different beings can embrace each other’s peculiarities and become best of friends. Foreword written by Dr. John E. Randall, senior ichthyologist emeritus, Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii.

We are all wanting kids to get a better sense of our need to embrace differences, build friendships, and care for our earth and each other…this is a story that touches on all of those points…in a fun and fantastic way.

And, in celebration of the launch, I’m giving a shiny new copy of RANDALL AND RANDALL to one lucky winner. To be entered in the giveaway, please share this post on your favorite social media channel…Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…then leave a comment and let me know where you shared.

By the way, Happy October!


Today is October 1st. Is your October calendar filling up? October 5th is the all-day Picture Book Summit Online Conference…we are having a Picture Book Summit Party at my place with several kidlit friends coming over. Then, on October 9th, the #Newin19 Debut Picture Book Author/Illustrator group is participating in a Twitter #PBChat with Justin Colon at 9pm EST…I hope you’ll pop in to say hello and ask questions. On October 12, which is Universal Music Day, I’ll be over at Angie Quantrell’s blog doing a Q&A all about two musical ladies, the subjects of my upcoming book: Making Their Voices Heard: The Inspiring Friendship of Ella Fitzgerald and Marilyn Monroe. And then I fly to Chicago on October 15th for a week with family and an author visit to my granddaughter’s school.

Okay…now I am totally exhausted just writing all of that down.

But wait! There is a new writing challenge in town! Do not miss the Fall Writing Frenzy hosted by Kaitlyn Sanchez and Lydia Lukidis – October 7-11…so start writing your contest entry NOW! A maximum of 200 words, only 1 entry per person, using some incredible photo prompts you’ll find on Kaitlyn’s post – and the prizes are AMAZING…for more details, check it out here.

What’s on your calendar?

And don’t forget…to be entered in the book giveaway, please leave a comment telling where you shared this post.

35 thoughts on “Happy Book Birthday: RANDALL AND RANDALL Plus Giveaway

  1. Happy book birthday, Nadine and Polina! This book sounds amazing! Shared on Twitter, of course!

    And, Vivian, my Oct calendar just got more full because I want to follow all your events! I hope you all enter the Fall Writing Frenzy that will happen from Oct 7-11 on my blog😁

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  2. As an educator, I am always so happy to see books like this…fun AND educational! I can’t wait to read the whole thing. Way to go Nadine, Polina, and Blue Whale Press! I just shared on Facebook.

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  3. Lots going on right now! Popping in to say hello! This book reminds me so much of The Odd Couple, LOL. Instead of Felix and Oscar, we have Randall and Randall. Inspired! Have you written your writing frenzy entry yet, Vivian? I’ve got to get on that……

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