2019: A Look Back – A Look Ahead – A Book Blog Tour – And More

It’s been a banner year, for sure.
We’ve had dozens and dozens of giveaways…books, picture book critiques, and more. And today we have two more:
Last month, the lovely Katrina Moore offered a copy of ONE HUG. And the lucky winner is…
And then last week, the talented Amalia Hoffman donated a copy of DREIDEL DAY. And the lucky winner is:
I’ll be in touch with all of you ladies!
But right now, I’m going to share my look back and a look ahead:
2019 in the numbers:
3 debut picture books
6 countries visited on a round-the-world trip
1 new book deal signed
9 school visits
4 SCBWI presentations
300 stories submitted to my #50PreciousWords Writing Contest
And so much more – here’s a little gallery of photos with some of this year’s highlights:

It’s going to be a busy end of the year for me…back to back book events for friends this coming weekend with illustrator Jill Weber signing her newest book, Goodnight Bubbala, at the Peterborough Toadstool Bookstore on Saturday and then author Josh Funk signing his newest book, How To Code a Rollercoaster, at the brand-new Nashua Toadstool Bookstore on Sunday. And then on Thursday, I fly to Chicago to spend Christmas with my son and his family.
As I lift up other authors and illustrators and their new books, I’m also hopping around the blogsphere, singing out about my brand-new picture book that launches on January 28, MAKING THEIR VOICES HEARD: The Inspiring Friendship of Ella Fitzgerald and Marilyn Monroe. Here are a few places I’ll be…please stop by and say hello…there are giveaways on some of the stops – if the posts haven’t gone live yet, I’ve listed the generic link to that blogger, not the specific link for my post:
December 5: Nancy Churnin’s The Kids Are All Write: https://www.nancychurnin.com/thekidsareallwrite/am2y63y6ejw9reeplltbrhy8zpmmek
December 8: Ellie Royce’s We Are All Made of Stories (pb critique prize): https://www.ellieroyceauthor.com/post/what-s-your-story-vivian-kirkfield
December 20: Sue Heavenrich’s Sally’s Bookshelf: https://sallysbookshelf.blogspot.com/
January 2: Kathy Temean’s Writing and Illustrating:
January 10: Beth Anderson’s Mining From the Heart:
January 13: Maria Marshall’s The Picture Book Buzz:
January 17: Maria Marshall’s Perfect Picture Book Friday:
235 Daniel Webster Hway, Nashua, NH – if you are anywhere near Nashua…please join me there!
January 23: Cathy Ogren’s Humor Me:
And of course, February is Black History Month and March is Woman’s History Month – I’ll be featuring some of 2020’s best and brightest picture books from Nancy Churnin, Beth Anderson, Rita Hubbard, Fiona Halliday, Laura Renauld, Michelle Lord, Laurie Wallmark, Maria Gianferrari, Lori Degman, Christy Mihaly, and many more…right here with plenty of giveaways, craft activities for kids, and yummy treat recipes. In addition, I’ll be back in Chicago for part of January and most of February – please stay tuned for bookstore events. I’m hoping to schedule several school visits in Chicago/Chicagoland suburbs during that time – and, if you haven’t already guessed it, I don’t mind traveling to inspire young kids…HAVE BOOK: WILL TRAVEL…so, if you are a teacher or school librarian anywhere in the country and are interested in having an author visit, please check out my school visit page: https://viviankirkfield.com/school-visits/
I’m sending good wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and a Healthy New Year to all! And to everyone who stopped by to read, comment, and share my posts – and to all who have supported my books by buying them, reviewing them, and asking libraries to purchase them…A Hundred Million Thanks.
Here’s to 2020 – with you by my side…I’m ready to move forward! What are your plans for the year ahead?

35 thoughts on “2019: A Look Back – A Look Ahead – A Book Blog Tour – And More

  1. Wonderful photos, Vivian! Thanks for sharing. It was such a pleasure to meet you at NCTE. You are a inspiration! Have a wonderful holiday and we’ll be in touch in the new year. Still so excited I won a critique from you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Rose, for attending my panel session at NCTE…it was awesome to hug you in person! And I am excited to read your work and share my feedback with you…take your time…there is no deadline to send me your manuscript…and if you want to chat about which manuscript to send, you can always email me or FB message me.


  2. Seeing your memories and accomplishments of this year makes me so happy for you! Looking forward to what’s next for you and from you. Merry Christmas, safe travels, and thank you for being your own dear self. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehehe…I really don’t know where the energy comes from…but while i have it, I plan to make use of it to the fullest extent, dear Lauri! I’m wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season…and a new year that blossoms with joy and success!

      Liked by 1 person

    • It was such a blessing to connect with you in person this year, Laura…and I’m hoping to be in Denver at the end of April (fingers crossed that the Festival of Children’s Stories wants me as one of their authors) and then again in November, if I get on the program for NCTE 2020. Sending hugs and wishes for a beautiful holiday season. It was a banner year for you as well, with Aliana Reaches for the Moon…and the new grandbaby!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    • You are very kind, Jean. I’m happy I inspire people…I think that’s one of the reasons I was put here on this earth…it’s such a joy for me when I know that I helped someone believe in their dream and take action to build it into reality.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks a million, Sue, for the shout out on the Writing Nonfiction Webinar that I did for Hawaii SCBWI with editor Courtney Fahy. And that is amazing that the SCBWI Nevada website has the webinar listed…I wonder who arranged that? Even my own local New England SCBWI page doesn’t list it…maybe I should tell them about it. I am soooo thrilled you found it to be of such value, Sue!


  3. What a lovely post, Vivian. I’m so grateful and delighted that I got to share my special places and the unique culture my country has to offer with you dear friend. There is so much more to see and do and sharing it with you is so much fun so remember, there is always a room for you – down under! Love and hugs for a fabulous Christmas with your family and another awesome year in 2020.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hurzzah Huzzah for all of your wonderful news also, Maria…can’t wait for your newest, PLAY LIKE AN ANIMAL, to release in April 2020! You’ve definitely got a place on my blog. I was at the Peterborough Toadstool Bookshop yesterday and it made me think of you and the book event you had there for Hello Goodby Dog, I think. I remember you were wearing a fabulous dog print dress.


  4. What an amazing year you have had, my friend! I am so happy for you. It looks like 2020 will be equally amazing. The photos you shared are wonderful. It is such fun to see you sharing your books in these magnificent places. I am looking forward to adding my copy of MAKING THEIR VOICES HEARD: The Inspiring Friendship of Ella Fitzgerald and Marilyn Monroe to my collection of your books published in 2019!


  5. Wow, you really did have a banner year! Looking forward to Making Their Voices making its appearance! Best wishes for another banner year in 2020! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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