Book Birthday Post: SPRINGTIME Plus Special Kindle Launch

What a wonderful celebration here today! The launch of a new book by an old friend that is JUST what the doctor ordered to lift all of our spirits. Will you help me sing?




Written by Jackie Reynolds

Illustrated by Kate Parfyreva  

An absolute ‘Must Read’ for women during these trying times; this book will refresh your soul! The imaginative writing takes you into the scenes and the absolutely gorgeous watercolor illustrations are breathtaking! If you give yourself one gift right now – make it this book! You will be uplifted and your spirit renewed.

A springtime morning when seen through the eyes of a child transforms birds, flowers, and clouds into a magical circus. Grasp a childlike understanding that interlocks the challenging with the magnificent in this circus we call life. Be sure to take a moment for yourself to enjoy this inspiring story with a hot coffee, iced tea or a glass of wine.


And guess what, dear friends? TODAY, April 27, the Kindle version is only $1.99. That’s right…less than you’d pay for a Hallmark card (a lot less…the last time I went to the store to buy cards, most were $3.69 and up…up…and up!) I can’t think of a better way to uplift friends and family and thank health care professionals, first responders, and front line workers.  What a happy surprise it would be to receive such a beautifully crafted treasure.


Here is the link for the Kindle version that is on sale TODAY: Kindle eBook at a reduced price of $1.99:

I’d like to share a little of the back story of how I met Jackie Reynolds. I was taking a class that Katie Davis was teaching – how to be an author entrepreneur. Katie urged us to create a blog (I already had one). She instructed us to set up a mailing list with one of the email hosts like MailChimp, Constant Contact, or AWeber. Now, you know how most of us have phobias about one thing or another? Well, that was mine. I was just about paralzyed…and it took months for me to do it. I set it up…if you look at the sidebar on my blog, you’ll see the Positive Parental Participation logo…if you haven’t already subscribed to my email list, just go ahead and click it. You’ll receive a tip sheet with some ideas on how to deal with bullying. I sent out the first mailing…and then didn’t send another for…5 years. Oh dear…please don’t tell Katie! But finally, last week, I screwed up my courage and sent a mailing with the flyer for the #50PreciousWordsforKids International Writing Challenge…which I hope everyone will share with kids, parents, and teachers they know.

I’m happy to say that Jackie Reynolds was a much better student than I was. She has created an amazing blog:

And she even has books for young kids…here’s a few words about them from Jackie:

JACKIE: After reading the book “Springtime,” you may like to share this charming story with a young child. “The Picnic Circus: A Girl and Kitty Cat” and “The Picnic Circus: A Boy and Puppy Dog” are reading /coloring books that bring “Springtime” joy to kids ages 3-7. A book without words for kids ages 5-10, “The Circus of Life: Springtime with Bee Bee: A Book for Drawing & Coloring” has line drawings and lots of room for creative doodles and art. The large (8.5″x11″) format provides space to create imaginative “Do It Yourself Illustrations” for kids who may have enjoyed listening to, or reading Springtime.


Jackie has a request which I’m passing along, since I think the idea of purchasing several of the Kindle versions as gifts is a brilliant idea (I plan to send one to my sister, my daughter, my daughter-in-law, and a couple of kidlit friends…definitely my Writing Barn instructor, Marcie Colleen…and because in these times, we need to support each other in our efforts. So here are a few more words from Jackie:

JACKIE: I’m hoping to bring Springtime to a Best Seller List in the “Children’s Girls and Women’s Books’ category with the reduced price on Kindle (That’s about 100 Kindle sales in 24 to 48 hours). Here is that link:

jackie reynolds headshot

And also, to have fifty honest reviews posted to Amazon.

Jackie also asked if I would include the link to her illustrator who she found on fiverr…and honestly, I’m thrilled to do so because I think that woman is a very talented artist:

The book is also available as a softcover…and is the perfect size for slipping into a larger card size envelope:

I’m so glad to have been able to be part of Jackie’s Kindle launch for SPRINGTIME…and I hope you grab a Kindle copy and it brings a little Springtime into your lives, dear friends.


I hope you all have a wonderful week. Today, Monday, at 1pm Eastern time, there is a Missing Voices PB Discussion Group Facebook Chat with the author of The Gift of Ramadan, Rabiah York Lumbardi.

Be safe…be well.



3 thoughts on “Book Birthday Post: SPRINGTIME Plus Special Kindle Launch

  1. I just purchased and read the kindle edition–so beautiful. Both text and watercolor pictures are stunning. Good luck making that best-seller list, Jackie!


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