Happy Book Birthday: THE POWER OF YET Plus Giveaway

Time to sing for another beautiful book, dear friends!


Written and illustrated by Maryann Cocca-Leffler

Published by Abrams (Available in bookstores everywhere TODAY!)

Ages: 3-5

Synopsis from Amazon:

An inspiring young picture book about overcoming challenges and frustrations with the Power of Yet
“I can’t do it!”
“Can’t do it yet.”
This charming picture book tells the story of one small piglet who uses the Power of Yet to conquer frustration. While it may not be possible to perfectly flip pancakes or play the violin yet, with practice and patience and courage and grit, anything is possible!

ATTENTION: Parents, early-childhood teachers, and all who know someone that wonders when success will come…

This is the book for you! I saw early drafts because the talented author/illustrator is one of my critique buddies (yup…I know…I’m soooo lucky!). I loved it then…and I love it now! It’s the perfect book, not only for little ones, but for all of us. I truly feel it could become another classic like Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss!!! I know when I have a manuscript that keeps getting rejected, I’m wondering – isn’t it time yet for a yes? This is a powerful book of hopes and dreams and plans of what might be…and feeling secure in the knowledge that if I don’t give up, ‘yet’ will arrive in due course.

 Remember, friends, the best way to thank an author for the books you love is to buy their books if you can, review their books, tell friends about their books, and ask your local library to purchase copies for their collection.

And because author/illustrator Maryann Cocca-Leffler is so AMAZING…she is giving away a signed copy of THE POWER OF YET! Please leave a comment below (maybe you can tell us what YOU are waiting for) and also, please share on social media for extra tickets in the giveaway hat.

My book blog tour for FROM HERE TO THERE continues to unfold. Today I am over at ReFoReMo, answering questions for Kirsti Call. Yesterday I joined my agent, Essie White, to chat with Manju Howard. And tomorrow I’ll be contributing STEM activities for teachers and parents on Patricia Newman’s wonderful LitLinks blog series.

Thank you for spending your precious time with me!

44 thoughts on “Happy Book Birthday: THE POWER OF YET Plus Giveaway

  1. You’ve been so busy dear Vivian! Congratulations on all the ways you’re putting yourself out there to launch your book. And you’re so amazing how you continue to lift up other creators. That’s why you are loved and admired by many.

    Have a good night.

    And we’re also excited for The Power of Yet. Lauren loves pigs.

    XO Hanh

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  2. What a wonderful concept — and not just for kids. We can keep the power of hopes and dreams with us throughout all our live stages. So many things I want to do I haven’t YET! Love the illustrations.


  3. This looks like a picture book that I need to study 🙂 because I wrestle with making big concepts understandable for young readers. And, because I need to reach my YET, which is to polish and sell my novel. –Kim


  4. I absolutely adore this book! YET is the most important word I use as a teacher. 😊 I use it daily to encourage myself that I’m not published YET. Congratulations, Maryanne on a fabulous book and congratulations, Vivian on your new one From Here To There!


  5. What a spot on lesson for the big and small. 2020 was the year of Not Yet, and it helped me to better enjoy the journey not the destination.


  6. The illustrations are adorable and the message is one we all need to hear. Thanks for sharing this with us, Vivian! And congratulations on your book too!


  7. I have a 4 yo son and we’ve been talking about this subject a lot lately! My own not yet is I’ve never had a book published…yet!


  8. Oh, everyone needs this book! Because we are all working towards something (like publishing a picture book, building a house, practicing drawing…). Congrats, Maryann! Thanks for sharing, Vivian.


  9. So, what am I waiting for, you ask? Hmmmm…for the day I am told I can go back into my school library to teach my students in person. Hasn’t happened…YET. But it will. And this book is definitely going on my next library order!
    I will hop over to visit your blog tour stops too Vivian!


  10. Congratulations Maryann! Thank you, Vivian, for introducing us to Maryann and THE POWER OF YET! This subject matter strikes a cord with me. I can’t wait to read this story. 🙂


  11. So cute! Wish I’d thought of that concept Maryann, LOL, & I love the illustrations! This book would be perfect for my pre-k classroom! Best of luck with your launch!


  12. I love this growth mindset book and the power of YET! What a wonderful concept, Maryann, and the illustrations are adorable, too! Congratulations–I can’t wait to add this one to my library! And Vivian, I’m loving following you from here to there on your FROM HERE TO THERE blog tour! Congratulations to you as well!! ❤


  13. That’s me on the floor surrounded by puzzle pieces or is it a ripped up manuscript? I need to get this book and read it every day before I get to work on my writing. I haven’t read it yet, but I suspect the ‘yet’ changes to ‘yes’ somewhere towards the end.


  14. This book’s message is important for everyone! We all have “yets” we are trying to achieve. But I love this concept and will keep on trying like Maryann’s adorable little pig! Congratulations!
    Vivian, I shared your post on Twitter!


  15. How wise to view “yet” as a word of hope, not disappointment. This book looks like it will speak to adults as well as children. I’m eager to read it!


  16. Such a terrific lesson for all of us but especially for the little ones. There are so many things they can’t do YET, but if they’re patient they will learn how. 2020 was a not Yet year for me too. I can identify with this book also. Great book and post, Maryann. The illustrations are so cute too.


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