Hip Hip Hooray! A COVER REVEAL!!!

And it’s a book about a library – my home away from home when I was a kid!

And it’s written by one of my dear friends and panel mates from the 2019 NCTE – you know – when we were still traveling here and there, attending book festivals and conferences.

Libraries…one of the last great free resources – open to all.

And I give you:


Written by Lindsay Leslie – Illustrated by Aviel Basil – Published by Capstone Press – Launching August 1, 2021

And how lucky are we? Author Lindsay Leslie stopped by to chat and share some thoughts about the path to publication for this book!

LINDSAY: SO YOU WANT TO BUILD A LIBRARY was such a joy to write from beginning to end. From the first draft, I acted like I was a young child being asked, “If you could build a library, what would it look like and what would be in it?” I wanted to peel myself away from the adult definition of what all goes into a library and meet kids where they are and how they think. There are no limits to a child’s imagination, no restrictions, and not many pre-conceived notions. You could say the same thing about many of the books that libraries hold and care for. Those books are filled with author’s and illustrator’s unbridled imaginations, wonder, and curiosities. So why shouldn’t a child’s dream library be just as unbridled? I loved the analogy. 
My experience with Capstone Edition has been nothing short of amazing and speedy! And I am enchanted with Aviel Basil’s artwork. Children will be inspired by his visual interpretation of the story, and I bet they bust out in giggles, too. 

Thanks so much, Lindsay – it’s always good to hear about positive experiences in publishing – and I hope that everyone let’s their local libraries know about your book because many libraries encourage patron requests. And, although the book isn’t available for purchase yet, it IS available for preorder and you can mark it as ‘want to read’ on Goodreads and review it and you can tell friends and family about it!

Dear friends, I hope your week is going well. We closed submissions for #50PreciousWords on Sunday, March 7 – with a record turnout of 760 amazing stories and over 8000 supportive and positive comments! And on March 20th, we’ll be announcing the finalists. I don’t want to say winners…because I truly believe that EVERY writer who participated is a winner – doing the work of writing, revising, and submitting as they travel the path to publication. Quite a few people mentioned that the contest pushed them to try a different type of writing. Many said it was their first time submitting ANYWHERE. That makes me so happy because I know that we all have hopes and dreams and plans of what might be…and we all have a story to tell. Please find joy in telling yours.

40 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: SO YOU WANT TO BUILD A LIBRARY

  1. I love the concept of your book, Lindsay! I can’t wait to read it and discover the child’s imaginative ideas for the perfect library. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing, Vivian!


  2. Congratulations, Lindsay! As a HUGE fan of libraries (and unbridled imagination), I already know I’m going to love your new book. I marked it as “Want to Read” on Goodreads, and I also requested my library purchase NOVA, THE STAR EATER and DUSK EXPLORERS. Thanks for the post, Vivian, and for ALL you do for 50 Precious Words– 760 stories!! All I can say is WOW!


  3. What a fun idea to play with, building a library! I for one, can’t wait to roam the stacks again, pulling a wagon behind me to load up on all sorts of books! Congrats on your book launch!


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