#50PreciousWordsforKids is OPEN!

Please email all stories to me: viviankirkfield@gmail.com

WELCOME EVERYONE! This is Children’s Book Week and it’s time for the #50PreciousWordsforKids International Writing Challenge.

We all have a story to tell and all children are welcome to participate! A parent or teacher can write them down as long as the words come from the child. Entries need to be emailed to me: viviankirkfield@gmail.com. Please make sure the child’s first name, first initial of the last name, age, grade, and city/state/country are on the submission along with the title.

There are many ways to tell a story. If your child loves to illustrate, please take a picture of the illustration and email it to me as a jpeg and I will try to include any and all of the illustrations that come in.

Every child will receive a Certificate of Participation that can be downloaded, printed out, and personalized. And all of the stories will be included in my Mother’s Day blog post on May 9th.

I can’t wait to read all of those precious words!

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