Happy Book Birthday: BORN HUNGRY – Julia Child Becomes the ‘French Chef’

I got married in 1967. Anxious to impress my husband with my cooking, I began to amass a collection of cookbooks – one of the first was MASTERING THE ART OF FRENCH COOKING by Julia Child. Coq a Vin (Chicken in Wine) was one of my husband’s absolute favorites. And Quiche Lorraine was another. When I discovered that there was a brand-new picture book about the incomparable Julia, I knew I’d want to celebrate the launch! And perhaps, because she was all about the wonders of French food, we should sing Happy Birthday in French:

Bon Anniversaire to BORN HUNGRY – Julia Child Becomes the ‘French Chef’
And huge congratulations to author Alex Prud’homme (who is Julia’s great nephew) and illustrator Sarah Green and publisher Calkins Creek/Astra.

A little bit about the book from Amazon
How did Julia Child become one of America’s most celebrated and beloved chefs? Her grandnephew reveals her story in this picture book that Jacques Pepin calls a “vivid portrait . . . an enjoyable read.” Julia’s kid-friendly recipe for Oeufs Brouillés (Scrambled Eggs) is included!

Julia Child was born hungry, but she was not born a chef. In fact, Julia didn’t discover her passion for cooking until she had a life-changing luncheon in France and became determined to share her newfound love of food with everyone.

In Paris, Julia devoured recipe books, shopped in outdoor markets, consumed all kinds of foods, and whipped through culinary school. And although she wasn’t always successful in the kitchen, she was determined to “master the art” of French cooking. Through perseverance and grit, Julia became a chef who shared her passion with the world, making cooking fun, and turning every meal into a special event.

Alex Prud’homme’s firsthand knowledge paired with Sarah Green’s vibrant and energetic illustrations showcases Julia’s life and celebrates her enduring legacy.

I write a lot of nonfiction picture book bios about people who followed their dreams – I guess it’s not surprising that I love this one! I hope you will check out this inspiring story about a woman who blazed a path in an industry dominated by men.

And please don’t forget that new books need our support:
You can buy BORN HUNGRY here: Amazon Barnes & Noble Books A Million Bookshop.org
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You can ask your local library to purchase copies for their collection.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. DO NOT MISS two more special blog posts coming up – on Thursday, February 10, author/illustrator PETER SIS will be chatting about his newest picture book that recently won the Sydney Taylor Book Award, NICKY & VERA: A Quiet Hero of the Holocaust and the Children He Rescued.
And then, on Friday (a special day for me – I’ll be turning 75!), I’ll be featuring REVOLUTIONARY PRUDENCE WRIGHT, the newest in a string of incredible picture book bios from one of my dearest CPs, Beth Anderson.

For now, have a wonderful week – please stay safe and healthy.

10 thoughts on “Happy Book Birthday: BORN HUNGRY – Julia Child Becomes the ‘French Chef’

  1. Julia Child has such a fascinating life! I’m so glad kids will be able to appreciate her! This is definitely on my “to read” list!


  2. Say no more! I’ve always enjoyed “anything Julia”. The illustration on the cover sold me immediately! Congratulations to Alex Prud’homme and Sarah Green!


  3. This book looks delectable! Have to have it. And even kids are into food these days.
    Vivian, 75 is a wonderful age if one can be as active, productive, adventurous, and kind as you!
    Happy Birthday. I hope you have a fantastic celebration!


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