Happy Book Birthday: I WANT MY BOOK BACK

It’s a new month…and it’s time for a new book!


Written by Viviane Elbee – Illustrated by Nicole Miles – Published by Little Bee Books

Here’s a little bit about the book from the Amazon Sales page:

Daryl loves the dinosaur book he checked out from the library; it takes him on roaring, stomping dinosaur adventures! So Daryl is unhappy when he has to return it, and he’ll do anything to get his book back!

Daryl loves to play with his favorite library book about dinosaurs. His imagination takes him to prehistoric places, and he pretends to be a triceratops, microraptor, and even a T. rex! But Daryl does not want to share his book, so when he has to return it to the library, Daryl goes wild. Using all of his dinosaur skills, Daryl tries his best to get his book back! But when a clever librarian notices Daryl’s passion, she encourages him to share his favorite book and make some new friends along the way. This playful, silly, funny, tale about reading, books, and sharing is sure to be a hit with any child.

This is a beautiful SEL book that addresses the very difficult problem of SHARING. The text is clever and so kid-relatable! And the illustrations are perfect – what a wonderful collaboration.

Inside spread: I WANT MY BOOK BACK by Viviane Elbee, illustrated by Nicole Miles

This is definitely a book that needs to be in every classroom library for preschools and early elementary grades. Maybe one of the #50PreciousWords contest participants will chose to purchase I WANT MY BOOK BACK for the #50PreciousWords literacy initiative. And please remember that authors and illustrators need our support. Reviews on Amazon or other book sites really help – and requesting that your local library buy copies for their collection is a great idea also.

To find out more about author Viviane Elbee and her books: https://vivianeelbee.com/index.html

To find out more about illustrator Nicole Miles and connect with her: https://twitter.com/nicolemillu

Please stop by tomorrow for another book birthday celebration: Masha Munching by Amalia Hoffman…and then a Cover Reveal on Thursday for BRAINSTORM by Rebecca Levington – and then…and then…along came #50PreciousWords on Friday!

9 thoughts on “Happy Book Birthday: I WANT MY BOOK BACK

  1. Congratulations, Viviane! My 3yo loves dinosaurs right now. You can never go wrong with learning more about sharing. I look forward to reading him this one.


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