Happy Book Birthday: MASHA MUNCHING – And Happy Birthday One-Year-Old to My Monsterpiece

What a joy to see new book babies launch in the world! Today we are singing Happy Birthday to Amalia Hoffman’s newest, MASHA MUNCHING!!

Written and illustrated by Amalia Hoffman – Published by YeeHoo Press

Last year around this same time, we celebrated the book birthday of another book by Amalia in a Will Write and Illustrate for Cookies post: MY MONSTERPIECE – and that book is turning One-Year-Old today!!!

Here’s a little bit about MASHA MUNCHING from the Amazon sales page:
Award-winning author-illustrator Amalia Hoffman delivers a hilarious tale about a goat with an insatiable appetite and her journey to finding the best meal ever! Perfect for farm animal-loving readers.
Masha LOVES food. She chews and chomps, slops and slurps, and gobbles and gnaws through breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the farm. But Masha grows tired of eating the same meals every day. She decides to venture outside the farm in search of something new.
When Masha discovers The Bistro Magnifique, where waiters serve fancy meals in bow ties, Masha thinks it’s her lucky day! But at a proper restaurant, can Masha satisfy her desire for wonderful food while staying true to herself?
With colorful, intricate paper-cut art to amuse readers on every page, this timeless tale follows a young goat discovering that the best meal is the one shared with good friends.

This book is so funny…and kids need humorous books! Especially now! Wouldn’t it be awesome if a copy of this book or MY MONSTERPIECE found its way to children torn from their homes by the war in Ukraine or elsewhere. A bit of laughter brings hope – and with hope, all things are possible. I love Amalia’s unique illustration style with a combination of cut paper and mixed media. And the message of the book is also wonderful – be yourself and follow your dream!

Here’s a link to a little video Amalia did for the book: https://youtu.be/9wKzUWXoZPg

Please remember that the best way to thank an author or illustrator for a book you love is to buy a copy, review it, tell friends, and ask your local library to purchase it for their collection. Perhaps one of the participants in #50PreciousWords will order MASHA MUNCHING from The Bookery for the literacy initiative. And someone else can choose MY MONSTERPIECE.

Cover of the Chinese edition of Masha Munching

And don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered in the giveaway to win a copy of this fabulous book! Maybe you can share with us your favorite restaurant experience.

Please come back tomorrow for the Cover Reveal post for BRAINSTORM by Rebecca Levington and then…on Friday -it’s the #50PreciousWords International Writing Contest!

7 thoughts on “Happy Book Birthday: MASHA MUNCHING – And Happy Birthday One-Year-Old to My Monsterpiece

  1. The art is amazing! Kids do need silly humor and finding books like this are a real treat. My favorite restaurant experience is dining in the Seattle Space Needle at sunset.


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