Happy Mother’s Day: #50PreciousWordsforKids – Every Child is a Storyteller

WELCOME EVERYONE to this special Mother’s Day post where we celebrate our children’s stories.

Every year I invite parents and teachers to send me their children’s stories. The one important rule is that the stories need to be told in 50 words or less. This activity is such a wonderful way to encourage young people to be writing and creating and expressing their thoughts.

What a thrill to receive so many amazing stories! I loved reading all of their precious words. And what is so astonishing, is that each story is so different. Different topics. Different styles of writing. Different formats. Which just goes to prove that each of us is unique, special, one-of-a-kind – to be treasured and cherished.

All who participated are to be commended – a job well-done! Some of the stories feel like the beginning of a book to me. Please make sure you leave a comment and let the kids know how much you appreciate their efforts and enthusiasm.

Every child who wrote a story received a Certificate of Participation. And some of the kids drew illustrations. Parents and Teachers…if you see I’ve made a mistake with a name or anything, please email me and I will correct it.

Appearing in the order I received them, and with much applause and congratulations – here they are:

The Little Bee and the New Home
by Jess – age 10 – New Zealand

One day Paul the bee and his friend Steve went to collect honey. 
While they were gone a greedy bear attacked the hive. 
When Paul and Steve returned, their home was destroyed. 
The homeless bees had to teach the young ones to make a hive. And fast! 
So they did.

Squirrel Hugs
by Constantine – age 8 – third grade – Singapore

I was walking in the woods one day, when I saw a squirrel with a mouthful of nuts, climbing up an oak tree. 

I decided to join the squirrel up in the tree. First, it sniffed me then I carried it down the tree. And we hugged. 

More squirrels appeared and hopped into my pockets as if I had nuts in them but all they needed were hugs.

by Coby C – age 11 – 5th grade – Cranberry Township, PA, USA

One time, I was walking around and saw a pancake man standing outside of a store. So, I decided to go in it, and in the store was… MORE… PANCAKES!!!!!!!

I got some (obviously), so I went back to my house and ate.

Yummy yum yum!

No more pancakes. ):

by Emmalyn – age 6 – grade Senior Kindergarten – Toronto, Ontario

There was a little tiger named Cinnamon. Cinnamon wanted to be just like her mother on hunting but no matter how hard she tried, she could never be like her mother.

Her mother told her everyday and every night if you want something you have to work hard for it.

Crayon and Pencil drawing of tiger by Emmalyn

by Acadia – age 9 – grade 4 – Toronto, Ontario

Hi, my name is Daffodil and my owner is the best. Her name is Daisy. We’re at a competition. I am doing my trotting around the arena while she does her cool backflips.
The judges are going to announce the winners.
In first place we have…
Daisy and Daffodil!

Computer-drawn horse by Acadia

by Diane – age 6 – 1st grade – Municipality of Sampaloc, Quezon Province, Philippines

1st page of Diana’s amazing chapter book. She handwrote all of the chapters – only the 1st chapter was in Filipino…she wrote the rest of the book in English.

And here is Diana’s full story – I love that she was inspired to create an entire chapter book of her life after writing the first 50 words. If you want to know what the words in Filipino say, you can read Chapter One and the rest of the book right here.

A Short Tale


Chapter 1


I am Sarah Diana C. My Dad is Hector. My Mom is Louise. My parents are Filipino. That makes me a Filipino too.

I was born in Makati City. You had better greet me every October 25. That’s my birthday!

I am 6 years old. And this is a story of my life.

Chapter 2


I was a happy, sporty, friendly, and curious little girl. I was happiest when I had birthdays anywhere! I remember swimming with my new floaties mom and dad gave me for my second birthday. I recall playing with an older kid at the beach on my third birthday. On my fourth birthday, I had yummy pizza, spaghetti, chicken, and strawberry shake. And what I remember the most is having strawberry cake — MY FAVORITE — every single birthday!

I love being active. I played Pass the Ball Game and Race with my friend, Ate (title given to older females) Maxie, at daycare. I made new friends whom I slid, ran, and rolled with at different playgrounds.

When I would ask about something interesting, Mom and Dad would tell me about it. Sometimes, I even do things I am curious about. I’ve tried being an engineer building with blocks. I was a butterfly in ballet class. I was a pilot, a chef, a golfer, and a firegirl at one time or another.

I am thankful for all the fun times in the city. They made me want to be a better girl and learn more.

Chapter 3


It was always an adventure when our family went on road trips. We often went to my Dad’s hometown in Kalinga. I really looked forward to it.

The mountains there are beautiful! Hiking with my cousins up hills and to the river was exciting each time. We chased after bugs and frogs. We picked and ate fruits and vegetables.

Our Grandma Ignacia taught us about many plants and how to grow them. We also helped harvest crops. Eating them was the best part!

But all that changed when my Uncle Noel died and the pandemic hit. It was that time that a new adventure began for our family.

Chapter 4


One of the regular family road trips was to Sampaloc, Quezon. I liked going there because I got to spend time with my friend Bradley. He’s the son of Dad’s co-worker. Our families know each other well. We felt at home in Sampaloc so much that Dad decided to live there. This was about the same time my Uncle Noel in Kalinga passed away.

I felt sad because I knew Dad was sad and would find it hard to go back to Kalinga. But I was also excited because the mountains in Sampaloc are different. Living in the rainforest sounded fun too!

Chapter 5


We’ve been living in the forest of Sampaloc for three years now. I’ve learned a lot here. Living in harmony with the family and the community and being helpful are important. I heed guidance from my parents and the government. I take care of myself and the environment.

I still have a lot to learn so I can show my love for God, my family, the community, and my country the Philippines. But I’m not worried. After all, I’m still a kid.

by Eyal – age 10 – 5th grade – Newton MA

There was a boy who was going to bed. 

He couldn’t go to sleep because of his closet! 

He was scared that there was a monster! 

And then he had a plan. 

First, he checked for anything in the closet.

Then, he closed the door… 

and then he fell asleep.

Selfish Squirrel
by Yeira – age 10 – Grade 4 – Cebu City, Philippines

A squirrel wanted nuts for himself
So he climbed the tree without help
He was focused on the goal
That he never saw the hole
He can almost smell the shell
But then he suddenly fell
The squirrel landed in dismay
Selfish he can’t be, at least not today

by Leah V. – age 7 – 2nd grade – Reading, Pennsylvania USA

Once there was a puppy with a dot. 
But she didn’t like her dot.
One day, she had an idea.
She tried to pull it off.
She tried hitting it. 
She asked Bee to sting it.
Bee said, “It’s there for a reason.”
Then, the puppy started liking her dot.

And here is Leah’s handwritten story with a fabulous illustration!

By William A. – age 9 – 4th grade – Mukilteo, Washington USA     

The blistering sun, 
some shall think, 
is only a ball of “Misery and heat” 
but the more you look 
you see 
it helps the world 
like a ball of kindness,
prosperity and wealth 
and that I can say, 
is beautiful like 
the sea glass 
or grass 
or me, 
and you!

Saving Our Woods
by Lilly & Marissa – both age 10 – grade 4 – Orland Hills, IL

Lizzy was reading in her bed.
Then she feel asleep, but the story didn’t stop, she kept dreaming.
She saw that a bear was in a trap!
She helped her out and then the bear told her
“People are trashing our woods”.
You could change that.
Everybody can make differences.

A True Hero
by Matthew C – age 10 – grade 4 – Orland Hills, IL

On February 22, 1732, George Washington was
born. Later did we all know he would be a hero.
George Washington fought in the Revolutionary War.
He helped America get its own land. He helped write
the constitution and was our first president. George
Washington was really a hero.

First Day of School
by Zach Marth – age 10 – grade 4 – Orland Hills, IL

One day a kid named Bob loved his school.
But his dad was having a hard time with work, so they had to move.
Bob was mad he had to move. He would have to change schools, so he did.
He loved his new school, and so his friends.

Rocky and Ruffs and the End of Covid 19
by Simon and Ethan – both age 10 – grade 4 – Orland Hills, IL

Once upon a time there were 2 Dogs named Rocky and Ruffs.
They knew about Covid 19.
Their plan was to stop Covid 19 for life.
Rocky and Ruffs met in their tree house and talked for a while.
They made an antidote and stopped the infection for good.

Escape From the Jungle Monster
by Abigail and Isabel – age 10 – grade 4 – Orland Hills, IL

I’m running into the jungle trying to escape the monster
racing after me.
Even though I am exhausted, I can’t stop to catch my breath.
I don’t know why, but I stopped anyway.
I found out that the thing that was chasing me was…

a big, Hairy puppy!

The Dragon Face-Off
by Kyle – age 10 – grade 4 – Orland Hills, IL

An ice dragon named Protector, who’s job was to protect the dragon island from
other dragons, fought against a fire dragon named Destroyer.
The two fought hard with their ice and fire powers.
Finally, the battle ended with a tie.
The other dragons watched in despair as they both fell.

The Story of Animal Friendship and Love.
Emilia S. – Age 10 – Grade 4 – Berne, Switzerland

In the jungle, A girl found a tiger.
Baby tiger was injured lying alone.
Girl took the tiger to the vet.
She washed and fed him.
The tiger grew up in a girl’s garden.
They played together and loved each other.
The girl died but the tiger never forgot her.

Little Zebra’s Adventurous Day
Anna D. – Age 9 – Grade 4 – Berne, Switzerland

Little Zebra waking shaking in the morning sun.
Little Zebra eating dining having lots of fun.
Little Zebra racing chasing with his biggest friend.
Little Zebra dipping slipping in the pool‘s deep end.
Little Zebra freezing sneezing ́cause he‘s still so small.
Little Zebra sleeping dreaming not scared at all.

The Girl and the Wolf
Maja L. – Age 10 – Grade 4 – Berne, Switzerland

Once upon a time there was a girl and she was walking in
the forest.
When she was looking around she saw a small
wolf. It looked very hungry.
So she took the wolf to the wolf center.
She visited the wolf every month and soon the wolf loved her.

by Matthew – age 10 – 4th grade – Washington, DC, USA

Plain white egg.
Growing chick inside.
Every day watching, waiting.
Suddenly, egg gets a pip. 
Chick starts cheeping inside the egg.
Small beak pecks at its prison. 
The crack goes all around the egg. 
The chick stretches and POP! 
The egg cracks in half. 
The chick has hatched! 

by Ann – age 8 – 2nd grade – Washington, DC, USA

I want to get a fish. 
But I have to wait 
To go to the store. 
Finally, it is the day. 
I happily walk into the store. 
I see rows of fish in containers.
I pick a blue fish and I buy it. 
I take it home.
I am happy.

by Iana – age 10 – Grade 5 – Laoag City, Philippines

Once upon a time, there was a brave girl who fell in love with a prince.  
One day, she went to his palace and then suddenly the sky went dark.
A scary dragon appeared, and it almost ate the prince.
The girl attacked the dragon, and the prince was safe.   

Jules Goes Mining
by Baia S. – Age 9 – 3rd Grade – Lynbrook, NY, USA

Once there was a girl named Jules. 
She was rich and had a bunch of jewels. 
She lived in The Jewel Kingdom. 
One day, her parents asked her to go mining for jewels with them.
Jules was mining and she found 40 baskets!
She was so, so happy!

One Toddler’s Day
by Zoe – age 11 – grade 5 – West Bend, WI, USA

3:30am – “Wake up, I want cheerios!”

6:00am- “Don’t vacuum my cheerios!”

8:00am- “Oh, my siblings are awake.”

12:15pm “Mom, I want my 5th snack!”

2:00pm- “Mom, I want more cheerios!”

5:00pm- “Food tie-dye!”

5:30pm- “Yay! I get a bath!”

7:30pm- “I don’t want to go to bed!”

11:59pm- “Cheerios?”

Rainy Day Baking
by Alia – age 13 – grade 7 – West Bend, WI, USA

Come on guys, time to bake a cake!


First one burns.

Second one cracks.

Third one’s flat.

We’re getting kind of tired.

Fourth one’s in the oven… ack! We forgot the egg!

Fifth one’s perfect, but there’s no sugar left for frosting.

Ah, well. It tastes good anyway!

The Kitty’s Lessons
by Olivia M – age 7 – 1st Grade – San Antonio, TX, USA

by Dylan M – age 9 – 3rd Grade – San Antonio, TX, USA

Mother’s Day for Mummy Wolf
by Marina I. – Age 8 – Grade 3 – Leoben, Austria

Harry the Wolf went to buy a Mother’s Day present for his Mummy. He looked and looked. At last he found a beautiful statue of a wolf. When he got home he made it look like his Mummy. The next day he gave it to her. She was really happy.

Illustration by Marina I.

The Dinosaur Who Didn’t Behave
by Robert I. – age 6 – Grade 1 – Leoben, Austria

A dinosaur went into town, bought some perfume and ate some people. Then he ate the whole world. He wanted to go home, but he couldn’t because he’d eaten the whole planet, even the hot middle bit. So he flew up, up, up into space and he was gone.

Illustration by Robert I.

The Two Bears
by Noah C – age 9 – Grade 3 – San Francisco, California, USA

One day there was a polar bear who moved to the U.S. But nobody could understand him so he had to adapt.
He spied on people for days and days and eventually he learned English.
He found a black bear as his friend. They went everywhere together.

by Vera & Olivia – Both age 9 – Grade 3 – San Francisco, CA, USA

Once there were two little girls.
They were chatting so much. They liked talking.
But one day everything changed.
They were supposed to meet.
May discovered that Mari was gone and then by the lake she saw a door…
AND MAY. WAS. GONE! May went to a new whole world.

Hide and Seek
by Alex C – age 8 – Grade 3 – San Francisco, California, USA

I’ve counted to 30 .Now it’s time to find my sister. I know I probably won’t find her but it’s
worth a shot. I check all the good hiding spots. She’s not there. I checked everywhere. Nothing.
Finally I turned around fast and there was my sister behind me.

The Lonely Fish
by Martin M – Age 8 – Grade 3 – San Francisco, California, USA

Once upon a time in a lake lived a fish.
Once he got depressed because he could not make friends.
So he thought to move away to a far place.
But he felt so lonely that he went back home.
Then he made lots of friends because he was nice.

by Stella H – age 8 – Grade 3 – San Francisco, California, USA
and Emely H – age 9 – Grade 3 – San Francisco, California, USA

Heather and Jade were playing Monopoly and George did not want to play.
So he wandered out of the house to the haunted forest.
He saw candy and hot wheels that led into a forest to an old lady who was a witch.
The witch gruesomely turned him to dust.

by Luca T – age 9 – Grade 3 – San Francisco, California, USA

Zygarde was wandering around in his core form
when a butterfree attacked woosh zygarde turned
into his 10 percent form it countered butterfree’s
attack.Then tornadus attacked BAMM 50 percent
transformation countered just like butterfree.Next
volcanion attacked finally complete transformation
zygarde wins.

by Addison P. – Age 11 – Grade 5 – Sand Springs, Oklahoma, USA

My mother loves me, this I know,
But she has no time to show me so.
I fuss and I whine, almost all the time,
But she tells me, “Be quiet, like a mime.”
Then one day, her work is done.
It’s cuddle time, let’s have some fun!

Illustration for My Mother Loves Me by Addison P

by Avery F – Age 9 – Grade 3 – Sand Springs, Oklahoma, USA

I love summer, oh yes I do,
and I know this to be true.
With the water and the leaves,
And the big green trees,
And the caterpillars eating the leaves.
That is why I love summer.

by Regan F – Age 7 – Grade 2 – Sand Springs, Oklahoma, USA

Fall is near.
Leaves are changing.
Birds are chirping.
Squirrels are chattering.
Kids are playing – collecting leaves.
Leaves are falling.
Birds are flying.
Squirrels are gathering.
Kids are playing – jumping in leaves.
Fall is here.

The Adventure in the Meadows 
by Ember – age 5 – Grade Prep – Queensland, Australia

Duck and Stinkbug were friends. They were hunting.
Fox and Wolf were hunting. 
“You look good to eat”.
Duck flew.
Fox pounced.
Wolf chased.
Stinkbug spun and smiled. 
They all ran. Except Stinkbug.

A Little Fat Pittie
by Noelle R – age 11 – Grade 5 – Washington, D.C. USA

A little fat pittie yanked her leash.
“Oh, PG, go say hi to your fan club,” said her mom, dropping her leash.
PG galloped towards me, and, upon her arrival, jumped up, and drenched me with slobbery kisses.
This is just your average encounter with PG, the little fat pittie.

by Ralphie S. – Age 8 – 3rd grade – Lake Placid, Florida, USA

One day at IAD labs . . . a stray dog slipped inside through the back alley door.
Crack! Splash! 
An experiment spilled on him. 
He turned into something great . . .
Something amazing . . .  
He transformed into . . .

Ninja Dog! 

He whooshed off to stop villains from destroying Super City. 

Graphic Novel by Ralphie S.

All the Shapes
by LJ – Age 10 – Grade 4 – Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

I look up at the sky and I see a cloud. 
Every time the wind blows, another shape it takes. 
I hear my sister call, it’s time to eat. 
Before I go inside, I take another look. 
The cloud is shaped as a heart, 
it fills my heart with joy. 

All About Hermione
by Hermiony B – age 9 – Grade 3 – Chicago, IL


Lily and Ciana
by Lauren B – age 12 – Grade 6 – Fairfax, Virginia, USA

By the sea, was a girl named Ciana.
She was lonely.
Every day she came to the shore,  wanting a friend.
She found a lovely koi fish, Lily.
In the sparkling waters, the two swam and played.
Lily swam away one day, adventuring bravely.
Ciana smiled, knowing she was free.

The Mother’s Day Dragon
by Zoe – age 7 – Denver, Colorado, USA

Once upon a time there was a dragon. But, everyone was scared of him. One day somebody brave and strong came to fight the dragon. Then the dragon said, I don’t want to hurt you, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.
Then they became friends.

I hope you all enjoyed these amazing stories! Thank you to all of the teachers and parents who supported their children in participating in #50PreciousWordsforKids. And thank you to all of the children who shared their precious words with us.

12 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day: #50PreciousWordsforKids – Every Child is a Storyteller

  1. Wonderful stories, kids! I enjoyed reading them! I can see you worked very hard. And I love all the art work too! Keep writing, creating art, dreaming, and inspiring others!
    Well done!

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  2. These stories are wonderful glimpses into the lives of those for whom we write our picture book stories! Thank-you so much to the children who wrote them and to you for making it possible to share them with us. Especially on Mother’s Day!!!!

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