Happy Book Birthday: WHAT’S IN TULI’S BOX? Plus Giveaway

Yes, indeed! It’s time to sing Happy Birthday to another new book!

Written and illustrated by Ann Koffsky – Published by Apples and Honey Press

That’s a super-inviting cover, for sure.

And here’s a little bit about the book from the Amazon sales page:

What is this?

It is LIGHT. It is EMPTY.

Silly Tuli! It is not a toy. It is a tzedakah box.

Clink clink clink clink

Now it is HEAVY. It is full of coins.

Would you like to try?

A kitten learns opposites such as light and heavy, empty and full while also finding out about helping others through the Jewish concept of giving tzedakah.

I love that the concepts of charity and kindness to others are prominent in this book for VERY little children. And adding the layer of teaching opposites was genius!

Author/illustrator Ann Koffsky worked her magic in this book…and she kept the word count SUPER LOW which is very appealing to the wee ones.

You’ll find the book on shelves TODAY!

And please remember that authors and illustrators depend on us to buy their books, review their books, tell friends about their books, and ask our local library to purchase copies for their collection.

Don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered in the giveaway of a copy of WHAT’S IN TULI’S BOX. Maybe you can tell us a childhood incident you remember of giving to others. I remember collecting pennies instead of candy at Halloween one year – and putting the pennies in a little box marked UNICEF…I knew the money was going to help young children in other parts of the world who weren’t as lucky as me. And one year we each had to fill up a shoebox with new boxes of crayons and pencils and other school-type items that were going to be sent to children in need. It was a wonderful feeling to know that I was helping.

15 thoughts on “Happy Book Birthday: WHAT’S IN TULI’S BOX? Plus Giveaway

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  2. Such a cute book. I’m sure my kids would live it. The illustration is really well done for the age group.
    I remember the heavy box of coins taken to the organisation to be emptied and shaking the newly emtpy box, wondering how long it will take to refill.

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