Cover Reveal: TOO MUCH! An Overwhelming Day

Ready! Set! Go!!!!!

It’s a COVER REVEAL!!!!!

WOWOWOW!!! What a fabulous cover! And I don’t know about you, but I feel like this sometimes. There is just so much going on…the world seems to be TOO noisy, TOO confusing, TOO distracting, TOO…


TOO MUCH! An Overwhelming Day by Jolene Gutierrez, illustrated by Angel Chang, and published by Abrams Appleseed is launching August 1st!
Here’s a little bit about the book from the publisher’s website:

When feelings go on overload,
I pause and breathe
and all is . . . slowed.

Sometimes everything is too much! Too loud, too bright, and all too overwhelming. Writing from her own experience with sensory processing disorder, Jolene Gutiérrez’s compassionate picture book explores the struggles of a sensorily sensitive child and how they settle themselves. Joined by Angel Chang’s beautiful illustrations, young readers will learn that it’s OK if some days are too much. An extensive author’s note to caregivers and educators explores sensory systems, sensory processing issues, and specific information about how to support kids with overstimulated nervous systems as they learn to soothe themselves.

This is a really important book…kids are surrounded by too much sensory stimulation these days – with TVs blaring, iPhones and iPads constantly flashing images and sending notifications, traffic noise, and more. And some kids are more sensitive to all of this. I’m so glad that author Gutierrez is sensitive to this situation – her book will help many children feel seen and heard.

Here’s a little bit about this wonderful author:

Jolene Gutiérrez was inspired to write Too Much! An Overwhelming Day because of her experiences with sensory sensitivities. Loud noises, bright lights, certain food textures, and itchy clothes all bother her. She didn’t immediately understand the things that overwhelmed her own children because some of their struggles looked different from hers, so Jolene hopes this book will help caregivers and educators recognize and support sensory processing challenges.

Jolene is an award-winning teacher-librarian and has been working with diverse learners since 1995. She’s a contributor to If This Puddle Could Talk (2024) and the author of The Ofrenda That We Built (2024), Too Much! (2023), the Stars of Latin Pop series (2021), Bionic Beasts: Saving Animal Lives with Artificial Flippers, Legs, and Beaks (2020), and Mac and Cheese and the Personal Space Invader (2020).

Learn more about Jolene and her books at, on Twitter:, and Instagram:

And here is a little bit about illustrator Angel:

Angel Chang is an illustrator from Taiwan. With a unique way of using color and composition, Angel’s artwork radiates her wild range of emotions and sophisticated observation. Too Much! is Angel’s fourth illustrated book. You can learn more about her artwork and books at, on Twitter:, and Instagram:

Early reviews are important for a book’s success…please put it on your ‘want to read’ shelf and review it on Goodreads.
And pre-orders are helpful, too:
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I hope everyone’s week is going well…mine has been SUPER BUSY…on Tuesday night, my daughter called me into the kitchen to show me something she brought home as an early birthday present for me…
and my son, Peter, popped out from behind the door! He’d just flown in from Chicago…and is staying through the weekend to help celebrate my birthday. They have big plans – Friday night they are taking me to a Fab Four performance at a venue in Massachusetts. And Saturday, my nieces and their families will come to join the party! I’m a lucky lady, for sure! Hopefully it won’t be…TOO MUCH!

66 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: TOO MUCH! An Overwhelming Day

  1. What an important topic to write about! Thank you for making this book a reality, the cover is beautiful. Can’t wait to read this. Happy Birthday and enjoy time with your family. ❤

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  2. HAPPY Book Cover Reveal B-Day, Jolene and Angel! WHAT an IMPORTANT book that will help SO MANY kids! That cover says it ALL! And HAPPY B-day, Vivian, and MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY!!! I HOPE it’s a TRULY SPECIAL day for a TRULY SPECIAL lady!

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  3. As a SAHM homeschooling mom I feel like I can relate to your MC. And kids definitely need this type of book. Congratulations, Jolene! I hope it reaches many readers. I just put in a request at my local library.

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