Board Book Saturday: BUTTERFLIES SOAR Plus Giveaway From Me & Promotional Discount From the Publisher

It’s another Board Book Saturday! Last week I mentioned how important board books are in developing literacy skills of little ones including helping young children learn how to use a book. They are constructed so that babies and toddlers with limited fine motor skills can hold them easily and turn the pages, something most cannot do with the pages of a traditional picture book. And the sweetly rounded corners of board book pages are very kid-friendly.

Something else that is very kid-friendly are the two new board books in the Amicus Little Nature Explorers series written by one of my dearest kid-lit friends, Amber Hendricks and illustrated by Gavin Scott. And as we are just coming off of another sensationally successful #50PreciousWords with 756 fabulous entries, I thought it would be perfect to feature Amber’s board books because they started out as contest entries several years ago.

This book only has 23 words! With only 2 or 3 or 4 words on a page, the young child is focusing on the glorious pictures – colorful images with just enough going on to capture a little one’s attention…and imagination.
And the companion book, WILDFLOWERS GROW, is equally perfect.

And luckily, there are two other books in this Little Nature Explorers series by Amber,

Writers, are you inspired to try your hand at creating a board book?
Parents, are you excited to share these lovely books with your little ones?
Early childhood educators, are these books in your classroom reading corner?

Well, to help you acquire some of these board books, here is a SPECIAL OFFER from the publisher just for my loyal blog followersIf you’d like to purchase ANY board books from Amicus Ink, please go to their website:
and you’ll be directed to a page where you can use code Board25 at checkout to receive 25% off your order of board books – any titles and any quantity. Dear friends, think baby gifts and holiday gifts and birthday gifts…the offer is valid for a limited time only.

And if you leave a comment and tell us which of Amber’s board books is your favorite, I’ll send one lucky person that book! Sharing the post on social media gets you extra tickets in the giveaway hat.

Please stop by next week for Cover Reveals and Perfect Picture Book Friday and Will Write for Cookies posts that feature more new books launching. The prize distribution for #50PreciousWords is moving along…so many amazing opportunities for writers. And guess what? I had a school visit at Mont Vernon Village School earlier this week and I shared the flyer for the #50PreciousWordsforKids Challenge that happens during Children’s Book Week, May 2-6. And one young girl got home from school and wrote her story!!! And her mother texted it to me because her daughter was so excited to enter the challenge! THAT is the level of enthusiasm we need to foster with students, right?

32 thoughts on “Board Book Saturday: BUTTERFLIES SOAR Plus Giveaway From Me & Promotional Discount From the Publisher

  1. These are lovely! So beautiful and so important! I think Wildflowers Grow would be my favorite in the spring because I cannot wait for the flowers to pop up! Congrats, Amber and Gavin!


  2. AMBER & GAVIN: Your books are SUCH LOVELY windows into the wider and WILDER world for little ones to experience. I LOVE “Autumn Leaves Fall” and “Forest Friends Sleep,” as they convey a COZY-UP story to COZY-UP to!
    VIVIAN: I LOVE your story about the little girl who COULDN’T WAIT to write her story for #50PreciousWordsforKids Challenge! SO SWEET! I ALWAYS LOOK FORWARD to reading the kids’ stories the most, as they TRULY come from their hearts.

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