Cover Reveals for upcoming picture books are so special. It’s like going to a museum and getting a peek at a new piece of art. Covers of picture books ARE works of art…and just look at this one for AN OFRENDA FOR PERRO!

WOW! I love the BOLD VIBRANT COLORS that Carlos Velez Aguilera used to help bring to life this amazing story by Judith Valdes B. Kudos to Little Bee Books for acquiring this wonderful manuscript by Judith, bringing on Carlos to illustrate, and making this into such a beautiful book! I can’t wait to add it to my bookshelves!

Here’s a little bit about the book from the Amazon sales page:
Losing a pet is hard, but this picture book told through a Day of the Dead celebration will show readers that the love they have for their beloved companion will always remain.

Benito loves Perro. But when Perro passes away, Benito is heartbroken. During the Day of the Dead celebration, he tries to understand the meaning of the flores de cempasuchil, candles, pan de muertos, photographs, and sharing memories of departed loved ones. By creating his own special altar for Perro, he realizes that his love for his beloved companion, and the happiness Perro gave him, will always remain.

Told with honesty and hope, this heartfelt book is the perfect story for any child coping with loss, and for those who celebrate-or want to l more about–Día de los Muertos.

I’m excited about this book because I think it will bring comfort to many children out there who have lost a pet.

And when new books come out, it’s always nice to learn a little bit about the author and the illustrator:
Judith Valdés B is a Mexican-American writer and illustrator who holds degrees in Illustration (BFA), Business Administration (BA), and International Affairs (MA). She is a Children’s Book Academy graduate, as well as a student at the Institute of Children’s Literature. Born in Sinaloa, Mexico, she has lived in five countries across three continents and currently lives in Bangkok, Thailand with her husband and their three children. Find out more about Judith at

Carlos Vélez Aguilera is an illustrator based in Mexico City, Mexico. He graduated from the National School of Plastic Arts and has illustrated more than twenty children’s books including his graphic novel Salón Destino.

The book launches September 5th, but it is available right now for pre-order on

Life had definitely been busy…since we announced the Winners and Honorable Mentions for #50PreciousWords, my email has been flooded – and the Twitter post with the announcement received almost 100,000 impressions…does that mean that 100,000 people looked at it? Incredible! I’m having so much fun connecting the winners and the prize donors…I feel like a Fairy Godmother.

Please stop by tomorrow for another wonderful cover reveal: BABO: A Tale of Armenian Rug-Washing Day by Astrid Kamalyan.

32 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: AN OFRENDA FOR PERRO

  1. AN OFRENDA FOR PERRO looks and sounds amazing! I can’t wait to read it! Congratulations to Judith & Carlos!!

    And I have to give you a shout-out too, Vivian. I’m catching up on some of your posts and I’m amazed with all you do on this blog for the children’s book world.


  2. Oh my goodness! This cover is gorgeous! I’m so impressed with the colors and the beautiful arrangement of the offrenda! My years teaching at a school with a population of families that were predominantly from Mexico makes this a familiar way to honor lost family members. Judith, this book is such a wonderful way to honor the loss of a beloved pet. I cannot wait to have my own copy of AN OFFRENDA FOR PERRO!
    Vivian, I don’t know how you do it, after all the work on #50PreciousWords you’re still posting and posting! I wish I had your energy!


    • Laura, thank you!

      Carlos Vélez did amazing work in bringing the colors of the Mexican celebration to the story. Día de Muertos is such a special tradition in Mexican culture… in a way, a reminder of the temporality of life and in another way, the permanence of our existence. Complicated to understand, but beautiful.

      Vivian is a superwoman. She recharges in helping others.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The cover is gorgeous! I love the bright colours and photo of the adorable dog. Congratulations Judith and Carlos! This sounds like an important book to help children learn to honour those they have lost.


    • I am sorry for their loss. Pets become family and they lives are too short, no matter how long they live. I truly believe my pets helped me to be a better person.


  4. Congratulations Judith and Carlos! Your topic and vibrant, heartfelt illustrations grabbed me. Loss of pets is hard on children and adults. I look forward to reading your book.


  5. AN OFRENDA FOR PERRO is gorgeous! I’m so excited to read and share this book–congratulations, Judith and Carlos, and Vivian, thank you for always taking the time to support the kidlit community! ❤


  6. Book cover for An Ofrenda For Perro looks stunning! Congratulations to you and Carlos! Can’t wait for the book!!

    Vivian, thank you for holding space for authors of all walks of life! You are an amazing resource for children’s literature! I was lucky and grateful to participate in your #50PreciousWords Contest for the first time this year and look forward to next time! Mari


    • Thank you, Julianne! My hope is that the book will help them change the sadness for the joy of the pets be part of the children’s lives. Pets’s lives are too short.

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  7. Your book is beautiful, Judith and Carlos! Such an important topic to share with the world – even adults struggle with the meaning of death and your book delivers hope.


  8. Thank you, Liz! It is true. I was so confused when someone close in my family passed away. Even years later, I find myself thinking that when I go back to my village, I will see him. Only to realize a second later, that he wont be there in person.


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