#50PRECIOUSWORDS 2021 is Officially OPEN!

Art by Vicky Fang

WELCOME TO ALL! Whether you have participated in previous years or you are just dipping your toes in for the first time – whether you are a pre-published author or you have multiple books out there already – I am so very glad you are here!

The #50PreciousWords 2021 International Writing Contest is OVER and the 51 finalists will be announced March 31. If you have trouble accessing the entries, you are not alone. We had so many comments (over 10,000), I think we broke WordPress, but the tech gurus are at work trying to resolve the issue. Thank you so much for your patience.

Congratulations to all who participated! We had a record 763 entries! The linky list is complete. You can find your story or a particular story by scrolling down and clicking on the link. PLEASE NOTE: THE LINKY LIST IS NOT WORKING RIGHT NOW. But you can read many of the entries by scrolling through.

I hope you will visit many of the stories.- getting positive comments is a great validation for writers – and reading other stories is a wonderful learning tool for all of us!

I’ll be reading all of these amazing stories…and so will my assistant judges. There are going to be some very difficult decisions to make…so many of the stories are top-notch – several feel like they should be on shelves already! But right now, please celebrate your courage and hard work! YOU DID IT! And, if you didn’t participate this year with a story, I hope you will next year! Because we all have a story to tell – and I’d love to read your precious words.

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