Follow-Me-Fridays: Where’s Miss Vivian?

Group of children in a primary school in Paris

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St. Patrick’s Day was yesterday…and the luck of the Irish was definitely with me. 

I had the most wonderful day!

Early morning found me at Taylor School again, visiting with the kindergarten children in back-to-back story presentations.

We read Cornelius P. Mud, Are You Ready For Bed?

When I walked into the first kindergarten room, I did a double-take!  The children were dressed in pajamas!  At first, I thought that the teacher had requested this because the picture book story is about a little pig who is getting ready for bed…and putting on his pajamas is one of his tasks.

It turns out that Thursday was Pancakes and Pajamas Day…and all of the kindergarten children were dressed in their favorite PJ’s.  Some even had robes and slippers…I was definitely jealous…they looked so comfy.

So it was really the perfect setting to read a story about getting ready for bed…and the children did not disappoint…they were eager to discuss the story and knew right away how silly Cornelius was when he fed the gold fish his chocolate chip cookies. 🙂

After reading and discussing the story, the children were ready to move to their tables to construct a No Tick-Tock Clock with movable hands.  I was impressed with their ability to write all of the numbers of the construction paper clock face and I know they will enjoy taking the clocks home and using them to help them get to bed “on-time”.

The second presentation differed a little because we ran out of time and were not able to do the craft project.  The teacher found a wonderful alternative…she handed out small resin-board clocks to groups of three students each…and then drew a digital clock on the board.  Each child had an opportunity to read the digital time and then use the  numeral clock with movable hands to show the correct time.

Telling time is an important skill for young children to learn…and especially today, with digital clocks in most places, parents and teachers need to make sure that children know how to tell time “the old-fashioned” way.

Leaving Taylor School, I headed over to Columbia School, where I had an appointment to be interviewed by two students who had a job shadow assignment.  As each of them aspires to be an author, they wanted to talk to someone who had published a book so that they could find out what was involved.  I had brought the rough drafts of my SHOW ME HOW! book and also the original mock-up of one of the picture books I’ve written.  That mock-up was written over 30 years ago…so it was interesting for them to see it and then to see the finished product with illustrations by my talented daughter-in-law.

The 4th-graders had LOTS of questions…when did I know I wanted to be a writer…and what inspired me to write?  What do I do in a normal day and do I use paper and pen or the computer?  How did I contact a publisher?  Does the author hire the illustrator or does the publisher handle that. 

My advice to them was to follow their dream and never give up.  It takes a lot of patience and hard work and perseverance to succeed at ANYTHING…and writing is no different.  I encouraged them to have confidence in themselves and in what they hope to accomplish.

SHOW ME HOW! BUILD YOUR CHILD’S SELF-ESTEEM THROUGH READING, CRAFTING AND COOKING is all about instilling a sense of competence and confidence in your young children.  Children with a positive self-image are more likely to take on new tasks and accept new challenges.  Isn’t that what we want for our children?

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