15 Minutes a Day: Do You Care Enough?

Unidentified Mother & Child

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When I was young, I wanted to become a teacher.

I believed I could help children step confidently onto the path to a successful and happy life. 

I cared enough about reaching that goal to study hard in school so that I could graduate and then pass the licensing exam.

As a kindergarten teacher, I cared enough about my pupils to spend many hours after school, choosing the best books to read to them and creating projects for them to work on.

As a parent, I cared enough about my own children to listen when they had something to say and to talk when they needed to hear me.

As a daycare provider, I cared enough about the children in my group to devise a program that provided a balanced and harmonious day of indoor and outdoor activities.

As an author, I cared enough about the future of today’s children to write a book that provides a winning combination of picture book story recommendations, simple craft projects and easy cooking activities that work together to build a positive self-image, develop pre-literacy skills and create a life-long parent-child bond.

That book is now available!

You can grab a copy at half-price on my website!

The question is…DO YOU CARE ENOUGH?

I care enough about the future of today’s children to offer parents and teachers a ONE YEAR MONEY-BACK guarantee!

Buy a copy of the book and use it for 15 minutes a day for a whole year.

If, after using it for a year, you don’t feel it:

  • Helped build your child’s self-esteem
  • Developed your child’s pre-literacy skills
  • Created a positive bond between you and your child

Please return it to me for a FULL REFUND!

Do you care enough about the future of your child?

I know that being a parent can often be overwhelming.

There are bills to pay, laundry to do and dishes to wash.

Many of you have jobs outside the home as well.

Parents today practice a juggling act…trying to balance so many things.

But your responsibility to your children has top priority.

Do you care enough about the future of your child?

Buy a copy of the book and use it for 15 minutes a day.

The schools and society are often blamed when children are led astray.

But we, as parents, are the first influencers of our children.

We, as parents, are their original mentors.

Do you care enough about the future of your child to get a copy of the book and use it for 15 minutes a day?

Read one of the suggested stories and talk about it with your child…that takes only 15 minutes.


Get some construction paper, glue, scissors, an old magazine and some crayons and make one of the simple craft projects…that takes only 15 minutes.

Let your child help you prepare one of the easy healthful recipes…that takes only 15 minutes.

How important is your child to you?

Important enough to invest 15 minutes a day?

Here is a chance for you to help your child grow up to be successful in life…a person with a positive self-image.

But you have to be willing to invest the time.

Just 15 minutes a day

Use the book and see noticeable results.

But the key is in using the book.

Many products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

I care enough about YOUR child to give you a 365-day money-back guarantee.

Do YOU care enough to give it a try?

Please stop by tomorrow…I’ll be sharing some of the comments from parents, educators, self-esteem experts and picture book authors who have already read the book.


7 thoughts on “15 Minutes a Day: Do You Care Enough?

  1. I love the forthright approach of this post… Of course we care about our children; some more than others and I agree that there is much to be learned in 15 minutes of daily instruction… I’m going to encourage friends with younger children to take a look…


  2. Wonderful offer, Vivian.

    At the moment, all of my friends are past the child rearing stage . . . and their children are not yet at the parenting stage.

    It sounds like a terrific book with just the right focus!


    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Nancy.
      It is really frustrating for me sometimes…I know the book belongs in the home of every parent who has a preschooler (and daycare providers and preschool teachers and grandparents)…but something has been stopping people from buying the book online. My daughter pays a babysitter $10 an hour when she and her husband go to the movies…adding a couple of hours of babysitting fees and the cost of a movie probably comes to $50 at a minimum which many parents pay to have a night out So I don’t think it is the $22.50 that prevents parents from clicking and buying the book. I’d hate to think that they just don’t want to spend the time doing the activities with their children. 😦 So, perhaps it overwhelms them when they think of the 100 craft projects and 100 cooking activities that match up with the 100 story summaries. (Maybe I should have written a book with just a dozen suggestions) That’s why I’m emphasizing the 15 minutes a day now….maybe that will be less intimidating. 🙂
      You know I will appreciate any mention of the book to your circle. 🙂


    • Maybe people need to flip through a copy?

      In Sarasota, they have a Book Fair with a focus on Children’s Books. Lots of families show up to meet authors and buy books.

      Our library does a reading circle for pre-schoolers every week. Maybe you could offer to do a reading circle at your local library and read parts of your book?


      • Great ideas, Nancy!!! Thank you for your input. 🙂 Every idea is valuable to me…each person sees different opportunities…I love the “reading circle” concept…our libraries here already have several programs in place and I approached the head of the children’s section several months ago…but she had several projects on her plate to take care of first…I probably need to approach her with the program itself…not just the offer to help in some way.
        I have implemented a SHOW ME HOW! Story-time Program in one of our local school districts…reading a story and doing a craft project from my book to Pre-K’s and kindergartens on Thursday mornings…I’m just about booked solid for the rest of the school year…hopefully that will generate some interest on the part of parents and teachers. 🙂
        Thank you, Nancy, for caring!


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