Life Happens In REAL TIME: Just 15 Minutes a Day!

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Several weeks ago, I watched a wonderful Hallmark Hall of Fame Presentation.

THE LAST VALENTINE, starring Betty White, was a poignant look at a woman who had lived her life positively and lovingly, even though a cloud of tragedy had been ever-present.

One of the things she said made a lasting impression on me.

I wanted to share it with all of you.

It really relates to my new book and the Positive Parental Participation approach that builds self-esteem, develops pre-literacy skills and creates a life-long parent-child bond.


Most of us are so busy these days.

Many two parent households have both mom and dad working at least one job each to provide the necessary income.

Single parents often have a difficult balancing act between work responsibilities and children’s needs.

But think about it.

Our children are growing up in REAL TIME.

And, in the MEANTIME, we are missing opportunities to interact positively with them because we are so BUSY, taking care of our daily responsibilities and tasks.

Do you have just 15 minutes a day to interact positively with your child?

Just 15 minutes a day can set your child on the path to a happy and successful life.

Just 15 minutes a day…read a picture book story together with your child.

Just 15 minutes a day…do a simple craft project together.

Just 15 minutes a day…prepare an easy healthful recipe with your child.

Right now…take just 2 minutes…and stop by my website to take advantage of the half-price sale and 365-day money-back guarantee.

Yesterday, I promised I would post some of the comments I’ve received from people who have already used the book and love it.  I’m only including a few…but if you have lots of time (which I know you don’t) you can click the testimonial tab on my website to read lots more. 🙂


Calling all parents and teachers!!! This book is required reading!!  I loved it!! As both a parent and sub-teacher I found the book very resourceful and helpful. The central focus of the book is to help build your child’s self-esteem. The book is full of crafting, cooking, and reading ideas! I personally enjoyed the child-friendly egg salad sandwiches…one of my kid’s favorites. We also enjoyed making egg carton alligators. My son who is 7 has always been too hard on himself and I enjoyed seeing his face light up during these activities. I give this book my mommy seal of approval.” Amber McIntyre: The Frugal Military Wife


“I loved this book. I am not very creative when it comes to activities with my kids, so this is the book for me. I have loved going to the library with my boys and picking out the books and then doing the craft and cooking. Sometimes I don’t do all three, sometimes I just do 2, but we still have so much fun. This is especially great because we live in snowy land and we get so crazy with cabin fever in the winter! I like the crafts especially because we generally always have the supplies at home!  This book is a must have for moms! I have loved using it and I have loved the bonding that my boys and I have done while using the book!”

Melissa Au: MomsReview4You


Here’s the cool thing about this book – each craft and cooking activity is tied to a children’s book.  You read the book, talk about the purpose and then do the activities as a follow up.  Each story and linked activities have a purpose – not just to have fun, but a lesson on building your child’s self-esteem.  According to Vivian, “Helping your child develop a positive self-image is one of your primary goals.”  I agree 110%!

I know to some parents, hands-on activities can be scary.  From one busy mom to another, don’t worry!  Vivian has included easy, realistic and fun activities.  Most of the supplies you will need, you probably already have lying around the house.  You will find activities like making collages, paper plate faces and animals, costumes, puppets…nothing too overwhelming.  There are also some great cooking and yummy recipes to do with your little one.

Here’s my favorite part about the Show Me How!…every story suggestion has a “Positive Parental Participation Note” in which Vivian addresses the main focus of each “lesson.”  I love these little statements because sometimes as parents we forget to focus on the positive.  The saying is to give three positive praises for every negative.  As parents it’s a lot easier to focus on the negatives – don’t do this, don’t do that, but we often forget how important that positive message is.

Show Me How! is recommended for ages 2-5, but there are definitely some hands-on activities in the book I can use right now with Christopher.  And even more exciting, I pulled out a handful of lessons to use with my kids at school.  I will definitely be sharing the book with my colleagues!
Triana: Rocky Mountain Mama


 “So, it’s near spring now, and by summer you may be signing your little one up for kindergarten or preschool.  If there is anything that you can do for them now, it’s to get them prepared.  This book is something I think all parents should have.  It has crafting, cooking and reading projects and it helps young ones get started on the reading skills they will most definitely need for school.  For those that are too young for big kid school, it has crafts and cooking activities.  This stimulates the child’s creativity, and, while having fun, they are also learning the basics they will need.  There is no doubt this book deserves 5 out of 5 stars.”

Jessica G: Review Avenues


“My little 2 1/2 year old son is a little bundle of excitement and curiosity. I have been feeling kind of bad over the last few weeks since my little Kailana was born, because I feel like I haven’t been able to spend as much time alone with him teaching him and playing with him to his heart’s desire.

Then, I received this great book, “Show Me How! Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem Through Reading, Crafting, and Cooking.” The book is a shortcut for today’s busy parents and teachers.  The simple fun-filled educational activities, easy-to-use format and gentle parenting tips give parents a newfound sense of confidence and competence in their own parenting abilities as well. If parents like me have a new baby and preschoolers at home, the book will provide instant activities that don’t need to be planned by the harried new parents.  Hooray for less stress!!!”

Your World Healthy and Natural Blog


Please stop by tomorrow for Cinema Sundays: My Picks of Great Flicks.  But don’t forget to click over to my website so you can grab a copy of the book and start spending just 15 minutes a day with your child doing an activity from the book…it will be time well-spent!

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