A “Pawsitively” Fabulous Blog Tour: Meet Max the Dog!

Usually I review picture books on Wednesdays…but today is very special because I am hosting my first ever book tour for an amazing author duo…MAX THE DOG AND HIS PARTNER, ANTHONY MAJEWSKI. 

Maximus, a.k.a. “Max” is an English Labrador who shares stories about his real life experiences.   

“Dogs Work Too! From Max’s Point of View” is about the day that Max visits Leader Dogs For The Blind. The adventure first outlines how Leader Dogs for the Blind was founded in 1939 and has placed over 14,000 dogs in 39 countries. Amazing! These wonderful dogs help people who are visually impaired or blind.

This is an organization that is privately funded (by donations from people like you and me) and it is near and dear to my heart.  Many members of my own family (myself included) have serious eye conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration and several have become blind because of those diseases.  I truly understand the difficulties a blind person encounters in their day-to-day life…and how important a helper like a Leader Dog can be.

There is also a great giveaway that you will want to hear about, so make sure to read to the end.  Also check out the Reading With Max blog as they have a whole tour schedule for each day.

With his buddy Co-Co by his side, the two explore the importance of training leader dogs and how the dedicated volunteers work so hard to provide well-trained leader dogs to people in need.

“Dogs Work Too! From Max’s Point of View” is a great book to read with your children and includes pictures on every page. It’s a great learning tool that will help young children understand how and why dogs work to help people…they can be more than just loving pets.

Reading picture books with young children engages them in the world between the pages, encourages them to observe what is happening to the characters in the story and allows them to relate those events to their own experiences.  It is really important for us to teach our children to reach out to help others…and the books in this series are PERFECT for doing that!  This book helps young children learn about people who are blind and the Leader Dogs who assist them.  The book also gives encouragement to young children who are blind themselves.

Most children love dogs and this is a wonderful way to get them interested in guide dogs. It is an amazing sight to see a Leader Dog guiding his master (or mistress) down the street…equally amazing are the people who train Leader Dogs…they must be gentle, yet firm…sounds like good parenting advice, don’t you think? 🙂  You just might need to get your children this book.  And, there is also a coloring book as well!  You can purchase Max’s newest books, ask him questions, enter his contests, ask him for his paw-o-graph or tell him about your own adventures on his website.

And guess what? A portion of the proceeds from books sales will go to Leader Dogs for the Blind which is the non-profit organization that provides these well-trained dogs to blind or visually impaired people…FOR FREE!  A wonderful cause and book to teach us the importance of dogs that work too!

“Dogs Work Too! From Max’s Point of View” CLICK HERE TO BUY

Visit READ WITH MAX to learn more! You’ll find books, coloring books and fun tattoos by Max.

Now, Max needs your help with something. He needs your vote!

Max’s video titled “Read With Max! Childrens Book “Dogs Work Too!” A Story About Leader Dogs for the Blind” has been selected to compete in the 2011 Peoples Telly Award. This competition is conducted online at the Official Telly Awards YouTube website. Voting started Monday, March 28th and continues for 4 weeks, so you still have lots of chances to vote for Max!  Click On The Telly Awards Image To Give Us A “Thumbs Up” And Cast Your Vote!

And here’s some great news!  There is a contest for 2 $50 Visa gift cards!! One of you could be the winner!  All you have to do is follow the blog tour…each day’s post has a word at the end. If you put all of the words together, it will make a sentence and the first one to post on Max’s blog with the whole sentence is the winner!  So get busy and check out every blog stop (even the ones you might have missed) and get the word for the day. You can get the whole schedule list here.


Follow the tour and win a $50.00 Cash Gift Card Prize!

The tour will stop at a new site each day. Each site will display a “MAX” WORD OF THE DAY. Collect “Max’s Word” each day and complete the long sentence from Max by the end of the tour!  My blog is the 14th stop on the tour, so word number 14 in the long sentence is: THEIR.

At the end of the tour on May 4th, be one of the first two people to post the sentence on:

Read With Max Blog Site

Winners will have to correctly write the entire sentence to qualify.  So the word from today is: THEIR

For the full tour list, please go to Blog Book Tour.

Thank you so much for visiting today…I know Max and his partner, Anthony Majewski appreciate your interest and support.  Don’t forget to view the YouTube video and give a thumbs up for Max!

If you have the time, please stop by my website: www.positiveparentalparticipation.com where there is a new special going on in honor of the 40th anniversary of the NAEYC’s The Week of the Young Child…April 10th through April 16 which focuses public attention on the needs of young children and their families.

21 thoughts on “A “Pawsitively” Fabulous Blog Tour: Meet Max the Dog!

  1. ROOF! This is Max! Did you see all the great comments on this site? I am so excited to visit today. I love positive parental participation. It is so nice when parents like to participate with their children.

    Every visit to a new blog tour site I am able to read personal stories about the people who post. It seems that everyone knows someone or has personally experience poor eye sight, vision impairment or Blindness. This is one reason that I enjoy sharing my participation with Leader Dogs for the Blind.

    When I am at book signing events, I often try to do an exercise with parents and children. I tell the child to close their eyes really tight. Then I ask them to shake their neighbors hand next to them with their eyes close. “THAT SO HARD,” I often hear. So, I then ask the children what they would do if there were then to walk and didn’t know where the doorway was or had to cross the street with fast cars speeding by?

    Thats the importance of a Leader Dogs, to be able to provide assistance and guidance to help affect a persons quality of life. Let’s not foget all the volunteer, staff of Leader Dogs, and families that support the training and placement of these dogs.

    If your interested in helping, think about raising a puppy for Leader Dogs! It is a great experience. I know some puppy raisers who are on their 14 Future Leader Dog. You get to name your Future Leader Dog puppy and begin training the puppy for approximately 8-12 months before they are admitted into the Leader Dog program. Then you can start the process over again if you choose. At the same time you can gain updates on the puppy/young adult and actually participate in graduation where you will meet the puppies new owner. Its great because you get to see along the way and participate in knowing your directly affecting someones life. For More Information abot being a puppy raiser or volunteering visit http://www.leaderdog.org

    Did you know:
    Leader Dog is recognized as a “Best In America” Charity by the Independent Charities of America (ICA).

    Blindness is not a reason to be sad…
    but an opportunity to see happiness.

    Hugs & Licks,


    • And woof, woof back to you, Max.
      This morning, I’ll be posting this article on all the other blog istes I write on.
      It was my honor and pleasure to have you and Anthony Majewski visit my blog. 🙂


  2. Very cool, Vivian.

    My sister and her family have raised puppies to be guide dogs since 2001 ~ black labs, golden labs, and 2 golden retrievers.

    One agency was Paws for a Cause. I forget the name of the current agency they are working with.

    Dogs rock! Max is cool!


    • Hi Nancy,
      It takes a really special family to raise a guide dog…good for your sister and her family!!
      I was thrilled when Max asked if I would host a day on his book blog tour.
      I’ll have to give serious thought to doing one myself…now that I know LOTS of great bloggers who might get involved. 🙂


  3. What a thoughtful endeavor and I will do my best to follow the tour. I can relate to this project because we have eye issues in our family too. It is definitely a worthy cause. 🙂
    Kudos Viv and Max!


  4. What Great Comments. NRHATCH, Paws for a Cause is a great organization as well. I have a few dog friends who work for their customers. I appeciate the kind words Eliz, keep sharing our message! I am still around and feel free to comments. What great followers! Talk to you soon.



    • Hi Max,
      So glad you came to see the comments…your book blog tour is a wonderful idea…it is really spreading the word about Leader Dogs for the Blind.
      I’m so happy you contacted me to be part of your tour.
      Maybe, if I ever decide to do a book blog tour for my parenting book, I’ll come and ask you and Anthony to host a day. 🙂


  5. I know we would be more then happy to be a part of blog book tour for you. Even better we added new sections on my website in the Parents Corner and when your ready we will make sure to add your book as a resource for all those great parents out there!



    • Hi Penny,
      Thanks for stopping by…I’m so glad you like the blog. I always try to write something of value…especially for parents. I started doing the postaday, but have had to miss a day here and there. Please do come back…I’m sure I’ve been to yours…the title is so familiar…and catchy. 🙂


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