Healthy Habit Thursday: THE VITAMIN BAND

An Everett piano keyboard.

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Is it a pill?

Is it a collection of musical instruments?

Is it a bracelet?

The answer to the above questions is NO!

The Vitamin Band is actually a unique children’s book by author and PhD. Olena Burda Lassen.

Ms. Lassen has developed a simple yet innovative technique that helps young children learn to play the piano while they learn about healthy eating and have lots of fun at the same time!

What could be better than that!

I met this amazing woman at a book fair and book signing a couple of weeks ago.  Her book cover (a piano keyboard) was so engaging, I had to pick up the book and flip through it.  And, once I had it in my hands, I knew I had to buy a copy to give to my two 5½ year old twin grandchildren.  The book is so appealing and such a great resource, I plan on purchasing another copy to keep on my library shelves for reference.

Her website is a magical place and you will find information about how you can purchase the book, as well as free fun-filled activities for your children.  You’ll also find her schedule of upcoming appearances and events.  Each event is sure to provide an entertaining and educationally enriching time for your children.

The book is perfection itself…printed on eco-friendly paper using soy-based inks, this is a treasure you will cherish and utilize for many years to come.


Please stop by tomorrow for Follow-Me-Fridays: Where’s Miss Vivian.  I visited the children at Trailblazer School this morning and I want to tell you all about it.

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4 thoughts on “Healthy Habit Thursday: THE VITAMIN BAND

    • Hi Eliz,
      I think if you go to her website, you will find info on that…She uses the scale – do re mi fa, etc. and matches each note with a vegetable or fruit..for example do is domato (tomato) and there are reusable stickers with the pic of the fruit or vegetable that can be placed on the piano key (on the keyboard in the book and probably on a real keyboard. Check it out. 🙂


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