Holiday Spirits Seem Positive in the Blogosphere

I follow quite a few bloggers and received a number of lovely posts for Thanksgiving.  If you click on each link, it will take you to their Thanksgiving post.

Mirth and Motivation

Savvy Source


Spirit Lights the Way

Sippy Cup Chronicles (some ideas for using left-over turkey)

The Mom Writes

Because I’m the Mommy

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all keep this level of positivity and recognition of all the good things that we do have as these bloggers have done.

Here’s a challenge: let’s keep the momentum going through till Christmas…and then can we put ‘keeping a positive attitude’ on our list of goals for the New Year?


Children who grow up in a home that is filled with positive vibrations are going to be empowered to master tasks and skills; feel appreciated, loved and valued; and like themselves…all important components of building self-esteem.  That’s what my book is all about…it enables parents and teachers to build self-esteem and better literacy skills with quick and easy activities that are fun for everyone!  I hope everyone will spread the word about the 50% off sale on my website.  The book makes a super cool holiday gift for a parent, grandparent, preschool, nursery or kindergarten teacher, daycare provider, babysitter…and it’s only $19.95!

Tiffany at Home Grown Families, a natural living mom blog says, “This book is amazing!  Homeschoolers…this is perfect for language arts, art class and several other subjects.  What a great book to add to your curriculum!”


My husband and I would have loved to spend Thanksgiving Day surrounded by family…but unfortunately, our family is spread out across the country and traveling during the holiday season is difficult and costly and fraught with delays and cancellations.

So we decided to turn this into a positive day and as soon as we spoke to our children this morning on the phone, we packed up our Jeep and headed to our favorite fishing spot.  It was a glorious day here in Colorado…sunny and warm and perfect for outdoor activities.

We fly-fish in the artificial lure only catch-and-release area at Eleven Mile Canyon.  Sad to say, we found an empty Styrofoam container labeled “Night crawlers” in the brush on the bank.  There are 9 miles of beautiful fishable water where you can use bait…and only 2 miles at the top by the dam where you can’t…and that’s where we found the worm container. 😦  We picked it up and added it to the rest of the garbage we would carry out of there, leaving the place clean for the next happy fisherpeople.  There were actually a few people doing a riverside cleanup in a different area…what an awesome way to spend Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful day…my husband caught several rainbows…I had one on…but he got away. 😦  Maybe I’ll net him next time!  We need to think positively, right?

8 thoughts on “Holiday Spirits Seem Positive in the Blogosphere

    • Hi Amberr,
      We did have lots of fun…maybe next year we will be able to be with family…which would be even better! Glad you enjoyed the other blogs…I should put links and mentions to other blogs more often…there are so many great people out there…including YOU!


    • Don’t know why I don’t mention you more often. Your posts are always entertaining, informative, well-written and beautiful! If I am looking for positivity during the year, I know I can always find it on your blog. 🙂


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