Holiday Spirits Seem Positive in the Blogosphere

I follow quite a few bloggers and received a number of lovely posts for Thanksgiving.  If you click on each link, it will take you to their Thanksgiving post.

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Spirit Lights the Way

Sippy Cup Chronicles (some ideas for using left-over turkey)

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all keep this level of positivity and recognition of all the good things that we do have as these bloggers have done.

Here’s a challenge: let’s keep the momentum going through till Christmas…and then can we put ‘keeping a positive attitude’ on our list of goals for the New Year?


Children who grow up in a home that is filled with positive vibrations are going to be empowered to master tasks and skills; feel appreciated, loved and valued; and like themselves…all important components of building self-esteem.  That’s what my book is all about…it enables parents and teachers to build self-esteem and better literacy skills with quick and easy activities that are fun for everyone!  I hope everyone will spread the word about the 50% off sale on my website.  The book makes a super cool holiday gift for a parent, grandparent, preschool, nursery or kindergarten teacher, daycare provider, babysitter…and it’s only $19.95!

Tiffany at Home Grown Families, a natural living mom blog says, “This book is amazing!  Homeschoolers…this is perfect for language arts, art class and several other subjects.  What a great book to add to your curriculum!”


My husband and I would have loved to spend Thanksgiving Day surrounded by family…but unfortunately, our family is spread out across the country and traveling during the holiday season is difficult and costly and fraught with delays and cancellations.

So we decided to turn this into a positive day and as soon as we spoke to our children this morning on the phone, we packed up our Jeep and headed to our favorite fishing spot.  It was a glorious day here in Colorado…sunny and warm and perfect for outdoor activities.

We fly-fish in the artificial lure only catch-and-release area at Eleven Mile Canyon.  Sad to say, we found an empty Styrofoam container labeled “Night crawlers” in the brush on the bank.  There are 9 miles of beautiful fishable water where you can use bait…and only 2 miles at the top by the dam where you can’t…and that’s where we found the worm container. 😦  We picked it up and added it to the rest of the garbage we would carry out of there, leaving the place clean for the next happy fisherpeople.  There were actually a few people doing a riverside cleanup in a different area…what an awesome way to spend Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful day…my husband caught several rainbows…I had one on…but he got away. 😦  Maybe I’ll net him next time!  We need to think positively, right?

The Fine Bamboo Fly Rod: A Book Review and More

Kirkfield, Stuart – The Fine Bamboo Fly Rod: A Master’s Secrets of Restoration and Repair – Colorado Springs, 1999, Cork & Cane Press, 2nd Edition, Hardcover, Dust Jacket, Brand-New – Signed.

When I write a post about a book, I’m usually reviewing a children’s book.  Today, however, I’m going to talk about a different type of book…one for people who love bamboo rods and fly-fishing. 

When I met my husband over 48 years ago, neither of us knew anything about fly-fishing.  In fact, in 1969, we went fishing on the Gibbon River in Yellowstone National Park and saw a sign in the river that read, “FLIES ONLY” and we walked away wondering how someone would catch and kill the flies and attach them to the hook.

As soon as we got home, my husband began to research this “fly-fishing” and soon was “hooked” himself.  To make a long story short, he was so intrigued with the mystique of fly-fishing, he studied everything about it that he could find and soon was refinishing bamboo fly rods for prestigious companies like Abercrombie and Fitch

In 1986, he wrote a book on the subject, The Fine Bamboo Fly Rod: A Master’s Secrets of Restoration and Repair, which was published by Stackpole Press.  This book has become “the bible” for people who want to know how to restore or repair their cherished bamboo fly rods.  Many of these treasures are passed down from generation to generation and are valued at many thousands of dollars…so it is very important to be able to fix the problems that may occur with age and use.

Inside the book you will find detailed instructions and close-up photographs on:

  • Making the assessment…what is wrong and what you need to do
  • Stripping the rod
  • Guide and wrap placement
  • Varnishing the wraps and rod
  • Cleaning the cork
  • Installing a new grip
  • Repairing broken tips
  • Repairing hook digs
  • And more than a dozen additional topics

Gerald J. Mullen’s brilliant photography has captured every step in each process and helps even a novice understand what needs to be done and how to do it.

Of course, for the person who wants to restore or repair a bamboo fly rod, this is an awesome book.  It also has great value for anyone who is interested in the history of bamboo fly rods and the spiritual attachment that anglers have for them.  The book is beautifully written and even someone who is not into fly-fishing will enjoy reading it.

Father and son make a great fishing out, Mr. Trout!

I’m thrilled that my husband has agreed to offer his book on my website.  I’ve done several posts about how fishing with young children is a wonderful intergenerational activity.  Parents, grandparents and children will enjoy being together in the beautiful outdoors and all can learn from each other.  Fishing provides a great opportunity to encourage children to protect and preserve our rivers, streams and the environment.

If you need some gear to outfit your kids you can go to the website of Take A Kid Flyfishing.

If you want a great children’s book that is a wonderful read for adults as well as kids and that is super cool way to introduce children to fly-fishing and how important it is to take care of our environment, you can go to the website of Olive, the Little Wooly Bugger

Our granddaughter listened with rapt attention to Grandpa's instructions.

            This NEW, AUTOGRAPHED, hardcover copy of bamboo rod restoration and repair is THE BIBLE on this long-kept secret art and is currently priced at $169.00 per copy, with used copies selling online right now in the $200 – $300+ price range.

“Belongs on the bookshelf of every fly-fisherman!” – U.B.K, Hoboken, NJ

“I’m fortunate in that someone very special recognized my interest with a generous gift of Stuart Kirkfield’s book.” – Gerald Buckley, Tulsa, OK

“Craftsmen like Stuart Kirkfield kept the magic of bamboo rods alive.” – Ronald Barch, editor, The Planing Form Newsletter

            Now – as a special promotion for the readers of Positive Parental Participation and my followers on Twitter and other social media – brand-new copies (straight out of the publisher’s shipping carton) are available for only $99.95 each.  A very limited number of copies are being made available at this price.

The holidays will be here soon!  If you have any fly-fishermen (or fisher-women) you are fond of, why not give them something they might never get for themselves.

            Please visit again for my next post…I’ll be sharing some quick fixes for those temper tantrums that sometimes flare up while we are holiday shopping with kids.

Three Generations Enjoy a Beautiful Autumn Day at the Lake

Are you looking for activities that can be enjoyed by three generations.

Do you want grandparents, parents and children to have fun together?

Several activities come to mind: reading, crafting, cooking, gardening and fishing.

This past week, when I was visiting my daughter and her family, we were able to do several of these and we all had an amazing time.

Encouraging young children to interact with their grandparents (or other older folk) is beneficial for everyone involved.  Positive parental (or grandparental) participation is really an important component in building self-esteem and a positive self-image.

My grandson turned three on a Monday and his dad came home early from work so that we could all go for a lovely ride to see the fall foliage.  Our destination was Wasserman Park, right in their town of Merrimack, NH.

While Jeremy and his dad played in the beautiful playground, my daughter and I put together the fishing rod and reel that had been one of the birthday presents from Jeremy’s Grampy, an avid fly-fisherman.  Parents can purchase fishing rod and reel combos at their local Wal-Mart, Target or Kmart for about $20.  You don’t have to buy the real kiddy ones that are more like toys.  Just make sure the rod is not too long and the reel is easy to operate.  This is a wonderful investment that will provide fun for the entire family and will help build a strong parent-child connection.

Down at the lake, Jeremy settled himself comfortably in my lap and we began to fish.  Holding the rod grip in his left hand, he helped me cast out the little rubber worm.  “Look, look, there’s my bobber!” he shouted excitedly.  As he reeled in the line, the bobber skated across the surface of the water.   When the bobber and worm had been retrieved, Jeremy cried, “Let’s do it again!”

And we did…dozens of times.

I’d like to say we caught lots of fish…but, to tell you the truth, no one cared that we didn’t even get a bite.

We all had the best time, enjoying the beautiful autumn day at a lake surrounded by the reds and yellows and greens and golds of the trees ablaze with their fall finery.

If you are looking for other activities that parents, grandparents and children can participate in together, just buy a copy of Show Me How! Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem Through Reading, Crafting and Cooking.  It’s the perfect choice if you need EASY arts and crafts or QUICK healthy recipes.   You’ll also find lots of picture book summaries and parenting tips that build self-esteem, develop literacy skills and strengthen the parent-child connection.  Check out the online special on my website…I think you’ll agree that THE PRICE IS RIGHT!  With holiday gift-giving fast approaching, why not take care of some of the people on your list by buying a few…parents, grandparents, daycare providers, nursery and preschool teachers, nannies, babysitters and early childhood education students would all appreciate this award-winning resource.

“This exceptional guide will make learning fun for all involved while creating bonds between parent and child.”  – Dr. Peter Clothier, Family Physician, CO

Click here to read a recent 5-star review of Show Me How! by children’s picture book author, Martha Rodriguez.