PPBF: The William Hoy Story PLUS Winners

I looked at the calendar and realized that we are just about at the end of the month. Didn’t I promise a couple of giveaways would happen then?

You bet I did! I hope you all love jam…because this is going to be a jam-packed post. First I want to congratulate the winners of Susanna Hill’s First Annual Almost World Famous Valentiny Writing Contest. Did you vote? It was pretty hard to decide…I hope all of those wonderful writers will take their stories and turn them into picture books. Writing contests are a great way to exercise your writing muscle.

Talking about writing muscle, both of the books we are giving away are full of writing muscle…Dianna Aston’s An Egg is Quiet and Doris Burn’s Andrew Henry’s Meadow. Both are classics and are books that can be read over and over again…for the text, for the illustrations, for the messages that will constantly be uncovered each time you turn the pages.

We’ll get to announcing the winners shortly, but first we should talk about our Perfect Picture Book Friday pick. One of the really neat things about being in this kidlit community is that I get to connect with lots of writers. And those writers write books. And those books get published! How cool is it to hold a book in your hands that was written by a friend? Totally cool!


The William Hoy Story: How a Deaf Baseball Player Changed the Game

Written by Nancy Churnin

Illustrated by Jez Tuya

Publisher: Albert Whitman & Company (2016)

Ages: 5-8

Themes: Follow your dream, baseball, hearing impaired

Opening Lines:

“William scooped dust to dry off the sweat from his slick rubber ball. He stared at the small X he’d chalked on the barn wall. He closed his eyes. He opened them and threw. Bam! He hit the mark. He stepped back so he could try again.”



From Albert Whitman: All William Ellsworth Hoy wanted to do was play baseball. After losing out on a spot on the local deaf team, William practiced even harder—eventually earning a position on a professional team. But his struggle was far from over. In addition to the prejudice Hoy faced, he could not hear the umpires’ calls. One day he asked the umpire to use hand signals: strike, ball, out. That day he not only got on base but also changed the way the game was played forever. William “Dummy” Hoy became one of the greatest and most beloved players of his time!

Why I like this book:

  • From the first page to the last, the text engaged me with its action and emotion.
  • The illustrations captured that action and emotion…a perfect match!
  • I love stories about an underdog who uses his own ingenuity to follow his dream.


How a parent can use this book:

  • What other inventions or procedures came about because one person had an idea or a need?
  • The story can be a springboard for a discussion about working hard and following your dream, no matter what your circumstances are.


You all know how much I love crafts made with paper plates


Photo courtesy: http://www.craftymorning.com/fingerprint-baseball-craft-kids/

Paper Plate Baseball

How perfect would this be for a baseball themed party? You’ll find easy instructions for this plate and other baseball crafts here: http://www.craftymorning.com/fingerprint-baseball-craft-kids/

How about setting up a target outside and have some pitching practice?

Go to a ballgame this spring…or watch a game on TV…ask your child if he or she can see the signals of the catcher to the pitcher.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend…

Oh…wait a minute…we have some books to give away, right?

When the lovely Dianna Aston was my guest for Will Write for Cookies, she mentioned that Andrew Henry’s Meadow by Doris Burn andrew henrys meadow was her favorite childhood book. I’m so grateful to her because I had never read it before. It’s a fabulous story and I am giving away a brand-new copy. And the WINNER IS:


I also promised to give away a copy of Dianna’s beautiful book, An Egg is Quiet aneggthumb. And the WINNER IS:


Woo-hoo! Ladies, I will connect with you so you can give me your address and I will send your book ASAP.

I plan to have book giveaways throughout the year…and also via my newsletter…if I can get my act into gear and get that out. I want to thank everyone who has already signed up to be on my mailing list…I promise not to bombard my email subscribers with too many things…as those who have already signed up can attest to…you are probably wondering if I will EVER send you anything. I will! I will!

Thank you for visiting, everyone. Please pass the word…this is a friendly place.

15 thoughts on “PPBF: The William Hoy Story PLUS Winners

  1. What a wonderful way to start the morning: celebrating writing contests & learning about books that are not on my shelf – yet! Congratulations to Nancy on The William Hoy story, I very much look forward to reading it soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I did not know either, Lindsey…and I’ve watched baseball all my life…when I was in high school, I would run home to watch Roger Maris who was battling to break the home run record…which he did. 😉 Glad you enjoyed the story. 😉


  2. I had no idea the origin of hand signals in baseball! What a cool story! I’d love to read this book to my kids! Thanks for being a part of the Booknificent Thursday reading community this week!


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