#50PreciousWordsforKids International Writing Challenge Stories are HERE!


HURRAY! It’s time to unveil the wonderful stories from children all over the world.

Many thanks to the parents and teachers who encouraged their kids to participate.

The guidelines were simple.

final jpeg of flyer

I got several requests from teacher friends who asked for a few more days…so I extended the deadline to May 10th.

And the notes I got from parents and teachers were filled with thanks for creating this writing opportunity.

“Best wishes for a fabulous contest. This is a wonderful thing you are doing for kids!”

“My daughter told me she wants to write books like me, and my heart melted!”

“Thanks for hosting such a wonderful contest for young students.”

“Thank you again for organizing this fun event! My students were challenged to keep their stories under 50 words – especially since we’ve been working so hard in second grade to add details to lengthen our writing!”

I also decided to open the challenge to children all over the world—believing that, especially in these times, it’s important for us to come together—with children leading the way as the storytellers.

Each story was submitted by either a parent or a teacher. Teachers were requested to send one story per class. A couple of classes wrote a collaborative story. And one child even drew an illustration for her story.

grace illustrationBy Grace, author of Brothers

#50PreciousWordsforKids BY THE NUMBERS:





I’ve already had inquiries as to when the NEXT children’s writing challenge will take place. So, I guess I need to start thinking about that…maybe it would be nice to have one in the summer to keep those young minds creating…and definitely one later in the fall.

Hosting this has been a thrill…the diverse topics and creativity are impressive. These are the future writers of our world!

Without further ado, I present the #50PreciousWordsforKids International Writing Challenge stories, listed in the order I received them.



by Dhyani – 5th grade

Birchwood School, Cleveland, Ohio


I wanted a stunning dragon

With golden eyes

And scaly paws

I wanted a scary dragon

With scorching fire

And gleaming claws

I wanted a kingly dragon

Regal horns upon his head

Not like this crazy puppy

You bought for me instead.




by James – 7 years old – 1st grade

Marshalltown, Iowa


Owls can fly.

Some owls are white.

Owls have claws.

Some owls are in Iowa.

Some owls are big and some owls are small.

Owls eat mice.

Now you know about owls.




by Marlena – 2nd grade

Buffalo, NY


I wanted to fly my kite.

But there was no wind.

Oh no!

I called the wind.

But he did not answer.

He did not blow.

So, I called all my friends.

They all came over and blew as hard as they could.

My kite flew high.




by Marta – Kindergarten

Buffalo, NY

Pua and Kit want to bake a cake. They get out all the ingredients.

Uh oh!

No milk!

They go to the farm but there is no cow.

Uh oh!

But there is a goat. The goat has milk.

Pua and Kit love the cake they baked.

Yum yum!




by Susan Hasson’s 4th grade

Holy Cross School, S. Portland, Maine


After school, the children bolted to the candy shop.

The gummy bears had come alive!

One of the kids didn’t believe, so he quietly snuck into the candy shop on his tip toes. 

Gummy bears began chasing him, but he woke and found it was just an imaginary dream.



by Susan Hasson’s 3rd grade

Holy Cross School, S. Portland, Maine


Grandma Fluff Muffin remains in her kitchen all day long eating peanut butter and fluff sandwiches.

One day while she was rising from her pile of plush pillows, she reached for her shoes but they had disappeared!

Eventually, she found them in a sandwich of peanut butter and fluff. Scrumptious!



by George – 7 years old

Yaxham Church of England Primary School

Norfolk, England


A long time ago, dinosaurs were dying out.

 One little dino was still in his mother’s cave. 

The egg didn’t have even the tiniest crack.

The cave collapsed but still the egg didn’t have a crack.

Today the dinos are extinct.

Still that adult dino is breathing in that cave.




by Aviana – 7 years old – 1st grade

Little Harbour School, Portsmouth, New Hampshire


One day there was a fat cat and she wanted to go out.

First she had to climb down from the scratching post. 

She tried and tried but she could not get down. 

A miracle happened!  She fell off.  She had to get a band-aid. 

She said, “All better!”




by Nathan – Grade 2

Richardson Elementary School, North St. Paul, Minnesota


Once upon a time Carter said to Drake, “Want to race?”


Then Carter said, “3, 2, 1, Go!”

Then Drake got a lead but Carter went full speed.

Then he fell into a hole.

Same with Drake.

Then neither of them won.

The End



by Kabuin – 4th grade

Hillside Academy for Excellence, Garland, Texas


 Once there was a derpy dragon. He played Star Wars games.

Then Darth Vader came and killed him. “Ahh!” he said.

Then, Darth Vader died from Dora!

“How do we get back?” Dora said. And the door was right in front of her. There it is! She went to the door, and suddenly died.




by Conner – 4th grade

Hillside Academy for Excellence, Garland, Texas


It’s something that we all wish to hold on to forever.

It’s full of merry, sorrow, and exotic times, and all we can do is imagine it lasting forever.

You see something strange and you laugh or smile,

something bad happens you cry,

that’s life

and it’s nothing more.





by Piper – 4th grade

Hillside Academy for Excellence, Garland, Texas


As I’m walking home, I notice a man behind me.

I ask him what he wanted and if he was lost.

Then he just started chasing me!

As I slammed the door, I heard laughing.

As I lock my door, I’m in my bedroom.

I’m all alone.

I see someone.



by Eleanor – 3rd grade

Woodside, California


Once there lived a rainbow in a new world, with elves who used the light for color.

One day a human came and took the light for the humans.

The elves had no color.

They went to the world of humans and captured humans and got the rainbow back.




by Netra – 9 years old – 4th grade

NPS International School, Singapore


I skated on to the ice. My spins were graceful, footwork delicate.

 I twirled in the air and landed on one foot.

As everyone cheered, I felt a pull in my leg. I had broken my ankle!

My mum’s call woke me up.

“Time for the show. Break a leg!”




by Linh – 10 years old



Lily was a sushi cat.

Her parents took care of her but hated her.

Her sisters bullied her.

She decided to run away, but didn’t take an umbrella.

It was raining.

She wasn’t used to rain.

She hid in a box.

Her parents found her and she came home.



by Pari – 9 years old



Lizzie’s classmates were losing teeth. Lizzie wanted to lose one, too.

One day she felt odd. She pulled her tooth out, and…it was magical!

It did whatever she wanted.

She wished to be a fairy and help the whole world.

Lizzie turned out to be the best person ever.




by Anwesha – 10 years old



Rukmini sat on the floor and watched her sister Khukumuni intently.

Khukumuni was a dyslexic child. Her name meant “Little Angel”.

Furrowing her brows in concentration, she picked up her final block and managed to slot into the correct hole.

Rukmini whooped in joy- “I knew you could do it”.




by Caroline – 7 years old














By Daniel – Kindergarten

Seoul, S. Korea


There was a hungry boy.

He went to a villager’s house and said, “Can I have some bread?”

The villager said no.

He saw fancy house.

He saw a witch who got a magic wand.

The witch and the boy fight.

The boy won.

He got the witch’s stuff.




by Arshad – 5th grade

NPS International School



Feeing buoyant, David rushed to school carrying his birthday gift, a rubik’s cube, gifted by his mother.

His happiness vaporized hearing the news that his best friend’s leaving school. David hastened and gifted him the same treasure.

His friend left melancholically presenting a gift. It was a rubik’s cube too!




by Krishiv – 9 years old – 5th grade

NPS International School, Singapore


 John and family, as always, were busy on Facebook when father suggested a trip to Los-Angeles to make new friends.

 Mom was concerned about recent burglaries. John advised requesting their neighbours to be alert.

 But people in search of friends thousand miles away wondered,” Who were their next door neighbours?”



by Ivannah – 10 years old – 5th grade

NPS International School, Singapore.


DARKNESS! – Mia’s imagination started conjuring terrifying ideas.

 Mia rushed to Mommy.

Mommy calmed her and gently explained, “Mia, your favourite animals come out to play when it is dark. And, moonlight and shooting stars glimmer in the night sky, just look outside the window!”

 Mia gazed outside, her fear disappeared.




by Yohaan -10 years old

NPS International School, Singapore


From the beginning of time there was a debate.

“I’m better than you! I give warmth and light!” he declared.

“But I make the crops grow!” she thundered.

Their seven children, each of a beautiful hue, would invite them to dance causing The Sun and Rain to forget their fight!




by Mayte – 5 years old

England, UK


One night Crystal realised that all of the parents were missing from the city. Crystal arranged to meet with her friends in Grasshopper Field.

“Let’s head to the church guys.”

At the church they rescued the parents from a cage.

Back at school, “Not a single teacher!” Crystal whispered. “Think…”




by Vidyut – 5th grade

NPS International School




Four-year old Alvin was suddenly looking at Mars from inside a rocket.

Donald Trump was munching potato chips opposite him.

“Why are we here?” Alvin asked.

“Cause you and I are fired from Earth,” answered Trump.


Alvin woke up in bed.

It was all a dream!



by Kaya – 11 years old – 6th grade

Cardiff, California, USA


I gazed at the school building looming above me, my breath fast. Middle school I thought to myself multiple times.

Suddenly, I spotted a girl my age. She smiled at me, as tense and excited as I.

 I took a voluminous breath, and decided to give middle school a try.




by Evelyn – Kindergarten

New Hampshire


Aleesa the fairy was looking for friends.

When she saw a mean, green goblin with pointy teeth.

He was miserably sitting on a rock.

“What’s wrong?” said Aleesa.

“I don’t have friends?” said Goblin.

“I don’t either. Want to be friends?”


” Let’s play tag.”

“You’re it,” said Goblin.




by Poppy –  6 years old

Lindsay, Ontario, Canada


 One day, I was running in the hall at home.

I tripped and fell on a cactus and some of the needles got stuck in my hand.

It really hurt!

My hand looked like a porcupine.

My mom put glue on my hand, and out came the needles.




by Tilly – 8 years old

Lindsay, Ontario, Canada


While walking in the country, I spotted a strange plant in the grass.

It had a plump centre and orange, jelly-like spikes.

I had to pick it up.

It smelled funny, but sweet and minty, too.

Later, I learned it is sometimes called “The Orange Alien Fungus”!




by Kira – 8 years old



Once there was a cat. She was very lonely. She needed a friend.

She thought that if she had a lemonade stand, she could meet her customers. She started working.

 Her first customer was a dog.

He said “I don’t want any lemonade. I want a friend.” 

“I do too” the cat said. “Let’s be friends.”



by Eden Day – 5th grade

Alpine, Utah


Wiggle waddle

wiggle waddle

to and fro

walking along the icy snow.

Walk, step.

Step, walk.

Black and white.

Bundle together, hold on tight!



watch out there!

Or you could get eaten by a polar bear!

Even if they have cold feet, being a PENGUIN sure is neat.




by Grace –  5 years old

Leavenworth, Kansas


Once upon a time, there was a boy who got lost in the woods.

He walked through the trees and found a smaller boy, playing.

It was his little brother!

They walked down the path together and found their way home by looking at the mountains.

And they were safe.



by Bethany – 6 years old – 1st grade

West Des Moines, Iowa


Snap, crack, boom! The roof explodes!

Aim, crackle, fire! Until the scariest thing, creak.

Yikes! Scary until suck it up! Creep, oh twister!

Lightning, flash, thunder, but creeeeeeeeaaaak, creak, creak.

 Creeeeeeaaaaak, creeeeeeeeeaaaaaak.

Woosh the wind blows.



by Qiwen – 11 years old, – 5th Grade

Cleveland, Ohio


Today, I know, was a down-dog day

 Slipped on the bus, nearly fell to death

 Earned a detention for bringing my pet

 When I thought nothing could get worst

 Puked thrice, forgot my lunch, missed the bus

 Tomorrow may be a kitty day, but today, surely was a down-dog day




by Mars – age 9

Austin, Texas


We ran as the wind sucked our parents’ car away. We were slow compared to the tornado. We go to our neighbors’ basement. Our neighbors hadn’t boarded up the small window yet. This was a catastrophe. We pressed the bookshelf against the window.

I had survived the Joplin tornado.



by Henry – 5th grade

Great Mills, Maryland


There’s an alligator in my room.

He snores all night long. I can’t even sleep!

I told my Mom, but she can’t see him.

Alligators love bananas.

I bought bananas today, they look great in my brother’s closet.

I didn’t hear snoring last night.

I wonder where that alligator went?




by Nora – Kindergarten

Great Mills, Maryland


When I went to the zoo I saw a panda.

The panda called his family and threw bamboo at us.

We heard a big laugh, it was the Lion.

Then the giraffe threw leaves on us.

Good thing I brought my lucky umbrella.




by Brielle – 3rd grade

School 25, Rochester, New York


Once upon a time, there was a lollipop forest.

It was so colorful and beautiful.

A girl, Emony, always went to the forest.

One day, she got lost there.

She survived by eating the lollipops

until people could see her

and she was saved.


by Pia – Kindergarten

Thalberg Elementary School – Southington, CT


Hello!  My name is Lilly. 

I have been waiting for a long time to get adopted.  I think today is my lucky day! 

Wait, I just saw a family coming into the pet store.  Maybe they will pick me? 

We start to play, and I already know they love me.





by Gianni – Kindergarten

Thalberg Elementary School – Southington, CT


A boy named Gianni was swimming at the beach. 

When one day Godzilla came out of the ocean and swam up to him. 

Gianni said, “This is so cool.” 

Gianni asked, “Can I have a ride?” 

Godzilla said, “YES!!!”

From that day forward they were best friends.





by Olivia – Kindergarten

Thalberg Elementary School – Southington, CT


As I arrived at The Happiest Place on Earth, Disney World, I met Princess Elena of Avalor. 

She was even more beautiful in person than I could have ever imagined. 

She spoke in two languages, English and Spanish. 

Elena was elegant, soft-spoken, and extremely kind. 

She is most certainly one of my favorite princesses.









by Avery – 1st grade

Thalberg Elementary School – Southington, CT


Once Narwahl and Jelly met. 

“Let’s meet each other’s parents,” said Jelly. 

“That’s a good idea!” said Narwahl.  “I’ll get my parents.” 

“I’ll get mine!” said Jelly. 

“Here is my mommy, daddy, and brother,” said Narwahl. 

“This is my mom, dad, and baby sister,” said Jelly. 

They had a party.





by Meghan – 2nd grade

Thalberg Elementary School – Southington, CT


Once there was a girl named Makayla.  She had a brother named Alan. 

Alan was annoying. 

“Makayla!” shouted Alan. 

“What?” yelled Makayla. 

“We’re going for ice cream!” 

“We are?” said Makayla.  “Good, cuz I’m bored.” 

They went to Screamin’ Mimi’s.  They met cousin Lucille. 

They all got chocolate ice cream.





by Andrew – 2nd grade

Thalberg Elementary School – Southington, CT


One day a dog named Fred woke up, and he went downstairs. 

He looked at the calendar. 


He saw that it was BATH DAY! 

He crossed off the next day so no one knew it was BATH DAY. 

The owner came walking downstairs.  “Why does it smell gross?”





by Rachel – 2nd grade

Thalberg Elementary School – Southington, CT

Pixie is a very curious cat.  She wants to see the outside world.  She always sees butterflies outside her window. 

One day Pixie went outside.  Her family didn’t even notice she was gone. 

Pixie saw a butterfly. 

Pixie loved it. 

Pixie imagined this in her dreams. 

The End.





by Emerson – 3rd grade

Thalberg Elementary School – Southington, CT


One gloomy day our family received an email for a mysterious appointment in a rickety warehouse on the thirteenth floor. 

What was it for? 

We hopped onto an elevator. 

When the doors opened, I saw a land full of ice cream and dresses. 

The appointment was for finding my happy place.





by Gurjaap – 3rd grade

Thalberg Elementary School – Southington, CT


I heard noises from the forest. 

I went inside and saw some snakes. 

I went farther inside.  I saw Lion, but the noise was louder than Lion’s roar. 

When I went farther I saw Velociraptor. 

I raised my hand to touch the dinosaur

and pressed the button on my dinosaur alarm clock as I opened my eyes.





by Emma – 3rd grade

Thalberg Elementary School – Southington, CT


I read a penguin book, taught and learned about writing long. 

I ate a cupcake for snack.  I talked to myself about sharks and writing long again.  Lunch was strawberries.  I had fun at recess. 

Repeat all week. 

Come to find out…the whole town went on vacation without me!!!





by Mikayla – 3rd grade

Thalberg Elementary School – Southington, CT


Sadie was an amazing cat, until her owner got Storm the dog. 

Everyone liked Storm better, so Sadie ran away. 

When she got into the woods, she was hungry and wanted to go home. 

Then she saw Storm running towards her! 

“Thanks for saving me.  Let’s be friends!” said Sadie.





by Maddy – 4th grade

Thalberg Elementary School – Southington, CT


One day I had a lacrosse game and was playing Glastonbury. 

They were a pretty good team. 

The game started and I scored with 1 minute left of the first quarter. 

Riley scored with 5 minutes left in the game. 

The game ended. 

The score was tied 2-2.





by Sophia, Deandra, and Zoey – 4th grade

Thalberg Elementary School – Southington, CT


That book. 

I saw it in the store. 

I wanted it.  I loved it so. 

But it was $400. 

I loved it so, I begged and begged and begged. 

My grandma got it for me. 

I wrote and wrote and wrote. 

That book. 

I loved it, and it loved me.





by Aarwin and Chris –  4th grade

Thalberg Elementary School – Southington, CT


ARRR!  “A tiger!” yelled Tim.  Tim was an explorer who wanted valuable things.  This time he was looking for a ruby. 

There were traps everywhere, but he passed all of the traps that were in the forest. 

Then a screen said “Game Over.” 

“Dinner time,” his mom said. 

“Coming,” I said.




by Gabrielle – 3rd grade

Growing Minds Christian Academy – Fayetteville, Georgia


Once there was a dog named Cashew.  He didn’t have a home. He lived in a pet shop.  All of the dogs got adopted but him. Cashew felt sad. 

Suddenly, a girl named Gabby walked in.  She fell in love with Cashew. 

She adopted him and he was never lonely again.






by Zoe – 2nd grade

Growing Minds Christian Academy – Fayetteville, GA


One day there was an elephant named Max.

He lived in the African Rainforest.

Max was a very good elephant but he had one problem.

He couldn’t trumpet like the other elephants. 

Max felt sad.

Max’s mother told him to keep trying.

Max tried and tried.

Finally, he did it!!!






by Jada – 4th grade

Growing Minds Christian Academy – Fayetteville, GA


Today I woke up, rushed to get ready for school but didn’t have time for breakfast.  When I got to school, I heard something in my pocketbook hanging from my shoulder.  I took a look inside and nothing was there.  I heard the sound again and realized it was the hungry creatures inside my stomach.






by Victoria – 5th grade

Growing Minds Christian Academy – Fayetteville, GA



Two kids wanted to go out and play but it was raining.

The lightning was bright.  The thunder made a big boom.

The kids had an idea to have to have a pillow fight.

They fought for so long they fell  asleep right on the floor.

When they woke up the sun was shining so they went out to play.





      by Ryan – 6th grade

Growing Minds Christian Academy – Fayetteville, GA


   I’m Mia and this has been my worst week. I got in trouble at school three days. I prefer not to share why. Because I was already on probation, I was suspended. At home bored to death I decided to bake cookies. I burned them and the whole house was smokey. I opened the doors and sprayed perfume to keep my parents from knowing. Needless to say, it didn’t work. Now I’m suspended from the kitchen too.


 by Rebecca – age 11 – 5th grade

Cleveland, Ohio


 Books lined up,

On my shelf,

Waiting to be read.


Me in a boring class,

At school,

Waiting for a chance to read.


Teacher talking,

In the room,

Waiting for full attention.


Me reading,

In my room,

At home,

Fully satisfied,

No longer waiting.


Aren’t these stories amazing? A few of the stories went a tad over the 50-word limit – but the words were so precious, it was a pleasure to read them all!

I’m grateful to the parents who made time to work with their kids. And special thanks to teachers who must have put aside other tasks in order to participate (please forgive me if I missed any of you): Tina Cho, kindergarten teacher, S. Korea; Katy Katzenberger and Julie Mathiasen, co-directors of Kings Mountain Children’s Center After School Program in Woodside, California; Jenna Grodzicki who collected stories from all the classes at Thalberg Elementary School in Southington, CT; Christina Etheridge, Mrs. Wilson, and Mrs. Dale at the Hillside Academy for Excellence in Garland, Texas; Susan Hasson, 3rd and 4th grade teacher at Holy Cross School in S. Portland, Maine; Karen Kufald, teacher at Birchwood Academy, Cleveland, Ohio; Lisa Milner, kindergarten teacher at Yaxham Church of England Primary School; Emily Kilgore, teacher at Richardson Elementary School, N. St. Paul, Minnesota; Amy Kovick, 2nd grade teacher at Little Harbour School, Portsmouth, Maine; Nicole Holman, Extended Program Facilitator, Marshalltown Community School District, Iowa; Katelyn Aronsen, picture book workshop teacher in Switzerland; Ms. Kincaid and Ms. Harvey, co-directors of the Growing Minds Christian Academy in Fayetteville, Georgia; and the teachers at the NPS International School in Singapore.

I’ll be emailing each parent and teacher a certificate of participation that can be printed out and personalized for every child who wrote a story for the challenge.

Thanks to the generosity of my kid-lit friends, there will be one mini-Skype author visit randomly awarded to each grade level. Stay tuned for more information on that.

And of course, I am looking for feedback and suggestions – how could this have been better?

Big congratulations to all of the children who participated! Your stories were fresh and exciting! I loved reading them…and I can’t wait to read what you write for the next challenge!

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About viviankirkfield

Writer for children - Reader forever Mom of 3, educator, author of FOUR OTTERS TOBOGGAN: AN ANIMAL COUNTING BOOK (Pomegranate Press, 2019), PIPPA'S PASSOVER PLATE (Holiday House, 2019), FROM HERE TO THERE: INVENTIONS THAT CHANGED THE WAY WE MOVE (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2019), SWEET DREAMS, SARAH (Creston Books, 2019), picture book junkie, lover of travel, hiking, fly-fishing, cooking, and playing Monopoly with my 9-year old grandson.

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  1. These are just wonderful, Vivian! Congratulations to all the young writers out there! 😊

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  2. Those are fantastic!!! Well done everyone!!!

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  3. Heather Kinser

    I read every last one. They are wonderful! Kids, keep writing. You are all beautifully creative!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Vivian, what a marvelous response to your contest. I see this getting bigger and bigger each year. I honestly think reading their stories will help me fine tune mine for the next adult go- round. Thank you for taking the time to invest in the lives of our young writers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Sherri…you are right…we can all probably learn something from reading these stories. And I do plan to do it again…maybe during the summer? Definitely in the late fall. 😉


  5. All I can say is, WOW!! Amazing stories, written by what surely are amazing children. Thanks, Vivian.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Congratulations Vivian for inspiring young minds and sharing the results with us!

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  7. These are all so wonderful!! Great job, kids!!!! Vivian, I think you’ve started something here! 😉💕📝

    Liked by 1 person

    • I sure hope so, Angela! Many of the parents and teachers told me how much the kids enjoyed writing these…and wanted to know when the next challenge will be. Guess I’ll have to have another and another and another. 😉


  8. David McMullin

    This is so much fun. They all did a fantastic job. What a wonderful idea you had here, Vivian.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, David. I hope to keep the ball rolling…kids need this type of outlet for their creativity and imaginations…I plan to do another this summer…definitely in the fall. 😉


  9. Yay Vivian!! Congrats on a fantastic contest! So fun to read all of these stories from around the world. 🙂

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  10. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every one of the stories. Congratulations to all these creative students!

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  11. This was an enjoyable break from my own writing. Great stories, young writers!
    Vivian, you have a lot of work ahead of you so I’m glad you love it. 🙂 Great job.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you enjoyed reading them, Lynn…so did I. And since I wasn’t ‘judging’ them, it was pure pleasure. I’ll be randomly picking one class from each grade level to receive the Skype author visit…but all of the stories were winners because the kid authors poured out their hearts and their imaginations. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  12. These were awesome! Great job to all the participants, I’m so impressed by the creative ideas!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for stopping by, Debbie. This was such a satisfying challenge for me to host. And I loved the response of parents and teachers who wanted to know when the next opportunity would be. 😉


  13. Wow! What amazing entries. We have some up-and-coming writers for sure. So creative. What a wonderful response Vivian.

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  14. Great job, writers!

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  15. Thank you so much for hosting this contest, Vivian! My students really enjoyed it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Jenna…I so appreciate you spreading the word at Thalberg Elementary School! I loved the stories and I’m tickled that the kids had fun doing it…that’s what it’s all about. 😉


  16. I want to thank you so much for working so hard to make this such a success. Next year, you’re going to have a lot of work on your hands. You do realize this, right?

    How amazing are these young writers. I am really impressed by the level of skills in this group.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bring it on, Pamela! Yes, you are right…it is a lot of work…but I love it so…and if it encourages even one child to follow their dream to become a writer, it will be totally worth it. 😉
      Thank you so much for bringing the challenge to your school, dear friend. I loved all of the stories from Growing Minds Christian Academy. 🙂


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    this coincidence did not came about earlieг! I bookmarkеd it.




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Polilla Writes

reading, writing, celebrating the written word

National Day Calendar

Fun, unusual and forgotten designations on our calendar.

Michelle Eastman Books

Kid Lit Author and Advocate


about reading, writing & thinking children's books

Laura Boffa: Write of Way

Giving the way of writing the right of way


A Gallery of New Picture Book Talent

EMU's Debuts

From Deal to Debut: the Path to Publication

Wander, Ponder, Write

A KidLit Journey...

Picture Book House

reviews and stories about parenting with picture books

Pernille Ripp

Teacher. Author. Creator. Speaker. Mom.

Norah Colvin

Live Love Laugh Learn . . . Create the possibilities

Gathering Books

Singapore | United States of America | Philippines

Beth Anderson, Children's Writer

Reader, Writer, Miner of Moments

Susanna Leonard Hill

Children's Author

The Stinky Backpack

Traveling the Everyday World

The Runaway Palate

Food. Travel. Cooking. Random musings. Maybe some historical stuff.

The Reader and the Book

"O Day of days when we can read! The reader and the book, either without the other is naught." Ralph Waldo Emerson


Authors & Illustrators Wild About Kidlit!

Teresa Robeson

thoughts on kidlit nonfiction, diversity, and food

Tracy Campbell

Heart for Ewe Publishing

kidsbook friends

Check out this blog about children's books!

Mary Jo Beswick

Artist - Children's Book Author & Illustrator - Teacher

Leslie Leibhardt Goodman

Children's Writer


READING: like dancing in your brain

Friendly Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales and Poetry Celebrating Magic and Nature for Kids of all Ages

Lauri Fortino's Frog On A (B)log

Sharing and Celebrating Picture Books Since 2009

Stacy S. Jensen

Reader | Writer | List Maker

Reading With Rhythm

book reviews from Rhythm the Library Dog

Nerdy Book Club

A community of readers

Nerdy Chicks Write

Get it Write this Summer!

Laura Sassi Tales

Celebrating writing, reading, and life.

Erika Wassall here... The Jersey Farm Scribe

Author, Freelance Writer, Entreprenur... LIVER of life

Angie Karcher

Writing Children's Books

Chapter Book Chat

A Writer Reviews Chapter Books, by Marty Mokler Banks

The Blabbermouth Blog

Literary Agent Linda Epstein's Yakkety Yakking

The Waiting

Turns out, it's not the hardest part.

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