#50PreciousWords 2018 Writing Challenge is OPEN!!



Today is the day, dear friends! Ready! Set! Go! The #50PreciousWords 2018 Writing Challenge is now OPEN!


For those of you who have not participated before, let me give you a bit of back story. March 2nd is the birthday of the incredible Theodore Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss. For the last two years, I’ve hosted a little contest based on Bennet Cerf’s challenge to Seuss to write a children’s book using only 50 words. And the classic Green Eggs and Ham was born. It’s true that the story has over 700 words…but only 50 unique words.

In 2016, I thought it would be fun to try to write a story for kids with ONLY 50 words. With a beginning, a middle, and an end. I wondered if I could do it. And then I opened the challenge to everyone. Much to my surprise and amazement, there were 128 entries! And last year, there were 253 entries. And I hope we have a great turnout again this year because I am passionate about helping others follow their dream of writing for children.

In 2012 I had a dream. I wanted to write picture books. And I wanted to be traditionally published. And one of the most important things I did was to participate in writing challenges like Susanna Hill’s contests. Why was that important? Because it got me writing. It got me revising. It got me submitting. Hmmm….writing/revising/submitting. I believe that if we do those three things enough times, our writing improves and agents and editors get a chance to see our work. And as much as I am thrilled with my own success, nothing makes me happier than to hear about the success of others in our kidlit community.

So, please sharpen your pencils. Fire up your computers. And share your #50PreciousWords with us.


  1. Write a story appropriate for kids ages 12 or under, using only 50 words…they can all be different words, or you can use some of them over and over…just as long as the total word count of the story is 50 or less.
  2. It can be prose, rhyme, free verse, silly or serious…whatever works for you.
  3. Title is not included in the word count.
  4. No illustration notes please.
  5. Please post your story in the comment section below. If you have your own blog and want to post your story there also, please do. And let us know your post link.  I ask for the link so that people will visit each other and find new friends in the kid lit community. Please make sure you put your name in the post. If you have any trouble at all posting the story, please email me and I will be happy to do it for you: viviankirkfield@gmail.com.
  6. Deadline for posting the story in the comments is Tuesday, March 6, at 11:59pm.
  7. Winners will be announced in a special blog post on Sunday, March 11.
  8. Winners? Of course, there will be winners…and prizes, too!
  • A critique from my beloved agent, Essie White (some of you may remember that the winner of the first year’s contest chose Essie’s critique as her prize…and she subsequently signed with Storm Literary Agency and THAT story, plus a sequel to it, will be published next year!



  • Your choice of ONE of the following from author, mentor, and founder of Sub Six FB group, Alayne Kay Christian: Picture Book critique or Chapter book critique (first three chapters), or Complimentary Art of Arc course.


  • Picture Book manuscript critique from author Lori Degman.


  • Your choice of either a picture book manuscript critique from author Karen Valenti or a seat in her Master Course on Picture Book Writing.


head shot


  • Picture Book manuscript critique from author Katey Howes.

KathrynHeadshots-40 (2)

Julie Abery


  • A piece of original signed art and a copy of LIZZIE AND LOU SEAL plus a silver seal necklace from author/illustrator Patricia Keeler.

Lizzie and Lou Seal cover

  • Rest & Relaxation package with two picture books and a surprise from author Maria Marshall.

maria marshall 2

  • A signed copy of CAT IN THE CITY from author/illustrator Jill Weber.

cat in the city

  • $15 credit in her TeachersPayTeachers store from Barbara Leyne(GradeOnederful)


A big thank you to all of our amazing prize donors! Much appreciation to illustrator Vicky Fang whose awesome logo graces our challenge! And a grateful thank you to my dear friends and critique buddies, Maria Marshall and Julie Abery who will be helping me read and comment.

Last year there were over 2000 comments – ALL OF THEM POSITIVE AND ENCOURAGING!  I am so proud to be a part of this amazing kidlit community. Our news stations and politicians should definitely take a lesson from this kidlit community.

And before I leave you to post your stories and comment on those you have a chance to read, I thought it would only be fair if I posted my sample of a 50-word story which hopefully has a beginning, a middle, and an end.


It was Sun’s birthday.

Moon gathered paper, paint,

glitter and glue to make a card.

But Wind blew.

Glitter and glue covered the stars.

“Now I have no gift for Sun,” cried Moon.

“Twinkling stars are the best present of all,” said Sun.

And Moon glowed all night long.

The End

Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, please email me: viviankirkfield@gmail.com.

I am so looking forward to reading all of your precious words!


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  1. And I really appreciate your willingness to help this year, Julie! And thanks so very much for donating a critique as one of the prizes. There are going to be a bunch of awesome stories!

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  2. What does my cat do when I’m at school?
    Does he eat with a spoon?
    Or fly to the moon?
    Does he whip up a roast?
    Or drive down the coast?
    Play golf with my pa?
    Or fix grandma’s car?
    What does my cat do when I’m at school?

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  3. “Domestication”

    Heavy rain sends Cat scurrying for cover.
    Under the porch roof, he shakes himself dry.
    He runs when he sees little faces spying.
    But he’s back next time it rains.
    This time a bowl of food waits. He eats.
    He still thinks he’s wild.
    They’ve already chosen his name.

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  5. As part of Renee LaTulippe’s Lyrical Language Lab course, I wrote a double dactyl poem (well, a pair of them, so I guess this is a double-double dactyl, making its debut)!. I’m excited to share it here! 50 words, on the nose. (And how funny, my story ALSO features a cat. What is that, 4 in a row? HAHA!)

    FICKLE FLOWER PICKING by Jennifer Broedel
    (50 words)

    Pranciful, shmanciful,
    Frannie the fanciful
    frolicked through fields that were
    filled to the brim.

    Finding that flowers, by
    frazzled her feline, she
    flung them from him.

    Tickledy, prickledy
    Felix McFickledy,
    sick of each flickering,
    fluttering bloom,

    Dug up the daisies, a
    cursing the crocus for
    taking up room.

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  6. “What’s Black and White and Green All Over?”

    A penguin ate a pickle.
    It gave his throat a tickle.
    He saw it when the keeper dropped it.
    Straight into his mouth he popped it.
    The odd addition to his lunch
    Disappeared, munch munch munch.
    He didn’t like it in the least.
    ‘Twas not the hoped for fishy feast.

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  7. What fun! Thanks for the contest.

    My story–titled “Magnify Me!”–is nonfiction and also in verse. It can also be found on my website at http://www.heatherkinser.com/inspiration/50-precious-words-challenge-2018


    Mallard swims and braves the weather
    in a raincoat made of feather.

    Feather? What a silly coat!
    Can it really help him float?

    …Magnify me!
    What do you see?

    Tiny branching barbs and hooks
    offer more than handsome looks—
    trapping heat and blocking wet.

    …How much closer can YOU get?

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  9. I just LOVE this contest! Thank you, Vivian! My entry titled, Vroom – Vroom can also be seen on my website listed below. Good luck everyone!


    VROOM VROOM (49)

    Monster trucks roar.

    Monster trucks rumble.

    They turn on their engines

    and get ready to tumble

    V V

    R R

    O O

    O O

    M M

    they’re off.

    Hold your ears.

    Big tough trucks

    are shifting gears

    V V

    R R

    O O

    O O

    M M

    Loud thundering sound,

    leaping up and over

    that humongous dirt mound.

    Crash – Smash to the ground!

    V V

    R R

    O O

    O O

    M M

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  10. After the Rain (50 words)

    It’s red and orange
    It’s yellow and green
    It’s the most mystical thing
    That you’ve ever seen!

    It’s blue and violet
    It arcs in the sky
    It appears after rain
    But it’s almost shy

    It doesn’t stay long
    Where does it go?
    Why did it come
    and give a show?

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  11. Why I’m No Longer a Cowboy (50 words)

    It’s harder than I realized, to drive cattle without getting caught.
    We made it halfway to the ranch; I guess it was just too hot.

    My cows are stuck in the shade! I’ve heaved, pushed and prodded.
    They won’t budge a single inch, and when I gave up they applauded.

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  12. Love this contest!


    “Mom! My rocket’s stuck in the tree!”
    “Throw something at it! Mom yelled.
    I tried a stick. It got stuck.
    I tried my football. It fell back on my forehead.
    I tried my baseball bat. It broke the branch,
    No rocket…
    I picked up the cat.
    Mom came running…FAST!

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  13. How to Survive a Piano Recital (49 words)


    Backstage butterflies
    Beast waits, open-jawed

    Take a seat
    Deep breath
    Music download, brain to fingers
    Breeze through tricky passage
    Get stuck

    Rewind, try again

    Heart pounds
    Big chord
    Grand finale


    Next spring
    Start again
    Backstage butterflies

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  14. Count with Me! (50 words)

    One! Two! Three!

    Sang teeny-tiny flea.

    Four! Five! Six!

    Barked puppy-dog mix.

    Seven! Eight! Nine!

    Oinked pink-piggy swine.


    Crowed rooster to hen.

    Ten! Nine! Eight!

    Grumbled alligator’s mate.

    Seven! Six! Five!

    Buzzed the bees by the hive.

    Four! Three! Two!

    Cooed joey kangaroo.


    Growled cheetah on the run.

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    By Rachel Funez
    49 words

    Baby smiles;
    She wants to play.
    Mamma tickles.
    Mamma seeks.
    Mamma lifts the sheet and peaks.

    Baby cries;
    She’s feeling sad.
    Mamma hugs her.
    Mamma sways.
    Mamma wipes the tears away.

    Baby sighs;
    She’s tired now.
    Mamma cuddles.
    Mamma sings.
    Mamma rocks, and walks, and swings.

    Night, night, Baby.

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  16. This is a nod to Alexander’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. By Judith Viorst

    Eli’s Day


    I spilled cereal on my favorite pants.

    At circle time,

    no one sat next to me.

    Then I skinned my knee,

    without a boo-boo kiss.

    And squiggles danced around the page,

    teasing me.

    But stepping off the bus,

    a hug was waiting.

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  17. Patty Sat On A Mat With Cat (50 words)

    Patty sat on a mat with cat.
    Until he spied a big fat rat.
    He raced around the little house.
    He also spied a small brown mouse.
    Patty stood upon a chair
    Cat chased rodents with great care.
    Eventually he made them scat.
    Patty sat on a mat with cat.

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  19. The Ant and the Inchworm – Vicki Hammond

    Ant went for a walk.
    He met Inchworm.

    “Pardon me,” Ant said,
    “I need to get by.”
    “Me, too,” replied Inchworm.

    They stood and stared.

    Finally, Ant said,
    “If you will move an inch to the right,
    I will move too.”

    Inchworm moved right.
    Ant went on his way.

    also posted on my blog

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  20. Such fun writing these fifty words. Thanks, Vivian, Maria and Julie! And thanks to Vicky Fang for the great art!

    Ribbon’s Adventure

    Ribbon’s home is a drawer.
    Squashed, she imagines adventures:
    parties, parades and presents.

    One day, the drawer opens.
    Ribbon soars skyward
    tied to rainbow balloons.

    Dancing, dabbing, dipping,
    silvery and speckled,
    Ribbon’s the life of the party!

    Untangled. Unbroken. Undone.
    When the drawer closes,
    Ribbon is glad to be home.

    Copyright 2018 Brenda Davis Harsham

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    by Chris M. Regier

    The hay field was empty.
    “Hey.” Patience bleated.
    They’d been robbed!
    “Hey!” Patience bellered.
    Anxious to alert the farmer, she didn’t notice the bale wagon disappearing into the barn.
    “HEY!” Patience bawled.
    Hoarse and hungry, she finally trudged home.
    Into a barn bursting with wispy, wonderful…

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  22. Murphy vs the Gophers by Elizabeth Saxton

    Gophers invaded Murphy’s doghouse. He tried to growl them out. He tried to yowl them out. He snuck a plate of beans and tried to foul them out. Nothing worked. Finally, he dug up his treasures and paid an expert. Kitty 1. Gophers 0.

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  23. WHO WE ARE

    I’m Bee and I use she.

    I’m Lee and I use he.

    I’m Jay and I use they.

    We’re all free to laugh and play.

    Friends forever, friends for fun,

    we have love for everyone.

    With new thoughts of who we are,

    we’re changing things both near and far.

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  24. Fiona Finds a Friend (50 words)

    When Fiona flicked her ball over the fence, she knew she wouldn’t get it back in one piece.





    But there was nothing else to play with.
    She peered over the fence.


    Pieces in a puppy’s mouth.
    Now she has a friend to play with!

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  25. The Land of Lost Socks
    By Anne Lipton
    50 words

    Jane pawed through socks,
    not finding a pair,
    She cleaned up her room,
    then slept like a bear.

    Jane became trapped
    in the Land of Lost Socks,
    till her thoughts wandered
    outside the box.

    Jane arched her back
    and lifted her head,
    then followed her cat
    to his sock-piled bed.

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    • I totally can’t believe how many cat stories there are, Ann! LOVE this lost sock one…wish I had a cat…then I’d know where my missing socks were. 😉 Thanks so much for joining in the fun!

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      • Thank you for the kind words and the contest, Vivian! You rock.The opportunity and prizes are amazing.

        Putting on my behavioral neurologist hat, my theory about the preponderance of feline-focused entries this year is that “cat” is the first association most people make with Dr. Seuss. I set out to write a story about lost socks, but a cat stole the show—as well as the socks.

        I really enjoyed your scintillating and creative story about the sun, moon, and stars, too, and I wonder what inspired your tale. Your weekly cookie and craft projects? (Cookies often remind me of the moon.) Or Game of Thrones, perchance?

        All the glitter to you for being such a champion and supporter of other writers. You are a star in the firmament.

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  26. A Day in the Park for Little One

    Sun shines bright.
    Hello, Sun.

    Teeter-totter goes up and down.
    Silly, teeter-totter.

    Swing goes back and forth.
    Giggly, swing..

    Dog barks loudly.
    Hush, Dog!

    Squirrel scurried up a tree.
    Go, Squirrel!

    Popsicle melts everywhere.
    Messy popsicle.

    Tummy growls, time to go.
    Goodbye, Park.

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  27. Nice narrative here! It’s a great story about learning and growing and coming to appreciate things you were scared of.

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  28. I like the humor here, and the fun lesson in the difference between desert and dessert! It’s amazing what you can do with 50 words!

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    By Ann Kelley

    Under winter’s frosty bliss,
    Springtime sneaks a teasing kiss.

    One ray, two rays, three rays, four,
    Sunrays warm my burrow door.

    Plink-plop, drip-drop, splash my nose.
    Pooling puddles wet my toes.

    Peek and seek above the ground.
    Robin chirps a cheery sound.

    Good-bye, Winter! Celebrate!
    Scurry through the garden gate.

    Thank you, Vivian, for hosting such a fun contest!

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  30. Soooo. I am posting this story before I chicken out. And also, before we exceed the quota on stories about CATS. (Is it the Year of the Cat, or something?)
    Thanks to Vivian for this contest.

    CAT (50 words)
    by Christy Mihaly


    “No messy cats inside,” warns Gramps.

    Cat follows him softly, unseen;

    patrols the corners.


    Mice flee.

    “Smart Cat!” says Gramps.


    Cat licks her paws.

    “Nice clean Cat!” says Gramps.

    Cat curls on Gramps’s lap.

    “Sweet Cat!” says Gramps.

    When nobody’s looking,

    Gramps plays catch

    with Cat.


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  31. BROTHER VS. SISTER by Michelle Howell Miller

    Brothers and sisters aren’t always on the same page.

    Brother builds
    Sister bulldozes

    Brother pirouettes
    Sister Kungfus

    Brother snuggles
    Sister roughhouses

    Brother giggles
    Sister shouts

    Though sometimes…

    Brother shouts
    Sister giggles

    Brother roughhouses
    Sister does too!

    Brother Kungfus
    Sister pirouettes

    Brother bulldozes
    Sister builds

    Brother and sister…
    spine to spine.

    Thank you for the challenge Vivian!

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  32. Eyes open.
    ‘Bye bed.

    Sun peeks.

    Pants and shirt.

    Now munch,
    Help tidy.




    Here. Chomp, chew.

    Read. Listen.

    Scrub. Flush.
    pants and shirt.

    Moon gazes.

    Hello bed.
    Eyes drift.

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  33. Thanks for running this fun contest again, Vivian! Hope to see you at the NESCBWI Conference. Here’s my entry.

    When Trees Talk
    by Robin Brett Wechsler
    (50 words)

    Willow and Oak sagged in the sun—as red-cheeked children raced toward them.

    Oak lifted his limbs. “Come climb my branches!”

    Willow rustled her leaves. “Come laze in my shade!”

    “Huh?” asked Oak.

    “Shh!” whispered Willow.

    The children hung a hammock between them and swung.

    Willow and Oak stood tall.

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  35. I’m sensing a theme of animals, to which I shall add to that theme. Good luck everyone!

    By Suzie Olsen

    ABCD dogs and more,
    That is what the D stands for.
    Dogs are cute.
    Cats are too.
    I like fluffy pets,
    How about you?
    ABCD dogs and more,
    That is what the D stands for!

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  36. BE KIND
    by Meryl Sachs Cullom

    Be kind to dolphins,
    and doves and dogs
    and cats and coral
    and friends and frogs
    and bats and bear cubs
    and bumblebees
    and plants, and peacocks, piano keys,
    the glass that glitters
    upon the shelf,
    be kind to them all and
    be kind to yourself!

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  37. A brief story inspired by seeing a friendship bench on a school playground, and things I see/hear that stick with me as a substitute teacher.

    Rainbows, Dreams and Flutterflies
    49 words
    Mary Vander Plas

    We sit on the friendship bench.
    Three of us.
    Eyes downcast.
    Rainbows remind me of my dog.
    Dreams remind me of my baby sister. She never came home.
    Flutterflies remind me of Grandpa.
    You mean butterflies?
    We called them Flutterflies.
    I’ll call them Flutterflies too.
    Three new friends.

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    • Such a tender story. You captured their emotions so well in few words. Love that they found such a sweet thing in common!


    • Oh, that line about the baby sister . . .infant loss is something I feel like you rarely see addressed in children’s stories but I know it affects children.


      • Thanks everyone. In 49 words the grief /pain is definitely highlighted. I’m working on the full MS where hope, kindness and friendship are the shining stars! I would never have seen the difference in tone without joining 12×12 and very hesitantly jumping into this contest with both feet.


  38. PARTY TIME (50)

    Tiptoe, tiptoe, tippity toe. STOP!

    Sneaking, sneaking, super sneaky peeking.

    Hush hush, hush hush, don’t giggle or bust. SHHH!

    One pause. Two pause. Make sure it’s time pause.

    Three pause. Four pause. Almost in the door pause.

    Five count, NOW POUNCE! A happy birthday cheer pounce!

    Laughing. Grinning. Everyone delighting.

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    (for 50 Precious Words 2018)
    By Sarah Hetu-Radny

    Cat and Bear plan.
    Cat measures. Bear yawns.
    Cat pours. Bear dozes.
    Cat bakes. Bear snores.
    Cat frosts. Bear drools.
    Cat rests. Bear stretches.
    Cat sleeps. Bear samples.
    Bear hiccups. Cat awakes.
    Bear blushes. Cat hisses.
    Bear apologizes. Cat sniffs.
    Bear hugs. Cat forgives.
    Cat shares.
    Bear does the dishes.

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  40. Thank you Vivian for this great challenge! 50 words? Most of my comments are longer than that! lol. But what a great way to measure the importance of each one carefully. Here is mine inspired by the 600 (yep, you read that correctly) daffodil bulbs we planted last fall.

    A snow flake fell
    Then another
    and another
    then too many to count.
    But underneath the ground hid hope.

    Deep in the darkest places
    Hope rested

    Finally, a shoot burst through
    Then another
    and another
    then too many to count
    And above the ground bloomed hope.

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  41. Hahaha! Who knew cats would be so popular this year? Well, I’ll add to the cat-repertoire that’s building :D.

    by Nicole Dusseljee

    Matt wanted a cat. BUT he was allergic.

    BUT he had an idea.

    BUT it would take some work.
    AND practice.

    SO That’s what he did.

    He learned to knit, practiced, and knit a hypoallergenic cat-suit.

    THEN he got a cat.
    She wore the suit, and he named her Purrl.

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  42. MISH MASH MAMMAL by Bruna De Luca
    (50 words)

    Platypus bemoaned his beak,
    a tear slid down one furry cheek,
    “I don’t fit in. I don’t belong.
    My paddle tail,” he wailed, “is wrong!”
    Then otter, beaver, drake and duck,
    swam by and he was thunderstruck!
    “I have their strengths, their odds and ends,
    a hotchpotch of potential friends!”

    I’m a writing comp virgin but I enjoyed the challenge. Thanks Vivian!

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  43. Song of Change

    By Jessica Kulekjian

    A song unsung

    hiding inside

    grows louder


    deep and wide.

    At first a whisper

    sneaking out

    Like winds of change

    begin to shout.





    thousands of singers joining in

    to sing the song

    that has become

    An anthem rising

    once unsung.

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  44. The reverso didn’t print right. Sigh. They words were supposed to be side by side. The only way it will publish on the post is one side under another. Here ya go. Top is one POV. Bottom is another perspective.

    New at School: A Reverso
    by Janie Reinart

    Heads turn,
    our hearts beat together,
    You walk in.
    Try to fit in.
    Longing for a friend.
    Look my way.
    “Sit with me!”

    “Sit with me?”
    Look my way.
    Longing for a friend?
    Try to fit in.
    You walk in,
    Our hearts beat together.
    Heads turn.


  45. Please ignore this entry. Will make a minor but essential edit and post again. Couldn’t work out how to delete it.


  46. Erin (never) Feels C-old

    Making snow angels warms me up.
    But mom says, “Come in for cocoa.”

    I’m never cold!
    My hair flies as I sprint to school hatless.

    I’m exhausted from a cold.
    My toddler shared his germs with me.

    My old bones ache from winter winds.
    I’ll make tea and read poetry.

    Posted on my new site: Don’t write a crappy first draft. Write #50PreciousWords

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  47. THE SOMETHING (43 words)

    by Merinda Wild

    Something’s creeping…

    through the garden…

    past the playhouse…

    over the leaf pile…

    around the sandpit…

    under the grape vines…

    across the doorstep…

    down the hallway…

    into the bedroom…

    up to the bed…

    It’s here! It’s ready to pounce…


    a cuddle monster!



    Thanks Vivian, I had great fun with this challenge!

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  48. Thank you for running this contest.

    Leo’s Snow Globe
    by Nina Nolan

    Leo loved his snow globe.
    The house inside glowed with pride. But no people. So he could imagine how they felt.
    Usually he thought happy.
    When he thought they were grumpy, it meant he was.
    So he decided, on purpose, that they were happy.
    Then he was happy again too.

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  49. So much fun Vivian! Look forward to this each year. You’re the best!

    Two plus Two

    Two little runaways
    cornered in a barn,
    rescued by a shelter,
    keeping them from harm.

    Two little children
    visiting again,
    browse the cages slowly,
    looking for a friend.

    Four little green eyes,
    Look down to see four blue.
    Thought they came,
    for just one friend,
    now going home with two.

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  50. Little Cat

    Come sit with me
    little cat
    Come sit with me
    upon my bed
    Come sit with me
    let’s read a book
    Come sit with me
    my pillow’s soft
    Come sit with me
    and stay the night
    Come sit with me
    my room’s so dark
    Come sit with me, won’t you?…please.

    My cats insisted I post this since cats seem to be the theme this year 🙂

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  51. Vivian you rock! Thank you for the “big” fun.
    This is a reverso -read top part for one POV. Read second part for another perspective using the same words in reverse order -just different punctuation.

    New at School: A Reverso
    by Janie Reinart

    Heads turn,
    our hearts beat together,
    You walk in.
    Try to fit in.
    Longing for a friend.
    Look my way.
    “Sit with me!”

    “Sit with me?”
    Look my way.
    Longing for a friend?
    Try to fit in.
    You walk in,
    Our hearts beat together.
    Heads turn.

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  52. This was inspired by the last stanza, which my father taught us to chant while we were fishing with our bobbers.

    Fisherman’s Prayer

    Fishy, Fishy,
    swimming past,
    I am the king,
    beware my cast.

    Fishy, Fishy,
    see my worm?
    Watch him wiggle,
    a tasty squirm.

    Fishy, Fishy,
    wants to play.
    Nibble nibbles,
    then streams away.

    Fishy, Fishy,
    bite my hook.
    You be the king,
    I’ll be the cook.

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  53. I’m A Book (50 words)

    Hi, I’m a book.

    I never break.

    I never wear out.

    I never need batteries.

    I never need wi-fi.

    I never need sleep.

    I never need food.

    I only need you.

    Open me up anytime.

    Take me anywhere.

    And if you like me, guess what,

    I have a gazillion cousins!

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    “That pesky marsupial is back. Get him, Rex!”

    Rex creeps through the doggy door, sniffing for Bilby’s scent.

    Rex pounces, barking furiously.

    Bilby flees. Again.

    “Great chasing, Rex. Have a scrummy treat.”

    Disappearing under the veranda, Rex greets Bilby with a big, wet, sloppy lick and shares his reward. Again.


    This entry is also posted on my Facebook author page: https://www.facebook.com/PictureBkSerge/posts/166596443991532

    Thanks Vivian for setting up the challenge and the writing inspiration. Also great to read through so many other wonderful entries.

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  55. Little Sparrow is Hungry
    by Kaye Baillie
    49 words

    Little Sparrow chirped for a crumb.
    Mama brought a crumb.

    Little Sparrow chirped for a cake.
    Mama fetched a cake.

    Little Sparrow chirped for a pie.
    A gigantic apple pie!
    Mama pushed and dragged …

    Little Sparrow chirped for Mama,
    to have first bite.
    Mama cuddled and kissed, Little Sparrow.

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  56. Thanks for this great challenge!
    After the first few lines I realised that it could be acrostic, so I went with it 🙂

    Frosty by Louise Booker

    Frosty the bear cub cries
    Icy tears on his face
    Flying snowflakes, all is white
    The storm has hidden Mama!
    Yowling, where has she gone?

    Worried Mama hears him calling
    Out near the Grizzly’s den
    Run Mama Bear! Found him!
    Don’t wander in the storm
    Stay with Mama now, Frosty

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  57. I love how you captured the moment when you discover that something you feared or dreaded is actually amazing. This does have lots of illustration potential and fun twist on a circular ending.

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  59. Such a fun challenge! Thanks Vivian for the opportunity.

    Let’s Draw a Monster (50 words)

    One boy.

    One girl.

    One paper.

    “Let’s draw a Monster!”

    “No, a fairy!”

    “Snow monster?”


    “Sea monster?”

    Will we ever agree?”

    “I dunno.”

    “What’s an Idunno?”

    “I’ll show you.”

    “That’s not an Idunno, that’s a monster!!!”

    One boy.

    One girl.

    One monster… with fairy wings and a tutu.

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  60. Michele Thorne
    50 words

    A Window Into You

    I sit,
    I watch,
    breathe it in.

    A glimpse,
    a gift,
    this window in.

    You’re present,
    you’re pleasant,
    eyes lock mine.

    Your soul,
    your spirit,
    simply divine.

    You’re quiet,
    you’re calm,
    speaking clear.

    it disappears.

    to see it again.

    A glimpse,
    A gift,
    that window in.

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  61. There once was a boy,
    Named Thomas.
    During recess,
    Thomas saw some girls,
    Playing with dolls in the sandbox.

    But Thomas didn’t think
    They would let him play.
    So he just watched.

    The girls
    Saw him watching.
    So they
    Brought the dolls to him,
    And they played
    All recess long.

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    Mary Vander Plas
    45 words

    Cockadoodle TOOT!
    Rooster feasts on beans
    Up turns his beak
    When offered chicken feed.

    Lima, pinto, navy
    Lentils and legumes
    Waking up the homestead
    With Cockadoodle FUMES

    So here’s a little warning
    It’s kind of gross-not cute
    Plug your nose and listen
    For Cockadoodle TOOT!

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      • Thank you! Sort of… I grew up on a farm and vividly remember the chickens happily pecking away at the fermented corn silage we were blowing into the silos. They honestly acted a bit tipsy. Not good material for a children’s book, so this is a different angle. I have (grown) boys who still think this particular bodily function is hilarious…always have. I was recently asking them about their favorite books as kids and Captain Underpants & The Day My Butt Went Psyco top the list. They are both Communication Arts Majors in college now so I’m happy they fell in love with reading/writing at a young age!

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    • This is hilarious, Mary! And I love the list of beans…I can actually see this as a picture book…but definitely wouldn’t want to smell it. 😉 Thanks so much for joining the fun with your second story!


      • Thank you for your kind words and for this unique opportunity! Love all the stories 😊


    • Ha ha ha ha ha! Thank you for the fun. I giggled, and my son had to know what was so funny. He didn’t giggle, he guffawed. Thank you for brightening our day!


    • Much appreciated, Maria! Rainbow is an actual rainbow! A rainbow has 7 colors (red, blue, yellow, violet, green, indigo and orange) – each feeling/action in the story is represented by one of the seven colors, excluding the opening line and the last two lines 🙂


  63. Rain, Rain, Go Away (50 words)
    by Arlene Schenker

    Rain, rain, go away, we want to go outside to play.
    Can’t ride our bikes when the street’s all wet.
    But we can jump in the puddles and make a big splash,
    And when it starts thundering make a mad dash.
    No reason to pout if the sun isn’t out!

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  64. Such a nifty idea—thanks for the opportunity to contribute!


    “Syrup Season” board book
    By: Jessica Southwick
    43 words

    The wind goes whoosh! whoosh! whoosh! through the trees.

    The drops go plink! plink! plink! in the bucket.

    The sap goes bubble! bubble! bubble! in the vat.

    The syrup goes drip! drip! drip! on the pancakes.

    We all say yum! yum! yum! together.

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    • Nice job with getting the word count so low and keeping the repetition that little ones will love. We used to have 3 huge maples in our yard in CT when our kids were growing up and several years, we tapped them. I actually ruined a Jefferson Pine kitchen table and chairs because I boiled sap inside on the stove for hours and hours and hours…and the humidity took the varnish off the furniture.
      But the maple syrup was delicious and we gave bottles of it for Christmas presents that year. 🙂
      I’m so glad you shared your story, Jessica!

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      • Thanks, Vivian! I, too, grew up tapping the maples on the family farm (Maple Hill Farm, appropriately, enough). There is nothing like the smell of the steam coming off those evaporator pans.

        And, while I feel the pain of your unvarnished furniture, it makes for a fantastic story! I can picture it, clearly. (I’ll bet your syrup was absolutely scrumptious.)


  65. Petal and Wing (50)

    Golden sun shines down
    Flowers open up
    Buzzy bees come to visit
    They hover, then hug their floral friends
    Pretty petals and Wavering wings

    Bees fly Home Sweet Home
    To their humming hive

    I spread honey on my toast
    Sweet syrup of bee and blossom
    Golden sunshine on my bread

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  66. Manatee
    by Doreen Lepore

    Swimming slowly, just under the surface, the algae covered sea cow looks for food.

    Her large body casting a shadow on the river bed let the silvery fish know she’s passing by.

    Surfacing for air while she waits for her calf to join her, she spots her sea grass breakfast

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  67. Rebekah Lowell
    lyrical nonfiction
    word count: 50


    I emerge,
    and nibble

    I molt,
    and grow
    on the leaves


    I spin a silk anchor
    to grasp
    while I change,
    upside down,
    into a quiet cloak—
    my chysralis,
    where I wait.

    I look still,
    but inside,
    I’m lacing together,
    into something new.

    I emerge.

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