Cover Reveal: DIBS! by Laura Gehl

I’m a big fan of Laura Gehl’s books. And so are lots of kids. Especially One Big Pair of Underwear! So, when I heard that Laura had a brand-new picture book releasing next year, I knew I’d want to spread the word. And guess what? 

I get to do the COVER REVEAL!

Welcome to the world, DIBS!

CoverWriiten by Laura Gehl

llustrated by Marcin  Piwowarski

Published by Carolrhoda – May 2019

And here’s a little taste of the fun that’s in store for you:

Julian likes to call “DIBS!” on everything he wants, from the solar system plate to the last star cookie. His baby brother Clancy watches and learns. Then one day Clancy says his first word–

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 12.09.52 PM

“DIBS!” It’s funny…until Clancy starts calling dibs on everything, from his parents’ bed to a real airplane to the White House. What’s next? Calling dibs on the moon?

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 12.10.30 inside spread

Sure enough, Clancy calls dibs on NASA and blasts off into space! Julian is glad to have Earth all to himself…at first. But when Clancy doesn’t come back, Julian is worried–and lonely. Can he harness the power of dibs to rescue his little brother?

DIBS! flies into the world on May 7, 2019, but you can preorder now:

Here’s a little bit about the genius behind DIBS!



Laura Gehl’s humorous picture books include One Big Pair of Underwear, the Peep and Egg series, My Pillow Keeps Moving, I Got a Chicken For My Birthday, and Delivery Bear. Although Laura has four children (one of whom inspired this book with his love of calling dibs), this is her first book about sibling rivalry. Is that because her children never fight? Or because their fighting drives all rational thoughts out of her head? You decide. Laura’s other releases coming up in 2019 include Except When They Don’t (Little Bee), Baby Oceanographer (HarperCollins), and Always Looking Up: The Story of Astronomer Nancy Grace Roman (Whitman). She can be found in Maryland calling “DIBS!” on the last brownie or the newest library book.

To connect with Laura or find out more about her books:


I don’t usually get to wish you all a wonderful week, since I’m usually posting on Friday and Saturday. But, since today is Tuesday, I can!

I hope your week is joyous and productive. And I’ll see you back here on Friday, for another perfect picture book from Lisa Amstrutz: Finding a Dove for Grandpa.

12 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: DIBS! by Laura Gehl

  1. This looks like fun! Wish it was published before Christmas. I’m looking for a book for a young great grandson and this looks perfect! And, funny! And with sibling rivalry and sharing, it would be ideal for both grandsons..


  2. What an awesome idea for a book! Kids will love it, and I’m sure I will too. Laura has a gift for writing books that are brimming with humor and heart.


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