Perfect Picture Book Friday: FINDING A DOVE FOR GRAMPS Plus Critique Giveaway

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday, dear friends. The year is winding down, but the windfall of fabulous picture books of 2018 is not. And the author of today’s book is offering a VERY special giveaway: a Picture Book Critique OR the first 10 pages of a novel.



Written by Lisa Amstutz

Illustrated by Maria Luisa Di Gravio

Published by Albert Whitman (November 2018)

Ages: 5-7

Themes: Christmas Bird Count, family, persistance

Synopsis: From Amazon:

“A boy and his mom continue the family tradition of participating in the annual bird count. Since Gramps went South for the winter, the boy hopes to spot Gramps’s favorite bird for him—a dove! But with so many different birds in the nature preserve, will he be able to spot one? This heart-warming family story about nature celebrates a holiday census that was first started in 1900 and happens every year.”

Why I like this book:

  • I’ve always been fascinated with the Christmas Bird Count…and I was thrilled to see there is a new picture book that will introduce young children to this.
  • Bold illustrations draw the reader into the story.
  • I loved that the family is helping the young boy keep his connection with his Gramps strong, even though he is not living close by any more.


Fine-Motor-and-SensoryCraft-for-kids-200x300Photo courtesy:

Make a cool bird feeder, but just remember that if you make a habit of feeding birds, they may come to depend on it and if you don’t follow through in the winter, they may not be able to find food elsewhere. For detailed instructions:

Find out more about the Christmas Bird Count and how it started:

Lisa Amstutz, the author of FINDING A DOVE FOR GRAMPS, has a wonderful website with activities for teachers:

And please remember that the best gift we can give our favorite authors is to 

  • Buy their books
  • Write reviews
  • Tell friends about the book
  • Ask your local library to purchase it for their collection

I hope you all enjoy the weekend. Don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered into the giveaway. I’ll be flying to Chicago tomorrow morning to spend the week with family, so I’m wishing all of you a very Safe and Happy Thanksgiving.





63 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday: FINDING A DOVE FOR GRAMPS Plus Critique Giveaway

    • YAY! That’s one of the best things about Perrfect Picture Book Friday…for me, lifting up new books and introducing them to the world – maybe you will participate in this year’s Christmas Bird Count. 🙂


  1. We used to live in the migration route. The birds were fabulous and the count was exciting! Lovely theme -tradition, grandparents, and preserving nature. A wonderful read for all, Lisa.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone…”gooble, gooble up all the vegetables and dessert,” says Tom. He wants to be counted, too.

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  2. Congrats to Lisa on another wonderful book!

    I am looking forward to reading this one because I love birds. My favorite are the chickadees that visit our bird feeder. We also get quite a few Eurasian blue tits, European robins, coal tit, common chaffinch and lots of sparrrows. In warmer months I get to enjoy the blackbirds. They let me get very close to them without being scared away and they wake me each morning with their beautiful songs.

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  3. I have a friend that does the bird census in our area every year. She also directs and teaches an outdoor preschool program. What a perfect gift this will make for her! Thank you Lisa and Vivian.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love Lisa. Will have to add this book to my “Lisa” books! Thanks for a chance to win a critique. Wow! And, thanks Vivian for a year of reviews and giveaways. Happy and blessed Thanksgiving to all.

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  5. I can’t wait to read this! I just heard about the count a few weeks ago, courtesy of Jane Yolen. Since this is the 2nd time in as many weeks, perhaps it’s a sign for our family to take part 🙂 Best of success!

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  6. This sounds like a lovely book about a wonderful tradition. I love stories that focus on family time. Can’t wait to read it with my kids. Thanks for sharing!

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  7. Thank you for sharing this book with us! My parents are avid birdwatchers and they participate in the Christmas bird count every year. They have also passed their love of birds on to my children. This will be the perfect Christmas gift for both the children and their grandparents.

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  8. This looks like such a wonderful book! Our bird count happens on Hawk Hill in the Golden Gate Headlands each year in the fall. But my son and I spot them while I drive him to school down Ocean Beach every morning. We usually see one or two on our drive. We spot other species in our back yard once the Pyracantha and Contoneaster berries are ripe. Cedar Waxwings, wood peckers, and lots of robins. There are others, but I have’t been able to identify them yet. Happy TG to you, Vivian!

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