Giveaway Winner Catchup and a NEW LOOK

I’m back from Chicago, dear friends, and the extra pounds were unfortunately not in my luggage. It’s really difficult to refrain from eating all the yummy foods during this holiday season…I do try not to take seconds, but I don’t always succeed. If any of you have a great plan to keep unwanted weight off, please share. (the tips…not the weight!)

It turned out to be a working vacation…for my daughter-in-law, that is. She’s so thrilled about my picture books that will be launching next year. “You are a picture book writer,” she said. “You are full of fun and your website needs to reflect that!” And so she made the magic happen and the new banner is the result – featuring characters from two of my 2019 debut picture books, PIPPA’S PASSOVER PLATE illustrated by the fabulous Jill Weber and FOUR OTTERS TOBOGGAN: AN ANIMAL COUNTING BOOK illustrated by the talented Mirka Hokkanen, are frolicking around me! There is still more to do (I have to figure out how to put my social media buttons and email signup back – any WordPress savvy techies out there, please don’t hesitate to chime in)…but I am EXCITED for the NEW LOOK! Please comment below and let me know what you think.

I also wanted to catch up on blog giveaways. This has been an amazing year with generous guests who donated books and critiques…I’m grateful for every one of these wonderful authors and illustrators!

Brian Lies donated a copy of ROUGH PATCH. And the winner is…Lisa Furness.

rough patch

Brian also donated aa copy of GOT TO GET TO BEAR’S. And the winner is…Cathy Ogren.


Sherry Howard donated a Picture Book Critique. And the winner is…Katie Walsh.

book cover

Lisa Amstutz donated a Critique of a PB manuscript or 1st 10 pages of a novel. And the winner is…Julie Campbell.


CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!! I will be contacting you all shortly to arrange for prize distribution.

Meanwhile, the next couple of weeks will be busy ones. I’m revising one nonfiction picture book manuscript and completely reworking another. Plus I’ve got several guest blog posts that need to be finished. I attended Arree Chang’s Black Friday Bootcamp, although because I was inflight for most of it, I’ll be watching the replay ASAP. I’ve got a video interview with Katie Davis on Monday, my inperson critique group meets on Friday, and that brings us to DECEMBER…and when that calendar page turns, we will be in 2019. And honestly, I can hardly wait!

My goals for next year are to continue writing and supporting other writers as much as possible, host #50PreciousWords and #50PreciousWordsforKids, travel around the world and launch my three debut picture books, with, as the Beatles so aptly put it, a little help (or, in my case, a lot of help) from my friends.


32 thoughts on “Giveaway Winner Catchup and a NEW LOOK

  1. Welcome home! Glad you had a wonderful time and the website looks FABULOUS! ❤️ So excited for you and so proud of your wonderful upcoming books. Hope to see you soon!

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  2. Welcome back my dear friend. And Wow your daughter-in-law did a fabulous job. Looks like even though you have landed home, your feet still haven’t touched the ground. 2019 will be here before you know it.


  3. The new banner is really dynamic. The cat through the window is fun and the B&W elements make everything pop. One ‘complaint’ – your head is cut off on the individual blog post pages. I guess that’s just a quirk/limitation of the site’s formatting. Not a deal breaker, but the full banner is where it’s at, for sure.

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    • Thanks for noticing that, Katie. I’ve noticed it on other blogs, but never had that problem on mine…but it is a new ‘theme’ format…maybe that is why. I removed the featured image option from the post and hopefully that will fix it. And YAY, glad you love it!


  4. The new website looks terrific. Very appealing, creative, warm fuzzy, and sleek. I love it. Congratulations to the winners of the give aways and of course, all the books you have coming out, Vivian!


  5. Vivian,

    Thank you so much for my lovely gift, Millie Fierce Sleeps Out. It’s a delightful picture book. Barbara Cairns

    P.S. I’ve been making a Potato Leek each week since September and have lost 10 pounds. Like you, though, I kinda indulged the last few days with all the leftover. So yummy!


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