Perfect Picture Book Friday: SALAMANDER SKY Plus Giveaway

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday!

One of the first bloggers I connected with many years ago was already a published author. Her blog, Non-Toxic Kids, was near and dear to my heart. So when I discovered she had a picture book debut earlier this year, I knew I wanted to feature it here. And author Katy has graciously agreed to host a giveaway – she has several books and I’m not sure which one she will send the winner – don’t you love surprises!!!!

salamander sky


Written by Katy Farber

Illustrated by Meg Sodano

Published by Green Writers Press (2018)



Synopsis: From Amazon:

Every spring in the eastern region of the United States, warmer nights with steady rain bring the migration of thousands of spotted salamanders to ponds and pools, often across busy roads. These crossings are magical, and secretive–most people don’t even know they happen. Salamander Sky features a mother and daughter who go out on a rainy night to help the salamanders cross the road safely. This dramatic, full-color, picture book introduces readers to the elusive spotted salamanders and the perilous nighttime journey they take each spring. Amphibians worldwide desperately need protection. This book is a valuable tool for getting children engaged in conservation.

Salamander Sky:

  • targets many of the Next Generation Science Standards for elementary school students, including life cycles, wetland habitats, diversity, adaptations and human impact
  • communicates a strong conservation message
  • geared toward preschool through elementary school aged students
  • models firsthand exploration and investigation in nature
  • addresses human impact on the environment and encourages active participation in solutions
  • provides a resource for science teachers, environmental educators and parents to introduce inquiry to students
  • inspires engagement and curiosity
  • focuses on a vulnerable and often unnoticed species of amphibians that inhabits much of the Eastern United States
  • embraces diversity and promotes women in science

Why I like this book:

  • All of the above reasons!
  • Beautifully illustrated
  • Engaging text
  • We’ve only got one planet and I think this is a book that will encourage kids to care more about it and work towards preserving it.


salamader lessonPhoto courtesy:

Here is a great lesson plan for grades 3-5. However younger kids can enjoy drawing and coloring the salamader on a piece of construction paper:

Thank you, my friends, for stopping by and spending your precious time with me. It means the world. And it means the world to our author friends when we buy their books, post reviews, tell friends, and ask libraries to add the book to their collection.

Please come back tomorrow for a chock full Will Write for Cookies post when Katy Farber chats with us and shares something VERY yummy!


13 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday: SALAMANDER SKY Plus Giveaway

  1. I love the cover of this book, Vivian, and I have already learned more about salamanders than I knew. Looking forward to hearing from Katy! Thanks!


  2. One of my favorite books this year. It involves science, nature and an opportunity for a child to make a difference. Perfect combination. Gifted it to grandchildren. My review has been sitting in my draft box and will release it after the first of the year..


  3. I used to find salamanders under fallen logs as a kid and find them fascinating. This book will bring the topic of stewardship up for great discussions and may lead to researching other species like frogs that are in danger crossing busy roads to breeding habitats.


  4. This book sounds amazing. Thanks for posting about it, Vivian. It also reminded me of an experience I had. When I was a kid I found a cute little salamander under a rock in our flower garden. I carefully put it in an empty aquarium we had at home and gave it a tiny habitat. I intended to take it to school for show and tell the next day and then return it to the wild.But when I went to get it the next morning, it was gone. I searched all over for it. Then I found out by brother fed it to his pet frog. I cried for days.


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