Cover Reveal: Making Their Voices Heard: The Inspiring Friendship of Ella Fitzgerald and Marilyn Monroe

OH MY GOSH! A couple of days ago, I found out that my Ella Fitzgerald/Marilyn Monroe book had a definite launch date: January 14, 2020. So, I started thinking about who I should ask to do a cover reveal…I thought perhaps I should ask the editor if the cover image I had was the final one. And then, this morning, guess what I discovered?

MAKING THEIR VOICES HEARD: THE INSPIRING FRIENDSHIP OF ELLA FITZGERALD AND MARILYN MONROE is available for preorder on Amazon. With the most glorious cover image I’ve ever seen!!!

cover 2

This was a manuscript that was very close to my heart. I’m a long-time admirer of the velvety tones of Ella Fitzgerald…and I always believed Marilyn Monroe was so much more than she was given credit for. But it wasn’t until I came across a picture of them at a nightclub that the idea for this story came to me back in 2014.

ella and marilyn in nightclub


And the more I researched, the more I came to admire both of these women…trailblazers in the fight for equality! Did you know that Marilyn Monroe was the first movie star to own her own production company? Or that in 1956, Ella Fitzgerald won a lawsuit against Pan Am for racial discrimination?

A few years ago, Bonnie Greer wrote a play about the nightclub incident and it was performed in London.


I’m so grateful to Essie White, my incredible agent, who had faith in me and in this story. And to Little Bee editor, the fabulous Courtney Fahy, who fell in love with the manuscript and believed it should be a book. And to the talented Alleanna Harris whose illustrations have brought the story to life!

I am over the moon excited and just had to share with all of you, my dear friends! And to all my critique buddies whose feedback on dozens and dozens of revisions resulted in this stellar story – I thank you!!!



47 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Making Their Voices Heard: The Inspiring Friendship of Ella Fitzgerald and Marilyn Monroe

  1. Vivian,

    I’m excited for you and wish you all the best. Your book sounds interesting. If you have a PR package with everything to use on my blog I’m happy to be included in your blog book tour. Just let me know. Again, congratulations!

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  2. Vivian! Applause and cheers for your upcoming nonfiction book spotlighting two talented “pioneers” for human rights equality. What a unique duo you’ve captured in your craft of storytelling! In this case, “a picture’s worth” 500 words of less. I’ve listened many hours to Ella’s golden jazz tones, trying to find my own groove as I sometimes get invited to sing with my husband’s jazz trio. I’ll be buying your book for sure and ordering more as gifts. I have many musician friends with families and know how much joy their little ones will find reading your book. Keep up the inspiration!

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  3. Oh how exciting! Your hubby has a jazz trio…and you get to sing with them sometimes!!! WOW!
    Do you blog, Marsha? It sounds like you’d be a perfect person to help spread the word about Making Their Voices Heard…would you like an early PDF so you could read it and review it on Goodreads now and on Amazon when it launches next year?


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