Perfect Picture Book Friday: FREE FOR YOU AND ME Plus Giveaway

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday, dear friends. I’m just catching my breath becasue #50PreciousWords closed last night at 11:59pm…a couple of stats for you…over 375 entries, over 3000 comments and counting because I know in the next two weeks, many of you will be reading through these fabulous stories and I’ve only commented on a few so far, 24 prizes, and  4 judges who will be burning the midnight oil for the next two weeks…look for the winners’ post on March 21.

I’m really excited about our perfect picture book today…written by a dear friend, Chris Mihaly, it examines the importance of the First Amendment. And she is giving away a copy of this wonderful book to one lucky winner…so don’t forget to leave a comment and share the post on social media.


Written by Christy Mihaly

Illustrated by Manu Montoya

Published by Albert Whitman (2020)

Ages: 6-10

Themes: First Amendment Rights, freedom, government

Synopsis: From Amazon

It’s a free country! But what does that mean? Find out the five liberties protected by the First Amendment. Vivid examples from history and everyday life demonstrate the meaning of freedom of religion, speech, and the press, and the rights to assemble peacefully and to petition the government.

Why I Love This Book:

  • Fascinating info…when I was a kid, I read the Encyclopedia Britannica for fun…I would have LOVED this book!
  • Great illustrations…they will keep the kids turning the pages for more.
  • It’s so important for our children to have a strong understanding of why our freedoms are so important – they will be the ones insuring that these freedoms are protected in the years to come!

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For more wonderful picture book reviews, please hop over to Susanna Hill’s blog.

And more good news…leave a comment and share the post on social media for chances to win a copy of the book thanks to author Chris Mihaly.

Remember, dear friends, the best way we can thank our favorite authors is to:

Buy their books

Review their books

Tell friends about their books

Ask our local library to purchase copies for their collection

And please don’t forget to enjoy all of the wonderful #50PreciousWords stories…leaving a positive comment will give a great boost to the confidence of our kidlit writers!

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