Happy Book Birthday: HANUKKAH NIGHTS Plus Giveaway

Happy October, everyone! Here in New England, the leaves are changing color, the days are getting shorter, and the temperatures are dropping. But life in the book world is heating up with many new books launching. I’m thrilled to sing Happy Book Birthday to author/illustrator Amalia Hoffman’s newest baby, HANUKKAH NIGHTS! It’s a perfect board book for the little ones…and if you leave a comment and share on social media, you might be the lucky winner of a brand-new copy.

Written and illustrated by Amalia Hoffman – Published by Kar-Ben

Here’s a little bit about the book from the Amazon sales page:
Light the night with color!

Follow along as, one by one, eight bright colors light up the dark Hanukkah nights. Sponge or spatter, scrape or stamp―each light is painted in a unique style. Learn how to paint Hanukkah lights in different textures, too!

And a really cool thing about this book is that even though it’s a very small very short board book, author/illustrator Amalia Hoffman has added back matter! YES! Back matter in a board book…I love that! And parents will love it also because Amalia provides clear and concise instructions for parents to help their children create the various painting effects she used in the book. Here is the press release from the publisher which I’m including because it gives a lovely summary of the book PLUS you can see the painting techniques Amalia used.

If you’d like a chance to win the giveaway copy, please make sure you leave a comment on the blog – and please share the post on your social media. Sharing about books you love helps them to become successful…and publishers love successful books. If a book is successful, the publisher wants to make more books with that author and/or illustrator…and more books mean more for young children to experience.

Speaking about more books, just take a look at some of the books this talented author/illustrator has created:

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend.

11 thoughts on “Happy Book Birthday: HANUKKAH NIGHTS Plus Giveaway

  1. The colors of this beautiful book drew me in immediately! You’re right Vivian- Amalia is very talented! Love innovative Hanukkah books that aren’t just about latkes and presents. And this one teaches/helps kids to count. Love it!

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  2. A close friend just became a grandma for the first time and I’d love to give a signed copy to her grandson ( born on Rosh Hashanah!). Love the description of this book!

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