Perfect Picture Book Friday: HAPPY OWL-OWEEN Plus Giveaway

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday, dear friends. The days are getting shorter, the temps are getting colder…and we are getting closer to a holiday that used to be a huge favorite with my kids: HALLOWEEN. They loved dressing up, they loved staying up later, and most of all, they loved the – CANDY! Of course, I always tried to make healthy snacks to give out when kids came trick-or-treating…but that stopped when we had that scare in the fall of 1982 and we were checking our kid’s candy and only giving out stuff that was sealed. And I cannot tell a lie…even before that I would confiscate their trick-or-treat bags and dole out one piece a day…first of all because I didn’t want them eating too much…and second of all, because I was a lover of candy and would pull out the York Peppermint Patties (remember those?) which were my favorite. These days, I love Twix and KitKats – my grandson is a sweetheart and always shares those with me. And now, finally, let’s meet our Perfect Picture Book, HAPPY OWL-OWEEN! A Halloween Story by the lovely Laura Gehl who is offering a giveaway of a brand new copy…please make sure you leave a comment. Maybe you can tell us what your favorite candy is. Or maybe you can share what character you had the most fun dressing up as.

HAPPY OWL-OWEEN: A Halloween Story

Written by Laura Gehl

Illustrated by Lydia Nichols

Published by Harry N. Abrams

Ages: 3-5

Themes: Halloween activities, Counting, Rhyming

Synopsis: From Amazon:
Celebrate Halloween with the Owl family in this joyful, rhyming picture book

Follow along with the Owl family on Halloween as they plan their costumes, go trick-or-treating, and more! Laura Gehl’s lively rhyming text and Lydia Nichols’s vibrant illustrations make for a spirited read.

Why I Love This Book:
1. This is a very un-scary Halloween book – perfect for the littles with a story about a sweet family of owls!
2. Sparse words…but they RHYME!!! AND, each spread shows an activity/action that your little kiddos could do. Plus, there is a back matter section with information about Halloween that older siblings would enjoy reading!
3. Perfect kid-friendly illustrations!

Wonderful back matter in this book!


Photo courtesy:

Hey everyone – check out these awesome OWL craft projects:

And don’t forget that authors and illustrators need our help…please buy the book, review the book (I just posted my review on Goodreads and Amazon), tell friends about the book, and ask your local library to purchase copies for their collection.

Remember…leave a comment for a chance to WIN a copy – share you favorite Halloween treat…and/or share the favorite costume you had for Halloween.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend.

24 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday: HAPPY OWL-OWEEN Plus Giveaway

  1. A few years before the pandemic, I made a little free library (#91063) in my front yard, which was well received in our area, especially during the lockdown, as most public libraries were closed. I had noticed during those pre-pandemic years on Halloween, many kids were allergic to certain items I used to give out, or the parents were looking for “healthy snack” treats. I started to give out books as treats. Some were new, and some were gently used, but with only 20 children visitors, I had different age group books to accommodate everyone. This turned out to be a big hit. Seeing their eyes light up when they expected candy was a hoot.

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  2. Owl always love fall books! So cute (and not scary). Yay! Congratulations, Laura. 🙂 Chocolate will always be my favorite candy, but just throw in a few candy corns and those pumpkin creme things. Mmmm.

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  3. I can’t wait to read it. One thing that’s great about being a parent on Halloween was checking the kids’ giant pillow cases for candy when they returned home from trick or treating. I loved the big tootsie roll candies but then again I love all candy.

    Best wishes to you in 2023.

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  4. I’m excited to read this book, especially since it’s not scary and in rhyme for mentor text. My favorite Halloween candy is Almond Joy/Mounds and I always got these from my kids’ bags because I’m the only one who likes coconut (win-win for me!).

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  5. This looks soooo cute!! My 1 yo will love it.
    In 5th grade I was a bookworm for Halloween! One of my faves. Also one year my 2 siblings and I went as Beanie Babies with “Ty” tags on headbands. We pretty much always did homemade things. Thanks mom!!


  6. Laura’s books are adorable! Looking forward to adding this one to my collection.
    My favorite treat is a Reeses PeanutButter Cup! Favorite costume was a scarecrow that my mom made. 🙂


  7. Laura’s love of chocolate is well-known, so I bet she found a fun way to include it in her story. My favorite candy is Ferrero Rocher, which I first encountered as an adult. The Halloween treats I received were far less exotic!


  8. What an adorable book! Congratulations to Laura! Back in the day (when I didn’t have food intolerances), I shared your love of Kit Kats, Vivian. Nowadays I get my chocolate fix from Dove dark chocolate–yum!


  9. Awe, how perfect! My FAVE costume was not one I wore, but one I made – a ladybug costume! It was the same year I made matching ninja turtle costumes! It was a good year!


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