Board Book Saturday: LITTLE WALRUS Plus Special Publisher Promotional Discount and a Giveaway from Me

Have you noticed there are lots of new board books launching? There’s a very good reason…research shows that the greatest amount of learning takes place between ages 0-3! And board books are excellent vehicles for those littlest of hands to explore, engage, and sometimes, eat. I always said that I devoured books when I was a kid. Toddlers often chew on whatever they can put in their curious mouths…thank goodness that the pages of board books are made of laminated cardboard. Board books provide wee ones with colorful images…and so much more! They invite independent learning, while at the same time they promote bonding with the important adults in a child’s life. And they offer baby a chance to hear the sounds of language. Building a vocabulary begins at birth…and board books can help.

Board books often appear in a series…and one of my favorite is the Little Animals series written by my Storm Literary Agency sister and dear friend, Julie Abery. Illustrated by Suzie Mason and published by Amicus, this series began as a #50PreciousWords winner, LITTLE TIGER. There are now EIGHT books – and each one is adorable. The newest launched only a few days ago: LITTLE WALRUS and LITTLE OTTER.

Why is this one of my favorite Board Book series? Each story is about a sweet little animal whose adventures are relatable to very young children. Each story is in perfect rhyme. And each story has a rhythm that is easy and fun to read aloud. Plus the illustrations are so kid-friendly and kid-appropriate.

Hats off to Julie for ALL of her wonderful books – in addition to board books, she also has several award-winning nonfiction picture books.
If you’d like to learn more about Julie and her books:
Throughout the many years of teaching English to her classes in international schools, picture books have been Julie Abery’s friends and allies bringing rhyme, rhythm, and repetition to the ears of her young students. She also teaches in French, where she shares her joy of picture books, storytelling and song with her local community. It is the magic that picture books create for children that inspires her writing. To connect with Julie:
Twitter: @juliedawnabery • Facebook: • Website:

And here is a SPECIAL OFFER from the publisher just for my loyal blog followers. If you’d like to purchase ANY board books from Amicus Ink, please go to their website:
and use code Board25 at checkout to receive 25% off your order of board books – any titles and any quantity. Dear friends, think baby gifts and holiday gifts and birthday gifts…the offer is valid for a limited time only.

And if you leave a comment and tell us which of Julie’s board books is your favorite, I’ll send one lucky person that book! Sharing the post on social media gets you extra tickets in the giveaway hat.

I’m hoping to announce the results of #50PreciousWords on Monday. Whenever that happens, you’ll see we created a new category in Honorable Mentions: Board Books. Over the years, a number of entries have become beautiful published board books – the 50-word limit of the contest translates perfectly to the low word count that is usually a hallmark of a board book. And there were several entries that feel like board books already! What amazing talent in this incredible kid lit community!

Please come back on Monday when we will hopefully be announcing the Winners and Honorable Mentions for the #50PreciousWords International Writing Contest – and I’ll have an update of how many books have been ordered (or mailed directly to me by the authors) already for the Literacy Initiative. And then on Tuesday, you can find me on Betsy Bird’s Fuse 8 School Library Journal blog along with the other members of the #JewishBoardBooks group, Nancy Churnin, Sarah Aroeste, Varda Livney, and Ann Koffsky. We’ll be answering Betsy’s questions about…BOARD BOOKS! Then on Friday, I’ll be featuring TOBY TOOTLES by Stephanie Gibeault for Perfect Picture Book Friday and that brings us all the way to next Saturday when I’ll be Board Booking again with BUTTERFLIES SOAR by Amber Hendricks.

21 thoughts on “Board Book Saturday: LITTLE WALRUS Plus Special Publisher Promotional Discount and a Giveaway from Me

  1. I love board books and these are delightful! I don’t need my name in the hat to win anything- just wanted to say congrats and how much I admire your board books! And Vivian- thank you for the interview, as always 🌷
    All my best,


  2. I have a 1 year old and a 3 year old and I adore board books! Extra points for durability for my “interactive” readers!

    My girls LOVE books about critters, so I have my eye on One More Bug.

    I really hadn’t thought of writing a board book, but this definitely gets me thinking! Sometimes short, simple, and sweet works better. ❤️


  3. We love Julie’s books. I read The Old Man and the Penguin to my daughter’s first grade class last month and yay! more kids fell in love with it. Congratulations on LIttle Walrus. And thanks for all the joy/love your books bring to my house.


  4. I’m such a fan of board books. They’re my go-to gift for all new babies! And hooray, Vivian, for adding that category to your #50PreciousWords contest. As you say, the 50 word limit makes it a perfect match for these wonderful stories, crafted specially for the youngest among us! I do love all of Julie’s books, but this newest one appeals, based on that charming cover.


  5. Wow, how inspiring to hear that this series started as a 50 Precious Words winning entry! I love all of the sweet covers, and the Little Otter one is my favorite. Thank you so much for sharing!


  6. What a great success story, Julie! May I pick your brain about submitting to Amicus? I didn’t see any info on their website. I have some board book manuscripts I think would fit. And I’ll be getting some of your books for my new grandson!


  7. JULIE: CONGRATS on SO MUCH SUCCESS with your SWEET book series! And to think it ALL started with #50PreciousWords! I LOVE them ALL, but I think LITTLE ZEBRA is my TRUE FAVORITE! THANK YOU for the INSPIRATION to write stories that will HOOK readers at the youngest age, so they will become LIFE-LONG LOVERS of books.


  8. My favorite book is Little Hippo. To present the reader such a huge animal in a very cute small size is so cool.
    The rhyming action words by themselves can fill a whole dictionary.
    The illustrations are out of this world.
    To think that it all began with a # 50 Precious Words entry and ended in eight board books!. Vivian we owe you so much for promoting writing in so many different ways,


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