Perfect Picture Book Friday: LARRY’S LATKES Plus Giveaway

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday, dear friends.
I always love turning the spotlight on new books…and today’s book is definitely a NEW book because today is the LAUNCH DAY of LARRY’S LATKES by the amazing Jenna Waldman. That means we get to sing HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY to YOU!!! And, even though it is the book’s birthday, the lovely Jenna is giving one lucky person a present…the winner of today’s giveaway can choose either a copy of the book OR a picture book critique OR a Zoom Chat…WOW!!!!


Written by Jenna Waldman

Illustrated by Ben Whitehouse

Published by Apples and Honey Press (October 1, 2021)

Ages: 4-8

Themes: Hanukkah, animals, humor

Synopsis: From Amazon:
Everyone knows that Big Larry makes the best latkes in town. This year he is throwing a Hanukkah party for all this friends, and the latkes need to be extra special. So he goes on a quest to find some brand\-new flavors. But peaches are a soggy mess, and turnips are a flop. Big Larry’s kitchen is a latke disaster. Good thing he has some help from his friends.

Jenna Waldman brings her joyful rhymes and a friendly alligator to Hanukkah, helped by a sweet menagerie created by Ben Whitehouse.

The yummy latkes! And you’ll find the recipe in the back of the book!

Why I love this book:

  1. Amazingly hilarious text in a fabulous read-aloud rhyme
  2. Super-cool illustrations with just the right infusion of goofy to delight young kids
  3. And I love stories for children where the main character learns to try something new!

I also love when authors stop by to chat. Jenna was kind enough to share a bit of the story behind the story. WELCOME JENNA!!!!

JENNA: Thanks so much, Vivian, for helping to celebrate the launch of LARRY’S LATKES. Here’s a little bit of the background of how the book came to be.

In 2018, I wrote an entry for Susanna Hill’s Holiday Contest. Three years later—it’s having it’s Book Birthday! 
Sharkbot Shalom may have come out first, but Larry’s Latkes is my first sale, and I’m feeling extra emotional with its release. When I signed the contract for Larry’s Latkes, it was Thanksgiving 2019, and we were visiting my family in Portland, OR. We were all blissfully unaware of what was going to happen in early 2020. I’m grateful to have had books to work on during the pandemic, and latke recipes to perfect—a welcome (and delicious) distraction. At moments when I was feeling overwhelmed by distance learning failures, or fears for the future, I could look at Ben Whitehouse’s art and feel joyful again. (I mean, a flamingo, rhinoceros, and a goat eating latkes at a food truck run by an alligator at a farmer’s market?!) I’m hoping that this book can help bring joy to its readers too! 

And here are the healthy ingredients for the latkes!

I’m sure it will, Jenna.
And now, dear readers, if you’d like to learn more about Jenna and her books or connect with her or order a signed copy of her books:
Twitter: @SarafinaDesignWebsite: www.jennawaldman.comIG: jennawaldmanauthor
For singed copies (ask for signature in comments):


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Hanukkah comes early this year…starting just after Thanksgiving on November 28. Here are a bunch of amazing crafts to try with the kids:

Please make sure you leave a comment to be entered in the fantastic giveaway…the winner’s choice of a copy of the book, a picture book critique, or a Zoom Chat with the lovely Jenna Waldman.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend! Tomorrow is the Picture Book Summit…I’m excited to spend a day in PJs, listening to awesome kid lit folk like YUYI MORALES and JON KLASSEN!

Perfect Picture Book Friday: CHICKEN FRANK DINOSAUR Plus PB Critique

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday, dear friends! Today we have a fabulous book that launches in just a couple of days, on October 1st. It’s FUNNY! It’s EDUCATIONAL! It’s ENGAGING! It’s…

Written by S.K. Wenger

Illustrated by Jojo Ensslin

Published by Albert Whitman

Ages: 4-7

Themes: Evolution, STEM, Humor

Synopsis: From Amazon:

Chicken Frank wants to prove he’s related to a T.rex―because of evolution!―but none of the other farm animals believe him, until he gets his DNA test results. This comic-book style picture book combines information with humor to explore the concept of evolution and the connection between birds and dinosaurs.

Make sure you leave a comment to be entered in the fantastic giveaway – a Picture Book Critique AND a Zoom Chat with author S.K. Wenger!!!!

Why I Love This Book:

  1. This book is hilarious!
  2. The illustrations are comic-book style fabulous!
  3. What a cool way to explore the theory of evolution with young children!


Photo courtesy:

This website has several awesome kid-friendly activities that relate to evolution and how things change over time:

And here is another website with more:

Please don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered in the FANTASTIC giveaway from the generous S.K. Wenger…one lucky winner will receive the opportunity to get a PICTURE BOOK CRITIQUE and a Zoom Chat with this talented author!

And make sure you let your favorite authors know how much you appreciate their wonderful books by buying them, reviewing them, telling friends about them, and asking your local library to purchase copies for their collection.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Please come back tomorrow for a rousing Q&A with the incredible Karen Greenwald, author of A VOTE FOR SUSANNA: First Woman Mayor!

Perfect Picture Book Friday: THE GREAT STINK – How Joseph Bazalgette Solved London’s Poop Pollution Problem PLUS Giveaway

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday, dear friends. I’m here today with a book that I am absolutely in love with…it’s engaging, entertaining, educational…and oh so funny! And the talented author, Colleen Paeff, is offering a super cool giveaway: the winner’s choice of either a copy of the book or a 20-minute Zoom chat. Colleen is one smart cookie – a chat with her will be mega helpful to anyone on the path to publication.

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