Perfect Picture Book Friday: THE FIELD Plus Giveaway

WOW…I’ve had an awesome week! Thanks to almost 300 incredible writers who shared their stories in the #50PreciousWords Writing Challenge. More about that on Sunday when we announce the winners and honorable mentions and hand out some prizes.

But we’ve got prizes today also. Oh yeah! A couple of weeks ago, author and circus guru Jackie Leigh Davis stopped by to chat and offered a copy of her brand-new book, DIY CIRCUS LAB FOR KIDS…and it is SIGNED! And the winner is:


The next week, author Carol Gordon Ekster visited and generously donated a picture book manuscript critique as a giveaway. And the winner is:


Congratulations! We’ll connect so you can get your prizes. And don’t forget, dear friends, on Sunday, we will hand out FIFTEEN super prizes for the #50PreciousWordChallenge.

And not to disappoint, our post today ALSO has a giveaway…thanks to debut picture book author, Baptiste Paul, who will answer some questions here tomorrow on Will Write for Cookies.

Are you ready for our picture book review? 

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Perfect Picture Book Friday: What About Moose?

Can you believe it? It’s already the middle of August. A couple of trees have taken on a tinge of the autumn that is yet to come. I’ll be sad to see summer disappear—I love long sunny days. So I might be asking,“What about making summer longer?”

But instead, because it’s Perfect Picture Book Friday, I’m asking, “What About Moose?”



Written by Corey Rosen Schwartz and Rebecca J. Gomez

Illustrated by Keika Yamaguchi

Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers (2015)

Ages: 3-8

Themes: Teamwork, social skills, friendship


Opening Lines:

Fox met her friends, with her toolbox in hand.

“Time to start building! Now here’s what I’ve planned.”

She divvied up jobs, and then Moose trotted in.

“I’m here,” he announced. “Let construction begin.”


From Amazon:

“It takes a team to build a tree house—but what if that team includes one very bossy moose?

When Fox, Toad, Bear, Porcupine, and Skunk set out to build a tree house, they know just what to do: they’ll follow a plan and they’ll work as a team. But when bossy Moose barges in and upends their plans with some of his own, his friends become more and more frustrated…until things go hilariously awry!

This lively rhyming picture book is pure, bouncy fun even as it imparts a subtle lesson about teamwork. Young readers will love to chant along: “But what about you, Moose!”

Why I like this book:

  • The incredible rhyme and humor of Corey Rosen Schwartz and her co-author, Rebecca Gomez
  • Bold colorful illustrations of Keika Yamaguchi
  • Addresses teamwork and sharing
  • Encourages friendship building


How a parent can use this book:

  • Wonderful read aloud
  • Great book for kids who are having a problem with sharing the load and teamwork
  • Talk about how to be a good friend – what are the qualities we want in a friend…those are the same qualities a friend wants in us



Related Activity


moose paper bag craft

Photo courtesy:

I’m a big fan of using inexpensive materials for craft projects with young kids…with a paper bag or a paper plate, you can have a barrel of fun!

You will need: One paper lunch bag, one piece of construction paper, markers or crayons, scissors, glue.

  1. Help your child trace his handprints on a piece of construction paper.
  2. Glue at the top of the lunch bag – these are the antlers.
  3. Draw moose features with markers or crayons.
  4. Role play with your child and retell the story – you can take turns being moose. Acting out the story is a great way to develop literacy skills like comprehension and vocabulary.

There are several other simple moose crafts here:


And guess what? I’ve got a special treat in store for you TOMORROW.





Please don’t miss it—she’s got lots to share, including a stellar recipe for gingersnaps!

Thank you all for visiting – I look forward to your comments – please share this wonderful book and activity with parents, teachers and librarians  – they are always looking for great books and quick & easy activities that educate and entertain.

Nanny McPhee’s Third Lesson: Work Together!

Workers used harnesses attached to steel cable...

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Nanny McPhee’s Third Lesson: Work Together!

Have you been to the great cathedrals in Europe?

Have you seen the Hoover Dam or Mount Rushmore?

Are you amazed at all the medical and technological breakthroughs that are announced on an almost daily basis?

What do all of these have in common?

They were all produced by TEAMWORK!

In the movie, Nanny McPhee tells the children that they must work together.

When people work together, we can build bridges and great cathedrals.  When people work together we can develop new breakthroughs in technology and medicine.

But can we implement Nanny McPhee’s third lesson in our daily parenting routine?  YES WE CAN!

I know that sometimes it seems that every member in the family is going in a different direction. 🙂  How can we get everyone going in the same direction?

Maybe you can have a weekly family pow-wow where everyone is welcome to contribute their ideas and concerns.  Many stores used to have a suggestion box where customers could drop in comments of praise or recommendations for improvement.  Perhaps you can have a box where everyone can deposit suggestions for future dinner menus or vacation ideas or issues they would like to talk about at the family meeting.  Younger children can tell mom or dad to write their words for them.  Keep a pad of paper and a pen or pencil next to the box.

Of course, parents need to be available to their children every day…but you could also set aside a special “talk” time where the family can discuss how to WORK TOGETHER to solve problems or plan thngs.

Even very young children are capable of helping with household chores by:

  • Separating darks and lights when you are doing the wash…great lesson in categorizing.
  • Folding towels when the wash is dry…great lesson in geometry (halves, quarters, etc.)
  • Dusting while you straighten up each room…put on some happy music and you can all dance while you clean.
  • Helping in the kitchen as you prepare meals…pouring and mixing ingredients.

When you encourage young children to take on responsibilities, you are helping them develop a positive self-image…we all need to feel useful, valued and valuable.  Your family will get stronger as you work together.  And if you listen with respect to the opinions of your children, they will be more likely to listen with respect to yours.

Stop by tomorrow for a look at Nanny McPhee’s Fourth Lesson: Be Brave!