I’m a little sad…my son was visiting from Chicago and I just dropped him off at the airport. What an awesome weekend we had…filled with fly-fishing on a picture-perfect stream, gourmet dinners and lunches…some enjoyed at local eateries and others made with the help of my son who loves to cook (and is pretty darn good at it), long walks and important talks.

Building a healthy relationship with an adult child is an on-going process.  It helps if you begin in early childhood by spending positive time with your young child and providing unconditional love.  The process continues throughout adolescence and early adulthood when you provide emotional support and friendship…but no advice unless it is specifically requested. 🙂

One of the foods my children loved when they were young was peanut butter.  On crackers, with jam or jelly on bread, spread on apple slices or celery sticks…it provides high quality nutrition and a taste most children love. 


Why purchase processed peanut butter (or other nut butters like almond or cashew) when you can easily make your own, without adding sugar, salt or preservatives?

You will need: A food processor or blender that can chop nuts, ½ lb peanuts (or other nuts such as almonds, cashews or pecans).

1.     Put the nuts in the food processor or blender.  Cover and process until the nuts are finely ground. 

2.     Add a few drops of canola oil if you want it to spread a little more easily.

3.     Spoon out your nut butter and store in an airtight container.

4.     Spread on bread, crackers, apple slices…be creative!

Looking for other simple child-friendly recipes?  Young children love to help in the kitchen.  When you participate positively with your children…whether you are reading, crafting or cooking…you build their self-esteem, develop pre-literacy skills and create a life-long parent-child bond.  If you visit my website, you can check out my parenting book that contains 100 simple healthful child-friendly cooking activities.

I hope you’ll keep in mind the Book Fair Event at the Covered Treasures Bookstore in Monument, CO on Sunday, April 10th from 12-4pm.  I’ll be there, signing copies of SHOW ME HOW! BUILD YOUR CHILD’S SELF-ESTEEM THROUGH READING, CRAFTING AND COOKING, along with two other local authors.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Tri-Lakes Community Preschool Tuition Assistance Program.  If you are in the Denver or Colorado Springs area, please stop by.

Also, please remember the book blog tour for Read with Max the Dog…you can visit the other blogs that are hosting:  My site will be hosting on April 12th and I hope you will all stop by here for that!

8 thoughts on “Make-A-Meal Mondays: CHILD-FRIENDLY NUT BUTTERS

  1. I’m glad you had a wonderful time with your son. My kids love peanut butter too and I love to eat some from time to time. I’ve never made my own batch so your recipe is a lovely gift.
    Welcome back to blogging 8)


    • Hi Eliz,
      It is really delicious…and amazing that so many people buy the stuff in the jar with all the preservatives, sugar, etc…when they could just take a cup of nuts and grind them up. 🙂
      But we are all busy…especially parents with young children…and sometimes “convenience” wins out.


  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend..I too am going to Chicago on Monday for a visit. Btw, I love making peanut butter sandwich creations. You can get really creative by adding all kinds of fruit and even veggies to your peanut butter sandwiches.


    • Hi Baxter,
      Enjoy Chicago…I’m looking forward to Mother’s Day weekend…I’ll be flying out to spend a long weekend with my son and daughter-in-law..what fun! But no skydiving this time. 🙂
      Safe trip!


    • Hi Sheri,
      So glad you found me…yes, I love to write about reading and crafting and cooking with children…I’m passionate about positive parental participation and spending time with children. Your blog looks like lots of fun also…I’ll be back when it isn’t so late. 🙂


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