Sunday Post: Attraction – Why Libraries?

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

Jake, at Time after Time, has a Sunday Post Challenge – today’s theme is ATTRACTION.

Attraction definition: A quality or force of someone or something that pulls others in.

Sunday Post: Attraction - Why Libraries?

Libraries are an amazing attraction.

For me, libraries are the best place to spend a couple of happy hours.

Are you interested in photography? The library has awesome books for you.

Do you want to find a recipe for a delicious Indian curry dish? Check out your library.

Have you a question about parenting or picture book writing? Just ask the librarian.

When I was a child, I visited the library every week.

I must have been quite a sight – a walking stack of books.

I encourage parents to get library cards for their kids and use the library frequently:

  •     It’s FREE!
  •      Local libraries often have story programs for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.
  •    Various programs for children and adults – computer literacy, foreign language, home buying, tax help, etc.
  •  Many libraries have video collections – why pay money to rent movies when you can get them for free.
  • Children who grow up with books have greater academic success.
  •  Reading with children on a daily basis builds a strong parent-child bond.
  •  Helping children become lovers of books and reading opens the world for them.

If you are looking for great picture book suggestions and for busy moms on the run, please check out my book.


Join in the fun with Jake’s Sunday Post.

sunday post: attraction - why libraries? 

35 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Attraction – Why Libraries?

  1. Oh, I’d love to get lost in that library…
    I’m still waiting for our library to give me a trophy for all the books we borrow. The good thing is, all the librarians know us. They even ask us about our book choices, pretty neat!


  2. I love libraries but rarely visit these days. I went for travel guides a few weeks ago, this is my most frequent reason, ended up forgetting I had them and paying a fine! In days gone by I had time to read far more books than I could afford to buy, but now I’m still poor but can buy far more than I have time to read!


    • Thanks so much for your very thoughtful comment, Gilly. 🙂 I know just what you mean – I retired at the end of December – and find that I have less time to read than ever before! It can get expensive if you forget to return stuff – but there is just something pretty wonderful about libraries. 🙂


  3. Amen on this! One of the best memories I have of my childhood is riding my bike to the library and coming home with a bunch of books that I picked out for myself! The library was a teeny, tiny box next to the fire station, packed to the ceiling with books. My favorite books back then were books about horses, and biographies of famous women…And yes…I don’t think people realize the DVDs they can get at the library! My husband and I have been watching lots of TV shows…who needs Netflix! 🙂


  4. Great way to address the theme. I love our town library and when we travel we like looking into other town libraries– a good tip for young families– always a welcome respite from sight seeing.


    • Glad you stopped by, Jake! It is so good to see you here.  Do you know I will be on your side of the world in Singapore in a couple of weeks? And the National Library of Singapore is the venue for the Asian Festival of Children’s Content. 🙂


    • Thank you so much, Erik! You and your sister would be amazing spokespeople for a campaign to get people to use libraries…your love of books and reading is evident…and has given you a maturity far beyond your years.:)


  5. What a great looking library in that picture. I totally agree with all your points regarding libraries. I also think taking you child/children to the library really helps them feel invested in the process. let them wander around and peruse the books. Great post!

    Paul R. Hewlett


    • Thanks for the kind words, Paul! I’ve always loved libraries and I can remember who important they were to my kids when they were young…summer reading competitions, pumpkin painting contests and most of all, a world awaiting them in every book!


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